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    WTB x99 parts

    Sent you a PM about a PSU.... price is somewhat negotiable.
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    Wanted AMD Processor with on board Video, to test this ASUS MB:M5A78L-M/USB3

    FYI, the onboard graphics are on the motherboard, not the processor. ;) And you have a PM.
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    WTB: Video cards, decent low powered - can be a little older, cheap is key

    I have an XFX 7750 single slot if you'd be interested.
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    WTB: PCI E Video Card 1GB ~$80 shipped

    Did you find one yet?
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    [WTB] AM3 CPU for testing motherboard! Quad or unlockable to Quad!

    I have an X3 B77 that unlocks, but unfortunately it's 95 watt.... :(
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    WTB graphics card

    PM sent.
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    New PM incoming.
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    FS Alienware, GPU's, Ram, CPU, Motherboards, PSU's you name it (large moving sale)

    PM sent about payment info for the Rosewill Capstone 550W.
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    WTB: AM2+ Motherboard

    Are you still looking for a board?
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    WTB: AM2 mobo and newer smartphone

    Reply incoming....
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    WTB AM2+ motherboard

    I have a Biostar TA790GXE 128M, but it's ATX.... and I'm guessing that you need an mATX board?
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    WTB AM2+ motherboard and DDR2

    Incoming PM.
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    WTB: Xenon X5660, 5670, 5680 or 5690

    Did you find one yet?
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    Jwilliams' Wanted Thread

    Incoming PM
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    FS - i7-920, PQ5EM-PRO mobo, 2TB HDDs, RAM, Lenovo T420

    Bump for a great trader. ;)
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    FT: ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 for Opteron AM2 board with 125w CPU support

    I have a Biostar TF560 A2+ that would run that Opteron (currently have a 1218 HE in it), but unfortunately it only has one x16 slot.... :(
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    AM3+ : Building a Light Gaming Rig, Need Parts

    Bump for offer sent your way. :)
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    FS: FX-6300 / Biostar TA970XE combo

    Bump They're now sold!