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    9700K Liquid Metal WithOut Delid??

    Has anybody tried this yet? It seems that most people using Liquid Metal are always going through the delid process... at least, that's all I can find with any results posted online. With the 9700K, Intel has returned to a soldered IHS.... I and I've seen several reviews that show how Liquid...
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    mATX or ITX Z390 MoBo Options with Auto-OC for Turbo Freq??

    I'm currently running a 2500K (yes) at 4.7GHz on an Asus Z68M, Upgrading to a 9700K soon... - 4.7GHz was achieved using the ASUS A.I. Auto-Overclock Utility - 4.7 is only applied to the Turbo Frequency, so it is not running at 4.8 ALL the time - 4.7 is used along with Speed-step, so when idle...
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    K-Sku vs Non-K Sku Boost clocks

    Interesting.... I should be getting a Hyper 212 EVO for my 2500k soon (waiting on RMA), and I am giving the 212+ to my brother. I'll swap the K and non-K between those two board and see how they behave differently with default Boost settings.
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    i3-3220 & 2133 vs i5-2500 (not-K) & 1333 (gaming)

    So, here's the question... Would an i3-3240 (3.4GHz) with 16GB of 2133MHz memory be faster in gaming than an i5-2500 (3.4) with 16GB 1333MHz memory?? "When" the CPU is a significantly limiting factor, RAM speed can make a significant performance impact. I've got an HTPC build currently...
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    K-Sku vs Non-K Sku Boost clocks

    I have an i5-2500k in my Game Rig (my office), and a non-K i5-2500 in my HTPC (my wife's office) which I use for less demanding games from time to time. The default boost clock on the 2500K hits 3.7GHz, but on the non-K, it only hits 3.4GHz. It will reach 3.7 if only one core is being used...
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    Upgrade i5 2500K @4.6 for 1080?

    Didn't say it wasn't "limiting" at all ... I said it's not worth the cost of a platform upgrade, and not "required". And the question posed was ... New CPU platform?? Or GTX1080?? When is a 6600k and GTX970 "better" than a 2500K and a GTX1080? (for gaming)
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    Upgrade i5 2500K @4.6 for 1080?

    Why get a GTX1080 vs a GTX1070 if you're still on a 1080p monitor??? Super-scaling!!! Super-scaling to 2k or 4K on a 1080p monitor damn near eliminates the need for Anti-Aliasing and makes everything look so much better. So yes, it's absolutely worth it to get a 1080 over a 1070. (or for...
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    Upgrade i5 2500K @4.6 for 1080?

    1080... I also have a 2500k running stable at 4.8 (hits 5GHz, but voltage is too high for comfort). Will games be faster on a 6600k?? Sure... But you've got to consider performance increase vs cost. GTX 1080 with i5-2500k - $600 = upto 120% increase in performance (most will be 100%) New...
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    Would the gtx 1070 be around the gtx 980ti in terms of performance?

    Back to the OP... My thoughts.... In the past... the x70 series has always been slower than the x80 of the previous series... However, the X80 this time around has a HUGE performance jump, and even placing the 1070 half way between the 1080 and the 980 is a fairly performance crippling...
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    771 to 775 mod

    Ive done this mod about 4 times now.... Whats really fckd up is that since this has become more popular, the OLD 775 boards that work with the mod are selling for ridiculous prices on ebay... Now its to the point that getting a new board and cheap proc will give you the same performance for...
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    Keep my i5-2500k @4.9? Or go 6600k?

    That chart looks similar to the results from Digital Foundry... I had seen that before as well. However, I plan to game at 4K once I get the GTX 1080 and the 35" wide screen, that should shift any bottle neck over to the GPU with the extra work it will have to do to run games at 4K. In any...
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    is a intel 2500k getting too old???

    I was just pondering this same question... The answer depends on what you do with your computer. Just Gaming? (Or, primarily gaming?) Given the upgrade to the GTX 1080, if you are playing games at 1080p, then you will likley see a nice boost in performance if you go to the i5-6600k...
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    Keep my i5-2500k @4.9? Or go 6600k?

    Yeah... I had always only gotten low, or moderate overclocks and had always attributed it to just bad luck of the draw.... So I was surprised at just how much influence a quality power supply really matters. Probably because everybody just spouts out crap like ... "your PSU sucks, you need to...
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    Keep my i5-2500k @4.9? Or go 6600k?

    SORRY.... Typo.... 34c is idle... @64c gaming (I will confirm this soon) ... utilization bounces between 50% and 80%. I saw an increase in FireStrike min-FPS from 24 up to 30 (1080p), didn't expect that... Air Cooling with a Hyper EVO 212
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    Keep my i5-2500k @4.9? Or go 6600k?

    Thanks guys... just wanted to make sure I was looking at this logically.
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    Keep my i5-2500k @4.9? Or go 6600k?

    Yeah, I mentioned that my priced out upgrade would be around $450 (and that's for a moderate board in the $160 price range)... And that's why I'm questioning whether it would even be worth it for gaming...
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    Keep my i5-2500k @4.9? Or go 6600k?

    About 6 months ago I upgraded from a GTX970 to a 980Ti... when I did that, I had to upgrade my old 750w PSU to a new EVGA B2 850w... I'm running a 2500k on the Asus P8Z68-M Pro, and it "was" Auto-OC to 4.3GHz... I've been contemplating an upgrade to the new 6600k... (board, proc and RAM @...
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    Easiest NAS

    Easiest solution is to get an USB enclosure for your 8Tb drive and connect that to a router that supports usb drive sharing. Regardless of what you have, it may also be the least expensive. Moving up in options, price and complexity you can get a dual hdd enclosure that supports USB , get...
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    Best way to transfer data files in this circumstance?

    Synctoy is a free Microsoft file copy utility with a gui. Used to be based on Robocopy, which is an excellent tool. Not sure if they have updated it to run on powershell or not
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    Damaged server - Need advice

    Guess it depends on what you want to use it for, can you power it on by some other method, how much have you spent, how much would you spend to repair it, and can you do the repair yourself? If you can handle those small soldering jobs, its a no-brainer. Fix it and keep going. The power...
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    Soap Box - SSD reviews

    So, I've been in the IT industry for about 15 years now, and I've noticed a few things I see in reviews that really bug me... just want to see if I'm alone on this or not... 1. Stop complaining if you happen to be part of the 10% failure rate! - Everything that is manufactured at a high rate...
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    Upgrade my SSD?

    A few caveats to this recommendation... Do you have some sort of network storage or backup storage that uses standard magnetic storage? If not, then don't dump your secondary drive, unless you plan to get an enclosure for it to use as an external data backup or USB NAS through your router...
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    EVGA 750 G2 or the EVGA 850 B2?

    So... here's my system: EVGA GTX 980 Ti ACX 2.0 Core i5-2500K @ 4.3GHz (boost clock) 16GB PNY XLR8 2133MHz DDR3 (2x8GB) Asus P8Z68-M Pro Micro-ATX CoolerMaster Hyper 212 CPU Cooler 240GB Mushkin ECO2 SSD SONY CD\DVD\BD+-RW (sata) Case fans: 3x 120mm, 1x 80mm PSU - read below... I...
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    EVGA Step-Up Limitations for 980Ti

    Yeah, I don't mind the wait, plenty of other things I have to do. And as far as a new thread... the core subject of this thread was in relation directly to EVGA's Step-up program and limitations of which 980Ti they will allow you to upgrade to based on your current card... It was not simply...
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    Replace sli 680 4gb with 980ti?

    Yeah... a lot of the benchmarks place the 980Ti very close to the speed of SLi 970's, and just about neck-and-neck with the Titan X. Should easily be faster than SLi 680's.
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    EVGA Step-Up Limitations for 980Ti

    I've got 25 days left to Step-Up from my GTX 970 FTW to a 980Ti... What's a little disappointing is that even though I have the FTW version of the 970... I can only get the ACX 2.0 version of the 980Ti. No SuperClock or SuperClock+ version... Hell, even the standard reference card wasn't...
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    Do you need to put the drives back in the same order to rebuild a RAID5?

    Did you power it on after you put the drives in the wrong order? Possible answers: 1. "No - I didn't want to take a chance" - Best to re-install them in the same physical order that they were originally configured in. 2. "Yes - And it failed to recognize the array" - Then, yes, you MUST...
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    Silverstone Milo and Raven vs... all the other boxes...

    Thanks for pointing these out... I never found these option when I was building mine a year ago (maybe they are newer options). I think the Raven had just come out, but I wanted to save a few buck and got the Milo... ended up spending the extra money anyway, as it turned out... it gets WAYYY...
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    Silverstone Milo and Raven vs... all the other boxes...

    Just curious... I'm sure this is more personal preference than it is anything else, though, I've been wrong before... I have the Milo 7b series case (config in my signature) and I think these are probably the best designed ITX PC cases ever... They can house some of the largest graphics...
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    EVGA screwed up ACX on the 970.

    Are you using HDMI for audio? My coil whine was only really noticeable when it was amplified though the on-board HD Audio... You can hear it on the card if you get really close... but with HDMI Audi, I never notice it at all...
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    does anybody power off? Or just leave it running?

    That's been my position for years as well.. I only attempted it again recently because I have seen people get to 4.8 with the 2500k and some of the newer games I will be playing might benefit from the extra speed. So you leave your PC running all the time, but with low power mode enabled...
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    does anybody power off? Or just leave it running?

    I have always been a moderate overclock kind of guy... For processors and graphics cards For example: Pentium III 733 to 1GHz 2.4 Core 2 Quad up to 2.66 3.3 i5-2500k up to 4.3 You get the point, these are pretty much the "expected" overclocking levels... They are fairly easy to...
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    i5-2500k voltage setting on ASUS P8Z68M-Pro

    I have recently started trying to clock my i5-2500k a little highger on my ASUS P8Z68M-Pro... but it seems that I have little control over the actual CPU Core Voltage. The Auto- Overclock feature does pretty well with a setting of 4.3GHz... so far I can only get to 4.5 with completely stable...
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    EVGA screwed up ACX on the 970.

    My reply was not directed at you... It was directed at the general topic of the thread and all the negative association with the cooler that EVGA chose to use on the GTX 970. As for coil whine, I have an EVGA 970, and I do have coil whine... which is why I listed it as a complaint.
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    WatchDogs, Ultra, with TheWorse & Maldo

    Well.. I just finished the game, so it doesn't matter muc for this one any longer... But next up is Far Cry 4, Black Flag, or Witcher 3 (might just save that one since it's brad new)... 4.4GHz is what the ASUS Auto-OC was able to get to in the BIOS and has never slowed me down until the...
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    WatchDogs, Ultra, with TheWorse & Maldo

    Just tested today using MSI Afterburner and at 4.4 the CPU rarely ever hits 50% usage during the game... I just upgraded to the latest drivers (352.26??), and upped the clock speeds to 1450/7700... and that "seems" to have reduced the number of times I see the slight stutter while driving...
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    EVGA screwed up ACX on the 970.

    Indeed... It seems that a large majority of people are not seeing the big picture here... and overclocking potential is not the only factor. (time for a soap-box moment) Three other very significant factors are: Value (bang for buck) - I regularly see the ASUS Strix priced higher than the...
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    TV video connection - VGA (crystal clear) vs HDMI (oddly fuzzy/blurry)

    Doesn't look like "color space" is an available option with the current Nvidia drivers
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    TV video connection - VGA (crystal clear) vs HDMI (oddly fuzzy/blurry)

    Good point about the conversion factor with VGA... that makes perfect sense... but doesn't explain why DVI is better than HDMI... I will try the color space adjustment. Thanks