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    [FS]: Cheap Server RAM, RE4 HDD, HP Touchpad

    Updated pricing and added Heatware account
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    [FS]: Cheap Server RAM, RE4 HDD, HP Touchpad

    Feel free to make an offer
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    [FS]: Cheap Server RAM, RE4 HDD, HP Touchpad

    TouchPad is sold
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    [FS]: Cheap Server RAM, RE4 HDD, HP Touchpad

    Your right, that was just crazy. I resized them now. Thanks for mentioning it, these prices are pretty low, surprised I hadn't even got a nibble yet.
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    [FS]: Cheap Server RAM, RE4 HDD, HP Touchpad

    Shipping now free.
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    [FS]: Cheap Server RAM, RE4 HDD, HP Touchpad

    This hardware is perfect if you are planning to create an ESXi whitebox:
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    [FS]: Cheap Server RAM, RE4 HDD, HP Touchpad

    Cleaning house - here it goes (I apologize for the gigantic pictures - it does show more detail...but I can change it if requested): Kingston 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Server Memory Model KVR1333D3E9SK2/8G SOLD $50/each – 4 available $150 for all...
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    What Windows Tablet Should I buy?

    How do you like the Ativ 500t?
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    Will vSphere 6 be announced at VM World?

    Hopefully they calm down with the changes, 5.1's SSO gave me fits
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    Windows Volume licensing

    MS licensing is challenging enough, but then when you try to understand their VDA and OS Virtualization licensing it all goes out the window.
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    Less than 2 months til Windows 8.1 release day

    It will take quite a bit to convince me to use W8 or W8.1
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    Outlook 2007 problem

    It makes sense if your users will be offline a lot - but yea, for the most part it is just a waste of space
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    Any news on BattleField 4 ?

    bugsquashing happens about 6 months after the game has been released generally :rolleyes:
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    Do Supermicro mobos use a proprietary heatsink/fan hole size?

    Is the fan pin lifted up all the way and as skinny as it can get?
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    Do Supermicro mobos use a proprietary heatsink/fan hole size?

    My MBD-X9SCM-F-O was standard sized holes. What kind of fan is it?
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    Just got a killer deal on 32gb Corsair Vengeance kit...

    Do you have any need to build a hypervisor? 32gb is a good start for that...
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    Whatever happened to Rambus?

    I also remember when Dell had split/raised motherboards, so if you wanted to buy something like a Video Card you had to go through them.
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    Multiple OS ?

    I personally would recommend a type-2 hypervisor like VirtualBox. Workstation is more expensive and I don't think it provides much more.
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    Lenovo to include 3rd party start menu in new Win8 machines

    I have a hunch that Microsoft will not like this and convince Lenovo to not do this anymore.
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    Outlook 2007 problem

    Hmm, that is odd. We use online mode for our VDI desktops and the junk filter works fine.
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    Do you use third party AV or you just windows defender in Windows 8

    I have always been a fan of Microsoft Security Essentials. I think it is less bloated - but I also like the fact that they don't trick people into "renewing the subscription" like AVG.
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    Forget the PS4 and XBOX1 this year...I'm getting this P:

    Too bad it takes them about a decade to make a video game
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    So... GTA V...

    Have they announced this for PC yet?
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    It's been 5 years...

    This is a pretty good build. I would recommend going 16gb of RAM though if you plan on running any VM's.
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    Anyone still use CCleaner and similar applications?

    We used to have a scheduled task that performed some cleanup on a monthly basis. About a year and a half ago we rolled out Windows 7 and took away user's admin rights, man - that was extremely challenging but has made a huge difference.
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    Payday 2

    What is the single player like in this game? It sounds like it is more geared towards co-op?
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    Splinter Cell: Blacklist

    The clues seem kind of lame. I bought this game today and am going to play it this weekend.
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    First timer looking to build high end gaming desktop

    Man - assembling PC's can definitely go bad. I always feel like I need to meditate before I install a new CPU.
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    Budget Office Build For Small Business

    Honestly if you are wanting a computer for basic office use, going with a Dell/HP and a warranty is the way to go.
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    Phantke's new Enthoo Primo

    I personally don't think I could ever spend that money on a case
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    Whatever happened to Rambus?

    It sure got me through hours and hours of Delta Force back in the day though!
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    Small wireless gaming mouse?

    I may try the M705 as well...should be getting my new Sager next week!
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    Large or small gaming laptop?

    I'm hoping that the nVidia 765m will be sufficient for what I am going to be playing
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    Crazy 16K wide display setup

    That is pretty impressive, I wonder if that would work with Flight Simulator
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    Whatever happened to Rambus?

    I remember RDRAM :) I had a stick go bad and spent about a month trying to replace it, then figured I just needed to upgrade
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    Why the hate for ECC ram?

    ECC is quite a bit more expensive in my experience
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    Is bad RAM common?

    I usually have pretty good luck. That being said, whenever I get RAM or a new server - I start off with a MemTest just to be sure.