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    Duke nukem Forever was to be released today (april 1, 2010)
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    Logitech G500 vs G9x

    FYI all Avago 9500 based mice (g9x, g500, xai) have some positive acceleration (about 5-10% nonlinear) that can NOT be disabled. Logitech said they're working on it but there is still no fix for it atm. Here's the thread about it...
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    LG 120hz 1080p 23" monitor *Press Release*

    very old gimmick
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    tf2 update will have crafting. lol

    Yikes. Some people bend over without even being asked to.
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    Dell Monitors for Gaming

    Only Dell monitor I ever liked was the P1130.
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    LCD Monitor Defect

    I believe that's a "mouse pointer". You use it to click on thingies and stuff happens. Or so I've heard.
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    19" CRT is dying

    or craigslist No point in paying hundreds for a shitty lcd that you'll hate when you can find a nice crt for a fraction of the price. I recently picked up a pair of great condition 21'' Trinitrons for only $20. I still use an lcd for browsing tho.
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    Worst Game You Ever Played ?

    Spore tho I'm not sure if it even qualifies as a game
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    Anyone played the original TF?

    Like I said, arena and ffa are great for pubs because most pubbers have a very wrong idea of how to play duel/tdm/ctf. Camping one item while spamming and you'll get destroyed against any competent player. RA/CA is fun if you just want to dm. But even in that case I would rather play arenax or...
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    Gaming mouse upgrade?

    $5 WMO here and according to injx's formula it's perfectly adequate for my sens/fov/res not that I would care much if it wasnt
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    Gaming mouse upgrade?

    Doesnt work in theory either. You're going to be skipping every other pixel at 4/11, 3 out of 4 at 3/11, etc For anyone who is still chasing the placebo dream known as "perfect 1:1 pixel movement" please read injx's posts here before determining whether it's really necessary.
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    Anyone played the original TF?

    Rocket arena/clan arena is a dumbed down mode made for players new to Quake so they could learn the weapons and movement w/o having to worry about item control, advanced positioning, etc. Dueling is by far the deepest and most unforgiving mode. Where you actually have to out-think your...
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    I'm not biting on this but if I did, I would bring a gun
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    L4D2 sale

    An expansion pack selling at an expansion pack's price? Unheard of.
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    Japanese Man Marries Video Game Character
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    Banhappy admins

    "Everyone worse than me is a noob, everyone better than me has no life and probably hacks."
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    razer imperator

    It's actually going to be a worse version of the DA, since they're supposedly using the shitty Phillips Twin-eye sensor they used for the lachesis and not the quality Avagos found in the DA/Salmosa. So odds are it's gonna have a lot of tracking problems.
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    Voodoo and Voodoo 2 price?

    I had a voodoo 2 that I bought for Starcraft. And later a voodoo 3 for Quake 3. Think I paid around $200 for each. I also wanted to buy the one that plugged straight into the outlet (V6?) But it never came out.
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    What's the next upgrade from C2D E8400 @ 4.0 GHz?

    Is that supposed to be read like a haiku? What is the reasoning behind this format?
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    Mechanical Keyboard Guide

    Umm what? Blacks have the highest resistance of those (80g peak, 60 at actuation), with the blues in the middle (50g) and browns being the softest (44g). Unless you're talking about the tactile bump. But the tactile bump on the browns is so subtle (when compared to something like the buckling...
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    Were you one of the million banned from Xbox Live?

    You're not very bright, are you?
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    Mechanical Keyboard Guide

    Indeed the only sound that the blacks/browns make are from bottoming out when you hit the key too hard. The blues/clears have an artificial click mechanism built in to notify you when you've actuated the switch. If you want to try out a mechanical board w/o spending a lot, you can pick up an...
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    Razer Abyss

    Ridiculously overpriced. A $5 WMO is still pretty much superior in every way (durability, grip, lower lift-off) other than the negative accel issues. This mouse should retail for $15-20 tops.
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    Were you one of the million banned from Xbox Live?

    Oh please. That's an isp forwarding/warning. I got like a dozen of those before they finally realized I dont care.
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    300GB VelociRaptor for $199 & FREE Shipping

    Agreed. Raptors were always overpriced for what they were actually capable of. I'm glad SSDs finally made them obsolete.
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    Modern Warfare 2 midnight launch pics

    Why is humpty dumpty wearing camo?
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    Alternatives to furmark for overclocking?

    I did the rename trick b/c people we're suggesting it at the time but it made no difference with the regular exe. As for the drivers, I used w/e was available when I first got the cards (about 2 weeks after they came out). Both of them heated up A LOT, but neither became damaged. Guess I...
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    Razer Salmosa on woot $13.00

    It's a fingertip mouse for people who like small, light mice like the WMO/G1/kinzu. Adding side buttons would add too much weight and ruin the grip.
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    HD3870x2 - $28 FS @ Amazon

    Well they handled that better than I thought they would.
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    Alternatives to furmark for overclocking?

    Exactly. This is just as stupid as people claiming that IBT killed their cpu/mobo/dog. If your hardware becomes defective after running a stress program then it was probably defective to begin with. If not, then your OC/volts were too extreme or your cooling is inadequate. More bullshit...
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    Acer 120Hz 23.6" 1920x1080 LCD... but it's orange!

    Learn to read. I specifically said gamers. I already have a 120hz lcd tv and while it's good for movies, it's absolute trash for pc games. The reason I called lcd tv's 120hz fake is b/c they are really 60hz (maximum frequency signal they accept) with a ghost frame inserted in between...
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    Acer 120Hz 23.6" 1920x1080 LCD... but it's orange!

    What I dont understand is why more companies arent making more 120hz lcd's? (real 120, not the lcd tv bs) I know A LOT of gamers who would pay well for a decent 120hz monitor if one were to exist. It's been a year and the only choices we have so far are the rz2233 (which I dont like), the vx2265...
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    Pirate Party Gets Second Seat in European Parliament

    Too much sand in your vagina.
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    Yahtzee's new video is hilarious

    needs subtitles
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    No mouse or computer in sight... and that keyboard looks like it's made out of cardboard. But at least he's got those BIG ASS LED'S :D
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    Wow, Xigmatek HDT-S1283 is awesome!

    Yeah it's a good, cheap cooler for c2d's and 45nm quads but it cant handle 65nm quads at all.
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    Q9550 + Hyper 212+ HSF = 76c full load... Too high?

    Application doesnt matter. I put the paste on the cpu and my q9550 at 3.8 doesnt even reach 60c load with IBT. TMI brand wont make that big of a difference (altho I do use mx2). Either your heatsink is bad or you seated it wrong.
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    OCCT vs Prime 95 ?

    Depends whether you would prefer running OCCT in linpack mode for an hour or two, or running p95 for a week.