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    the g4 MDD case to mod

    got a g4 MDD case on ebay and am planning conversion to pc. i have looked at almost all the other g4 mods so i have a pretty good idea of what i need to do. however i do have some things that must be put in the case. 1. full atx motherboard 2. dvd-rw that has to use the front drive doors...
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    sysytem shuts down during windows xp install

    i just got a MSI 875p Neo-LSR and the system would shut down during the second part of windows installation? has anyone had this problem before? how do i fix it?
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    Quicksilver G4 Fitting

    i see how you mounted the cdrom in the back. i considered doing that but it would be kinda hard to replace cds like that. i did some measurements and found that if i mount the cdrom in a 35 degree angle i could fit the motherboard and the capcitors would clear. if i do that then i should still...
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    Case Modder Wanted!!

    i live in bayside NY i could do it depending on what you want done.
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    Quicksilver G4 Fitting

    i managed to get my hands on a Quicksilver G4 Mac Case. i have seen various mac mods and i have to say i dont really like mini atx boards. so im going to attempt to fit a fullsized atx motherboard along with two harddrives and a cdrom inside. any ideas?
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    FS: Geforce 4 ti 4400 w/ zalman heatsink.

    it was kinda hot since all the geforce 4s are hot so i installed the ZALMAN ZM 80D-HP with a fan. so now its just warm. i think its a good deal because the fan it self is like 20 bucks so im technially onlt selling the card for 20.
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    WTS Geforce 6800 GT 256mb agp

    bump for myself i also listed the item on ebay you guys can check it out if you are interested.
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    WTS Geforce 6800 GT 256mb agp

    yea I RMAed my board because of it. i have since tested the card on 4 other computers. they all worked fine except for my ax4c. I got irritated and decided to switch to ATI. the x800 pro didnt come for me yet but as far as I know the newer generation cards only have 2 cuts on the agp interface...
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    FS: Geforce 4 ti 4400 w/ zalman heatsink.

    selling Geforce 4 ti4400 with zalman heatsink for $40. i know the card is kinda out of date but it would make a great test card or something. im kinda still using the card rite now since im waiting for my new videocard but am just posting this to see whos interested.
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    WTS Geforce 6800 GT 256mb agp

    used for only 4 months mint condition want to sell geforce 6800 GT 256 agp for $200 (price negotiable)
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    Geforce 6800 gt problems

    i did plug the back in and i have a 475w power supply
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    Geforce 6800 gt problems

    heres a weird one for you guys. i just got a pny 6800 gt 256mb agp and put it in my aopen ax4c max board and it didnt boot. at first i thought the card was broken so i was getting ready to send it back. before i did tho i decided to test it on my other computer and it actually worked. now my...
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    rust imitation paint?

    are there any paint that imitate rust out there? i know there are some professional treated surfaces that have that but anything in a spray can or two?
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    dual link dvi

    does any one know if either ati or nvidia will sport these on their future cards?
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    Apple 30" Cinema display on PC :cool:

    im going to buy one as soon as there is a gaming video card for it.. so does anyone know when those are coming out?
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    socket 478 heatsink on socket 775

    the heatsink is the DP-102 from areocool
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    socket 478 heatsink on socket 775

    there is a heatsink that i really like and im considering one of the newer cpu/mobo combos now is there any adapters or anything availble? or are the sockets too different for any modification to be done?
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    A64 OCd vs. P4C OCd....

    now the thing is that if you paid attention to those bechmarks the athlon 64 is only better in games at resolutions that most people with that kind of hardware WONT USE!! and another thing is that at 170-200fps is the same as 45-60fps TO YOU!! now pay attention to the numbers when as the...
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    getting freeze/crashes lately - power supply?

    2.8ghz @ 3.5 ic7 1gb pc3200 ddr geforce fx5900 25mb 2x wdraptor 1x wd1200 1x dvd burner 1x cd burner 2x 120mm fans 3x 80mm fans 2x red cold cathode the power supply is vantec 420w
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    getting freeze/crashes lately - power supply?

    i have been getting crashes and freezing lately the following is the readings from my voltage monitor on my ic7: vcore: 1.66v ddr: 2.53v +3.3v: 3.17v +5v: 4.84v +12v: 11.25-11.62v vddq: 1.25v vtt: 1.52v vbat: 3.30 5vsb: 4.75v so do you guys think its the power supply?
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    custom fan girlls?

    is there any where i can get custom can grills done?
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    my geforce fx 5900 256mb temps

    same as above, im getting 41c on the card temp reader is this good or high?
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    how to rout internet through a router with windows 2k3

    i have AOL cable interent so i cant rout my broadband directly throught my wireless router. i have upgraded to windows 2k3 and im wondering if i can use the server capabilities to rout internet to multiple computers. thanks in advance to input.
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    can my abit ic7 support/and overclock a p4 2.8E?

    i herad ppl have overclocked to 4ghz air cooled. i will be keeping my motherboard for a while. i have pelt watercooling how far do you think i will geT?
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    can my abit ic7 support/and overclock a p4 2.8E?

    same as title
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    just making sure

    i have a raid array in raid 0 and i want to switch a raid card that shouldnt be a problem rite? since the raid info is encoded onto the harddrive. or is there something im missing?
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    4x wd raptors raid 0 how fast is that?

    is it worth it? cus i messed up on my orders and ended up with 4x wd raptor drive... now im thinking whether i should keep it or return it... are there any actual numbers or n e thing i can use?
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    4x wd raptors raid 0 how fast is that?

    same as title