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    Other Distributed Computing Projects

    BoincStats aren't too bad for the WCG side of things. Given that I saw the other day on BOINC's main page a blurb about the BOINC client now being...
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    PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW-SR @ [H]

    Paul Johnson, great review. I for one appreciate a conclusion based on its peers and relative value to a degree. Hell, if not for that part of an analysis, I'd probably be running an old Sempr0n.
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    Barcelona in Action 1P and 2P

    1) Kyle, you're the man. Journalism needs more Kyle Bennets. 2) How the hell does DailyTech circumvent NDA's? I don't care much where I get my benchies from, but it seems rather unfair that they and only they get the scoop. Surprised there hasn't been contracts taken out on them yet ;)
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    New Project Information

    #1 in a [H]ardOCP team, I rock. I think earlier I saw someone mention LHC@Home; it's inactive, hasn't updates stats in about a year. They finished their original project and havent been supported for any additional work.
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    World Community Grid Install Thoughts

    It's a known error for the moment that BOINC will sometimes throw a fit under Vista installing as a service. Your mileage may vary... But shouldn't have a problem under XP. Fair warning: 'show graphics' will not work when it's installed as a service. I just have it installed as 'shared' and it...
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    So, do we have a decision to make?

    I only lurk here rather infrequently, less than I used to, but saw that happened with UD on the front page. I tired of F@H full time a couple years back and switched to BOINC, and it's been.. an interesting experience. I can say one thing about the BOINC client; it's a massive improvement in...
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    Vista Innovation @ [H] Consumer

    I'm still waiting for Scott to show up. :p The other day I came in a bit early to a Canadian History class, sat down, got out my stuff, and started reading the news paper while I waited. Pretty quickly, though, the sound of uneducated prattle assaulted my ears, and I tuned in, and lo and...
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    GA-965P DS3 Issues

    Thanks guys, great advice. After testing all the RAM individually, they all checked out -- even when I OC'd them. So I used what you guys said about bumping it up just past 400mhz; I went with 403mhz, and I could tell that helped, but not 100%. +.1v vdimm helped more, and rock-solid RAM at...
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    GA-965P DS3 Issues

    I got together this new system a couple days ago, and after much tinkering, I seem to have some bum RAM. Relevant parts: E6600 4x2 1GB SuperTalent 4-4-3-8 (though I've loosend it to 5-5-5-15 till stability is established) @DDR800 Rev 2.2 with F10 BIOS Watercooled, Corsair Nautilus 500...
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    BFGTech BFGR1000WPSU Review @ [H]

    I just want to echo what's already been said by 3 or 4 others about the charts. Nice idea, I think, having them as seperate pictures in seperate windows, but I too would prefer the chart be located right on the review page. Also, I don't know if the compression blurred it out but it was a little...
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    Giving in, buying the NEC... any rebates/deals around?

    Aaagh! I was searching for 'LCD20WGX2', the model right off the TFT site, when its listed everywhere as just 20WGX2.
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    Giving in, buying the NEC... any rebates/deals around?

    NEC LCD20WGX2 That one? Froogle & pricegrabber come back empty for me.. Manual check of BB & CC come up empty too. I'd like to know where people are finding these caches of NEC's; they're hiding from me.
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    Help Picking a WS Monitor

    I'm in a similar boat. I hit up and despite posts from just a month ago in the sticky claiming wide availibility of S-IPS monitors, for the moment, Froogle/Pricegrabber turn up nothing on the appropriate LG, Acer, and NEC models. Samsung 215TW seems top-notch...
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    BFGTech GeForce 8800 GTX Water Cooled Edition @ [H]

    um, Leadsled, there are reviews out there benchmarking the Nautilus 500 with an OC'd C2D, chipset, and SLI cards under waterblocks and it still delivers fine performance. Not the best, not near-ambience, but about as good as one can get without going to much greater expense and effort...
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    Who's going for the new C2D's that are comin' out!

    There's a keeper. I havent picked RAM yet, and waiting on some more boards to come out, but I'll be picking up that E4300 in March along with mid-range Nvidia. C2D + G80 + Vista + Skyrocketing HD space per $ = 1Q or 2Q best opportunity at a good upgrade cycle I've seen in a while, and...
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    CoolIT Freezone Chilled Liquid CPU Cooler

    Hmm, thanks. Appears that much-cheaper (Nautilus 500) watercooling loops with a proven ability to soak up the heat from hotter cpu's and gpu's would be a better bet. Or, alternatively, something like a Koolance pc3 720 case that I think [H] reviewed But this is definitely something...
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    CoolIT Freezone Chilled Liquid CPU Cooler

    As someone said above, I dont see how it could be too hard to snip in to this at some point and add on a gpu block to the loop.. .. but then again, I've always bought kits before for exactly this reason: I've never seriously 'modded' anything, and dont want to bother starting.. But this...
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    ATI Radeon X1950 Pro

    They might've done it differently in that past example, but I prefer seeing it on a higher-end system to minimize the bottlenecks, as suggested. I've got more than ganglia for a brain, and I therefore really like seeing how a card does unhindered. From there I can roughly figure how it'll scale...
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    AMD Next Generation Processor Technology Slides

    Any rumors on price point? a $999 chip does me no good, unfortunately.. nor does it do most people any good. Performance will be interesting too, to see if any of its enhancements are enough at the end of the day to take on Kentsfield in real-world applications.. if not, thats okay too, AMD...
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    Intel pulls quad cores Cloverton, Kentsfield into 2006

    That way my very first thought. :D
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    Firing Squid Wastes their Ink

    I'm getting more and more tired of seeing that data, where ever it comes from, Steam some keep saying. Look guys. There are gamers, yes. There are 13 year old kids playing on daddies old off-lease desktop he got from work, hacking CS:S or poking at HL2. Absolutely. But. There are gamers, and...
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    Firing Squid Wastes their Ink

    Word. Thats what I've been trying to say, too, I think. :( I often times hear the opening words of Guns n Roses 'Civil War' play through my head. "What we've got here... is a failure.. to communicate." Not entirely apt, since two minutes later there's ranting about wiping out the...
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    Firing Squid Wastes their Ink

    I didn't contradict nearly that bad. Raw data, 'canned' benchmarks, 'real world' benchmarks and expert opinion can't be used together, instead of fans of one trashing fans of the others? My other point that I was trying to convey was that it's turning, very quickly, from debate, to trashing...
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    Firing Squid Wastes their Ink

    Okay. Lets say you do. Refering to [H]'s article "CPUs & Real-World Gameplay Scaling", which you may or may not have read, we can see the following: Battlefield 2 (Sufficiently advanced game, yes? Heralded the age of 1gb RAM being mid-rage to upper low-end, so I'd assume so) FX60...
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    Firing Squid Wastes their Ink

    I'm glad at least foofighter06 has 'perspective' around here. Objective, at that. Bottom line: 800x600 benchies are useless. You said "future proofing", but then as someone pointed out, future games will, once again, be GPU bound. What, $300 new video card, $200 new RAM for the latest surge...
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    Firing Squid Wastes their Ink

    That's why I don't think they understand H's point. It's not JUST the $1000 processor beast than you can expect comparable performance out of. At high-res, which it seems we're in agreement 1280x1024 is a staple minimum with 1600x1200 or better prefered, a A64 3200+ will probably not be greatly...
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    Firing Squid Wastes their Ink

    On the one hand, Steam includes grandma's 1999 computer that the idiot 10yr old grandkids installed Counter-Strike Source on.. but on the other.. Sure I lower the res or turn down the quality in multiplayer, in a more taxing game.. but do readers of a site like this REALLY still use...
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    Firing Squid Wastes their Ink

    There are two sites I hit up daily for hardware news myself. HardOCP first, and Anandtech second. Those that say variety is good I have to agree with. When I'm plumping down money that, on my college budget, ends up being a sacrifice in many other areas I like to be fully educated on the...
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    mp3 player......$150 max

    Amazing how in the face of tons of recommendations against iPod's, some still valiantly stick by suggesting them :p Picked up a 1gb off-brand cheap-o-matic mp3 player on sale for like $30. Doesn't play videos, but so what, that'd what my DLP billion-inch, surround-sound HDTV is for. Sound...
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    A8n32-MVP Deluxe RAM holding back the OC

    A small bump for the issue. I've noticed 7zip (maybe WinRAR too -- I use both depending on how strong of a backup job I want to do, but 7zip puts compression speed right in your face) seems to love memory bandwidth and low latency somewhat more than it does raw clockspeed, so the 166mhz...
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    A8n32-MVP Deluxe RAM holding back the OC

    Hey guys, just got that board above to replace a DFI Ultra-D that died a horrible, but valiant, death, but the RAM just isn't playing ball! On the Ultra-D I got 4x512 Patriot XBLK I think it was able to do 240mhz-ish with CAS 3, but holy cow, Window's doesn't last two seconds with ANYTHING...
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    The Price of Gaming?

    Edit for simplicity: "If you believe everything you read, you'd better not read." Proverb, from somewhere. Teachers and the K-12 education system is NOT a valid source of information. There's a textbook in wide circulation stating for example the equator runs through Pensacola, FL. If...
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    NewEgg After-Thanksgiving Specials ON RIGHT NOW Disk gets decent reviews, SATA II spec including NCQ, .45 cents / GB, shipped. Good deal? Yay? Nay?
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    Someone killed SETI

    Hmm, I talked to this WW2 & Korea vet some over the past 5 years, and he swears upon all thats holy he was manning an anti-air turret on some beach in Korea when a couple UFO's showed up and flew over head for a while. He tells it to anybody he knows, he swears by it. He claimed they went faster...
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    Someone killed SETI

    Here's my own .02. Figure it this way. Even if, say, some aliens are chilling on a world just 100ly away. I'd say its possible, maybe even likely, right? Thousands of stars within that range. But at 100ly, it'd be at least 220 years or so (think we'd understand what they said right away? Nah...
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    Where has UD gone????

    Looking forward to that. Yeah though, I was just a little put off by the lack of notice, but I've now made it a point to check those weekly updates at the minimum, and start to skim the other forums occasionally. Now that it's back online (though I still havent got any WUs, but I'm patient...
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    Where has UD gone????

    Agreed, Anderu. BOINC projects for example are very plain in their sites, and plainly say "Project is FUBAR. <A few technical points here about the grisly death of critical hardware components and/or horrible software screwups> Be back in a few days/weeks/months." F@H I don't know about -- I...
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    Language Barrier: Easy fix?

    Thanks guys, I'm going to give it a try within the week. What I'm also thinking is, even if vnlinux (a purely vietnamese distro, but still) has some english, for the purpose it's serving (let a couple of older folks access the internet, type up letters, email, etc) it might not be a big...
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    Where has UD gone????

    Oddly enough, all my clients have connected and sent in their WUs -- but UD hasn't seen fit to send me any more work to do. Maybe the servers will clear their backlog or whatever over night, and full steam ahead tomorrow; if we're lucky. Only time I've seen a random outage like this was...