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    Adam Savage Steps Into NVIDIA’s VR Funhouse

    So this makes me wonder.. I have a 970 and I want to buy a 1080.. I wouldn't want to SLI them because as I understand it the 1080 would be reduced to the 970 speeds in SLI mode correct? Since the 970 is still a good card and not ready for the junk pile can I leave the card in the computer NOT...
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    Media cabinet

    Thanks Slayed. Yea it really cleaned up. (Don't look behind the cabinet though.. haha) Qbanb.. I paid $639 at a local computer shop. They had it in stock so I didn't have to pay any freight or anything. Has it for $549 (or something close to that) but freight to my house was a...
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    Media cabinet

    I ended up going with VMP EREN-27 It's a 27 unit that came with shelves, covers, and cooling fans. I'm happy with it so far.
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    Media cabinet

    Thanks for the response I'll look into that brand. Is there a universal standard for mounting holes and such? If it's media can I put pc stuff in there? If I buy something advertised as a server rack would media stuff really not fit?
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    Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs Probably Won’t Be Cracked For A While

    Well 4K projectors are still very expensive. Im confident AACS 2.0 will be cracked before the price of 4K projectors become affordable. Im not that worried about it.
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    Media cabinet

    tl;dr Good media cabinet company that makes good quality equipment to make my stuff look its best and function its best. Its inside a closet so muffling the sound isn't required but probably would be a nice benefit... I have just set up my theater upstairs and I have quite a bit of equipment...
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    Popular Blu-Ray Ripping Software Shuts Down Following Legal Pressure

    I just bought a lifetime pass less than a month ago! I liked that I could move my stack of legally purchased blurays to my Synology box. It made watching movies so much easier. I hope MakeMKV works for awhile because its my other goto program when I didn't use AnyDVD. Im sure someone else will...
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    Watch Robots Build The Steam Controller

    I have one and the only game I have used with it is GTA 5. I was used the xbox controller so its taking a little bit to get used to but I really like it. It is very customizable and the more I use it the more I like it.
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    GTX 480 upgrade question

    I have a computer that is 5 years old. I upgraded with a new 4ghz skylake processor and 32gigs of ram. I decided to keep my GTX 480 card because Pascal is around the corner and I didn't want to buy a new card only to replace it in april/may However the black Friday special on the GTX 960s...
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    Go To The Dark Side Of Debt With This $28,500 Star Wars Watch

    "OMG! Why is he selling it for 28K!? There is NNOOOOOOOOO way it cost that much to make! You are sooooooo dumb to pay 28K for a watch.." I came in here expecting to see the same people complaining about the 10K dollar apple watch complaining about the price of a 28K dollar watch... but I...
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    Can Apple TV Shake Up Living Room Gaming?

    What? I can only do Microsoft stuff on a Microsoft console. Why can't i play this PS3 disc on my XBOX?? I need my freedom!! This kind of logic has no place on an apple bashing forum. Im sure for the casual gamer which is a vast majority of people they will be happy with the games and...
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    The Apple Watch's Standing Tracker Doesn't Really Work

    Sounds like he has a faulty watch.. I haven't experienced that issue at all. If I ever do get that warning on my watch I move and it tells me I met my goal. Ive never walked around and moved and not received credit like he is claiming...
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    Trend Micro Discovers New Android Vulnerability

    Had this been an iOS vulnerability this thread would already be 6 pages long of android users bashing overpriced apple devices.
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    Apple Watch Sells Out Almost Instantly

    I wish I could be as hip as you and belittle other people for something they are interested in while avoiding a product that you are entirely convinced will hurt you if you get near it. Its ok to be open minded about things. Its also ok for other people to like products that you don't. It...
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    Microsoft Trademarks 'Windows 365'

    Everyone is over reacting.. They are just protecting a future version of Windows. Right now they are working on Windows 10.. They just want to make sure they can use Windows 365 after they release Windows 11 through Windows 364. My great great great grandchildren deserve a solid numbering...
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    Court Says Fingerprint-Locked Smartphones Are Fair Game

    Just screw up the fingerprint read and after 3 tires it locks it. Tell the cops you registered your index finger.. and let it screw up 3 times.. Then you still get the benefit of the ease of finger print access and the security of a passcode.
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    $5 Per Month For Beats Music?

    What? Do you just drive around in silence in your car? Is your house silent during get togethers? Sounds awkward...
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    Carmakers Keep Data On Drivers' Locations

    Everyone loves that they can log into their favorite map website and see traffic congestion.. Nobody loves that they have to get that traffic speed/flow data from somewhere.. I don't mind if they grab nonspecific data because looking at traffic flow all over the city and picking the...
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    Microsoft Surface 2 Live Blog

    I would of liked some sort of LTE. I like that my ipad is always connected. I was really hoping for LTE to get away from the ipad and Surface 2 looked like a good deal until I saw it was Wifi only. Oh Well.. maybe the Surface 3?
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    How To Stop Using Google

    So avoid a company for tax avoidance.. A company that follows tax laws written by the government. If a company has come up with some crazy way to not pay their "Fair share" its because there is a tax law book out there with a law that allows them to do it. If they just decided one day they...
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    Position Based Fluids Demonstration

    ^ There is always someone.. lol.. "Oh that's good.. just not good enough.. " I thought it was pretty damn amazing..
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    HGST Launches The Industry's First 12Gb/S SAS SSD

    But the real question is how will it improve my FPS in minesweeper?
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    Amazon Glacier Offers Inexpensive Data Archiving

    You forgot step 4.. 4. House burns down and lose everything.
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    The World's Tiniest Police Chase

    Why is there always one of these guys talking about movies.. The video is to entertain you. its not a documentary.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 Video Card Review @ [H]

    So I have a question.. I know it probably has a lot better perfomance but would this be a good upgrade solely for lower heat and power consuption than my GTX480... I dont heavily game much anymore. I can max out everything already that I play and Im mainly a photoshop user.. So performance...
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    Buy Spot In Line For An iPad On eBay

    I'm pretty sure he knew what he was doing.. Not much of a salesman if he said "So I got in line early so I can get money from some smuck who would pay for it."
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    RAGE Gameplay Performance and Image Quality @ [H]

    I dont know.. maybe Im just the odd ball but ive been playing it and the story is kind of fun and I find myself just stopping at times and looking around.. its a pretty detailed world if you don't just fly through it.. Yea it doesn't look great up close but looking out windows and stuff and the...
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    BitTorrent Admins Charged in Billion Dollar Piracy Case

    97% of people who quote stats made them up...
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    Google Re-Ranking Search Results Using +1 Button Data?

    How long until a hacker comes along and makes a script so their spam page has 1k +1's ??
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    Hackers Target Vanguard Defense

    FBI Dude 1: Lets hack into <Company X> and figure out if they were involved in bad stuff... FBI Dude 2: Ummm.. that's against the 4th amendment dude.. we need a warrant.. FBI Dude 1: If we find anything we pretend to be some rogue hacker group and release it to the public. Then we can use it...
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    Microsoft Confirms Windows 8 App Store

    When I read this post on the front page I stopped everything and made some popcorn. I know this thread has great potential.
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    SMS Spam Settlement Could Pay Users Up to $100

    I wonder if all the money goes to charity will they be able to write that off in taxes as a charitable donation?
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    Euclideon & Unlimited Detail - Bruce Dell Interview @ [H]

    ummm.... You cant promise anything.. at all.. about something somebody else is working on that you have only seen in a Youtube video.
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    Euclideon & Unlimited Detail - Bruce Dell Interview @ [H]

    So after reading 5 pages of this I found it amusing that the Carmack Fan club came in here and said he is the messiah and nobody can do anything without his hand placed upon their head for approval. Carmack is amazing in what he did with computer games and will still probably produce amazing...
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    Google Retires Toolbar for Firefox

    The only thing I ever used the toolbar for was the autofill.. Do they have that in the browser now?
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    F.B.I. Seizes Web Servers, Knocking Sites Offline

    yes because taking a lot of servers is equal to killing everyone in a room to get one guy :rolleyes:
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    F.B.I. Seizes Web Servers, Knocking Sites Offline

    P.S. I was responding to SilverSlivers post but people got in between our posts lol and no EDIT
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    F.B.I. Seizes Web Servers, Knocking Sites Offline

    ^ you just showed how its not a double standard... LulzSec does it on PURPOSE to cause harm/fear/hysteria/extortion... FBI does it by ACCIDENT... If they didn't take them down by mistake/ACCIDENT (which I'm sure being human it happens) then only bad people would of been affected by this raid...
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    Senators Target Bitcoin Currency

    Annnnnnnnnnnddd I just read the article and it was mentioned in there. I dont feel special for knowing that anymore lol