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    Hard Drive Replacement For ZFS Q's

    Hello, I currently have 8 Seagate 7200.11 1.5tb harddrives that I'd like to run in ZFS. I'd like to buy a couple more so that I could run RAIDZ2. However, that brand/model of drive is becoming difficult to buy. So I was wondering: 1. What's an alternative model/brand of 1.5tb drive...
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    Uncle Prodigy's Server Stuff Sensation! Opterons, ECC ram...

    Are the capacitors bulging anywhere? Thanks.
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    ZFSguru NAS fileserver project

    Either way I'm just happy to see that he's ok and back.
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    ZFSguru NAS fileserver project

    Thanks for the work!
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    WTB AM2+ Mobo

    Hello all, Looking for a motherboard with these features: 1). support DDR2 ECC (usually Asus or Gigabyte....check their "CPU support" and "Specifications" sections on the motherboard's webpage) 2). AMD Phenom II X6 1100T cpu support 3). 4 dimms 4). prefer no on-board video card OR an...
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    I need more SATA ports, cheap

    Also cheaper if you get them off the [H] Buy & Sell section. I've seen them go for anywhere around $80 down to $40 when somebody was looking to liquidate.
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    ZFSguru NAS fileserver project

    Here's to hoping he's okay. Nice to see the community pull together to keep this thing alive.
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    _Gea, I have been following your thread for a while and would like to thank you for the work you have put into this product. You're providing a service at a level many commercial companies should strive for. Cheers to you.
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    -=>Phenom's, Xeon's, Athlon, Tablet, Monitors, and Military Cards<=-

    Bump it up:
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    FS: FM radio transmitter AM transmitter: want to run a private radio station?

    These are actually pretty cool. How does your AM transmitter relate (range-wise) to an AM "Grenade?"
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    ZFSguru NAS fileserver project

    Thanks for the prompt response. Very much appreciated.
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    ZFSguru NAS fileserver project

    Where is it? At sub.mesa, awesome work! Very much appreciated.
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    the bonanza is back - stainremover's FS thread

    Good prices here. That 1U server is a pretty sweet deal for someone looking to buy a cheap low power server that actually has some grunt.
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    -=>Phenom's, Xeon's, Athlon, Tablet, Monitors, and Military Cards<=-

    GENERAL INFO I'm very open to offers. If I believe your offer is too low, we'll work it out in a PM. Prices are without shipping. I don't do dibs (to clarify, I'm more of a "pay before you say" type trader unless you pay a non-refundable deposit). I will ship, but at the buyer's expense as I...
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    Todays Sale :> Supermicro Xeon server combo

    Is this still available? Thanks.
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    ZFSguru NAS fileserver project

    Thanks for the clarification. Looking forward to 0.1.8 :)
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    IBM X60 laptop with base

    Video card? Ie. I presume it's the Intel version, correct? Thanks.
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    ZFSguru NAS fileserver project

    Any particular reason the www user uses root privileges? nologin won't solve the issue? I realize you probably already know this stuff, but for general knowledge (ie. for schmucks like me): Taken from: ABSOLUTE FREEBSD 2ND EDITION THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FREEBSD by Michael Lucas As...
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    ZFSguru NAS fileserver project

    Seems like this is coming along nicely. I just checked out the roadmap. If you're still interested in feature requests, mine would be that of a port or the ability, at least, to add ZFSGuru to a stock FreeBSD install ala Webmin. Cheers and best of luck with the project.
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    ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Sorry, but I disagree. When ASRock could put out multiple 1366 boards with unbuffered ECC support and Xeon support (cheaper than this one, no less) I find it misleading to call this board a workstation board. What you've just described above is an enthusiast board that is to be used in a...
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    ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution Motherboard Review @ [H]

    What's not to like? No ECC on a workstation board for one.
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    ZFSguru NAS fileserver project

    Does the Oracle link work with one's old Sun login? If yes, I'll go digging for that info. Otherwise, I'll let someone paying to get reamed by Mr. Ellison step in :)
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    FS: 4x1gb ddr2 5300 ECC

    FBDIMM or not? Thanks.
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    FS: Cleaning up! CPUs, RAM, Hard Drives, PowerMac G5, and more!

    Just to clarify (still hitting the Christmas egg-nog, I guess)......... Prices quoted are per individual cpu, not per pair, correct? Ie. the Xeon 5462 pair would come to $700? Thanks.
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    Read through the thread. Just wanted to chime in to make sure I'm understanding this correct. Please correct my configs if I'm mistaken. For hook up, these configs should work by my understanding: 1. RAID/HBA external SFF-8088 || external SFF-8088 (port 1) of HP || 8 internal SFF-8087 (port...
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    Xeon 5640 / 12GB ECC

    Specs on DDR3? ie. how many dimms? Thanks.
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    Frank's Bargain Basement!

    What core is the BFG 6800GT AGP? It might help your sale (ie. quadro conversion, etc.).
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    Awesome Hardware Thread (Various Hardware, Cheap!)

    Questions: 1.) S7002 or S7002-LE? 2.) The S7002 SAS connectors are the "SATA type" and not the mini type, correct? Thanks.
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    FS: 16 core Server/Desktop [Pic's]

    Questions: 1.) Which version of the n4250QE is it, the S4985 or the S4985-E? Does it support only Barcelona or also Shanghai? 2.) I presume the cpu's are Barc's. What revision are they (ie. B2, B3)? Do you have the stepping model? 3.) Are you willing to part it up to make smaller...
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    WTS:Controller/Raid cards + misc.

    Do you ship to Canuckistan? Thanks.
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    Server Hardware Opinions Wanted

    I've got a bit of a dilemma and I'm looking for opinions. I've got two system options. I'd like to build a fileserver and then virtualize a firewall/router. If the router buggers up, I've got a couple Linksys kicking around that I can configure as basic backups. I'd just like to make a router...
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    North's NEW 4-Sale thread = Always Updated & Lower Prices

    Is the Abit BIOS chip flashed with a working BIOS? If so, how much extra to ship to Ontario, if at all? Thanks.
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    How to test new mobo without CPU and memory?

    Download this link: That's an iso file. An iso file is an image file that you burn to cd. Here's a free burning program to do that: Here's a quick and dirty...
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    FS: Dual Xeon Server (2.4ghz, 12gb RAM) + Areca 1130ML + 4U case (3 redundant PSUs)

    Agreed. Can we get a pic of the 4U case? Thanks.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

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    WTB: AGP Nvidia Video Card

    Bump 'er up.
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    WTB: AGP Nvidia Video Card

    Up to zee top.
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    WTB: AGP Nvidia Video Card

    Bumperoo. I usually post quotes for bumps. Is that frowned on here?