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    Apple vs Google: Benevolent Dictatorship vs Free Democracy?

    Since when were Castro and Lenin democracy spreading libertarians?
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    Grand Theft Auto 4 PC Delay Confirmed

    I mean, I'd rather have Obama ads then McCain ads, but isn't december 2nd a little bit late for that crap?
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    Crysis Warhead and Stalker CS - Multi-GPU Gameplay @ [H]

    I would think it would be worth it to go with crossfire simply because you wouldn't need an nvidia chipset
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    Intel Unveils 16 New Processors @ [H]

    I still don't get the x9000. It's slower than both the e8400 and e8500, but it's around $600 more expensive. Is intel charging us $600 for an unlocked multiplier? Lame.
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    Wii Leads Next-Gen Console Sales

    The start of the big N's climb back up to the top? Why, that would be called the "DS." But yeah, nintendo is doing great, and they deserve it.
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    F/S DFI Mobo's, AMD CPU's, GFX, and HD

    That's not a crossfire board, is it? whoops, I'm talking about that gfx card
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    Falcon #1 who is #2?

    I'd go with MonarchPC. You're going to pay alot less and get a far better choice of hardware.
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    Sun pre-announces Opteron 285 SE

    maybe it has more cache? is that even possible?
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    Highest Range Wireless Router?

    I need a wireless router with great range. I need to be able to work in my house and across the street at a neighbors house. any suggestions? or does everything cary the basic [100m indoor/400m outdoor range]
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    Need Money for a car (laptop, desktop, games)

    it's a k8 [of course] but it doesn't have the 64 I'd like 200 for that stuff, but I'm not willing to part just yet
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    When did u go AMD64?

    k8 sempron, last spring
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    Would you buy the Antec P180 or the Lian-Li V1000

    I like the antec better.... and it's cheaper....
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    Need Money for a car (laptop, desktop, games)

    bump. make offers please....
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    A brand new [H]ard|OCP

    hot damn! very nice.
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    Need Money for a car (laptop, desktop, games)

    laptop is gone bump. anyone? I'll post pics later tonight....
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    FS: 2 Brand New Black Razors, 2 Subwoofers, Gucci Set (Many Pics)

    more info on the subs please....
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    Need Money for a car (laptop, desktop, games)

    I need money for a car, so I've decided to sell some of my computers off. Laptop First up, an Ibuypower laptop. Purchased a little over a year ago. The only problem with it is that it has no right shift key face and no OS. Pentium M 1.6GHz Banias (1mb L2) Radeon 9700 mobility 128mb...
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    x600 vs. x800

    mos def, the x800 kilss the 6600gt. The x800 is a far better option.
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    3700 SD vs 3800 Venice

    yeh, the SD would be my choice as well. From what I've seen, the 1mb processors are more powerful even when clocked 200mhz, in most cases
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    Is this mobo 100% pci-express?

    foxconn is good, but don't expect much by way of "enthusiast" options. of course the board supports pci-e, there's an nF4 chip on it
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    intel p4 3.2ghz 640 vs amd64 3000 skt 754

    I'd stick with the 640.....almost as strong in gaming (if not as strong) and way better at almost everything else. Plus, it OCs like mad....
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    What's faster? AMD vs G5

    nothing really interesting, but regaurdless, they're not a hardware company. Apple is most definately a hardware company
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    X800 XL For 254.00!!! Instante rebate.

    DDR2 has also dropped quite a bit in price (a little over 100 for a gig). You could put together a kickass intel system (read: 4ghz) for cheap. Honestly, Intel's stuff is far more atractive in terms of technology.
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    What's faster? AMD vs G5 made firewire....that's why they got to use it first.
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    AMD FX or Intel EE Dual Core

    Uh...before the A64, they never kicked ass..... their xp cores were clocked lower, but they didn't match the p4's. (3200 xp got raped by a 2.8 p4 in almost everything)
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    Little help here... Thanks (This may be the 100th post some of you have seen as such)

    besides, the ATi cards are simply a better value.... ($270 for an XL vs. $350 for a GT? they trade blows performance wise, so it's not hard to see who the winner is...).
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    X700 or 6600 or 6600GT or 6800 vanilla (or fx5900)

    didn't you not notice the smiley? It is in both your post and his......... thank god you didn't get a 6800 vanilla. x800xl's were cheaper.
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    My 6800GT with NV5 "droops"

    buy a card holder
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    Modular video cards!!!

    what kind of upgrade would that be?
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    Best 3500+ 939? Win/Claw/New?

    ^yep yep venice venice venice venice venice venice venice
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    *All right Guys Which Chipset Should I Go With? nForce4 SLI (Intel Edition) Or 955X?*

    I'd go with the 955x. From what I've seen, the OCing capabilities were amazing, and that was on an Intel board. just wait till ASUS/Abit get their hands on this one.....
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    building dell Dimension 3000 can i add vga?

    no. hell no. no way in hell. of course not..... you get the jest. Buy something else.
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    Ultra Power Supplies - BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have an Ultra x-Connect, and it has been great. I have yet to see any errors.......
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    one 6800gt or two 6600gt?

    6600gt x2 = bad 6800gt x1 = great go with the 6800gt. it simply performs better
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    How much difference does an extra 128meg video cache make?

    not to much, but some. Nothing that would make an upgrade worthwhile
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    AMD vs P4

    my opinions on this matter: the pm 770 is an ass cpu. Lower multiplier and higher fsb makes for lower overclocking. Plus, it's more expensive, so the thing is a loser all the way through. As far as the asus can nab a board for less then a hundred, the adapter will be...
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    friend has $115 to spend on agp video card?

    try and find a 6600 agp if not, go for a used 9700 pro on ebay
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    Heat sink 4 P4 530J (quiet cooling with 4 pin fan connection)

    get a zalman cnps7700 all copper. It's about the same price, if not cheaper, as the xp-120, already comes with a fan, and provides the quietest air cooling available.