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    Holy crap moment , hopefully (WD) doesnt find their mistake

    If it puts your conscience to rest, call WD and let them know about the situation. In all likelihood they will simply thank you for the heads up and tell you to keep the drive. The cost of shipping + restocking + etc. outweighs their internal manufacturing cost of the drive. In simple terms...
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    i7 920: idle @ 99!?

    Sorry, I LOL'ed inside when I read this...
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    FS: Intel i5-750 Processor (CPU) Retail Boxed

    The chip is gone (has been gone for a while). Thx.
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    Giving every user the same desktop.

    You probably want mandatory user profiles.
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    I'd like to mod the PCI-e slot 90 degrees.

    You mean have the card in the same parallel plane as the mobo? There are off-the-shelf risers that you can buy for that. Just google "pci-e riser"...
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    HD4890... How long before change?

    Would 2x 4890 suck a lot more juice than a 5870? I'm personally waiting to see how Fermi pans out before upgrading from my current 4890 (bought for $150 on sale back in Sept/Oct).
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    Intel core i5-750 vs i7-920

    I went with i5-750 originally but was disappointed with lackluster stock voltage overclocking. Sold the CPU/board and went i7-920. Haven't looked back.
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    Can't delete file (Not Found error Windows 7 Ultimate)

    What about pulling the drive and looking at it (and running a chkdsk) from another machine?
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    New Intel ssd firmware released - 02HD

    I was running 02HA and upgraded to the new FW last night without issues.
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    my i7 920 D0 is a dog

    This is exactly why I like to OC within stock voltages only. I could push my 920 to 4+ GHz but I'm not a fan of setting 1.4 V Vcore to do it.
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    Fans you always buy for a new build

    Scythe S-Flex, Noctua, or any other FDB/oil/gel bearing.
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    For gaming: E8500 or Q6600?

    1.6 V is too high, I think. You run the risk of killing the chip even if temps are OK.
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    MB for LGA1156 and support for 6x2GB RAM

    Yep. All LGA1156 CPU IMCs have an 8-bank limit I believe. Can't seem to find the Intel spec doc to back that up right now... :confused:
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    P55 overclockers...check your sockets

    IMHO, LGA1156 overclocking is playing with fire (literally and figuratively). The platform draws as much power as LGA1366 when you hit the 4.0+ GHz and 1.3+ Vcore range but only has 66% or 75% the number of power delivery pins.
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    Intel 7 920 OC

    Your RAM is rated at DDR3-1333. If you are running your BCLK at 160, you need to set the DD3 multiplier in the BIOS to 8x so that your RAM continues to run within spec.
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    I just ordered an i750, will i regret not going bigger?

    Nice OC there -- I guess I'm just paranoid about LGA1156 issues after reading about socket burn and all.
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    I just ordered an i750, will i regret not going bigger?

    i5 is a great (and very capable) processor. That being said, LGA1156 is not as good for overclocking as LGA1336.
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    Why is my hard drive smaller than the advertised capacity?

    Maybe I'm just too old-school -- I always think about storage in binary. When I need to make a 8 GB partition I'll create it as 8192 MB. :p
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    Gigabyte ex58-ud3r power connector question

    The system will not POST without the ATX12V connected. If you're overclocking, it's better to remove the black tab and use EPS12V instead of ATX12V.
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    Q6600 vs i7 920

    I thought the same thing, until the P55/Foxconn issue reared its ugly head. Since then I've gone 1366 and haven't looked back.
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    I want a few 120mm fans

    Scythe S-FLEX or Noctua NH-P12 or any other fluid/gel bearing fan.
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    Overclocked vs. stock boot on GA EX58-UD5

    I updated to F9e BIOS and am still having the double boot phenomenon.
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    Blast from the past right here.

    Northwood 1.6A? Overclock it to 2.13!
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    Overclocked vs. stock boot on GA EX58-UD5

    1.2000v isn't available (in F7) as a QPI/VTT setting. The closest ones are 1.195v and 1.215v -- I'm actually running 1.175v right now which is apparently the "normal" setting for my chip (VTT VID?)
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    looks like TRIM-enabled firmware for X25-M is out today

    I wonder if those of us that have successfully updated are in the clear, or if we are sitting on ticking time bombs.
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    HDD LED Activity Light & SSDs

    It works just like any other drive LED -- the HDD led header on the motherboard is driven by the controller irrespective of what actual SATA/IDE device is connected on the other side.
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    looks like TRIM-enabled firmware for X25-M is out today

    Device Manager > View devices by connection > right click the SATA controller > properties > driver > view driver details
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    Overclocked vs. stock boot on GA EX58-UD5

    Everything on my EX8-UD5 runs fine at stock speeds. However, if I'm overclocked the board will power up for about half a second, shut down, then boot again and POST the second time around. Once it gets into Windows everything is normal. I'm just wonering if this behavior is by design (could...
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    Intel SSD G2 TRIM firmware failure rate

    Mine is fine so far.
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    looks like TRIM-enabled firmware for X25-M is out today

    I just checked, and the ICH10R controller uses the same msahci.sys driver in AHCI whether I have the INF update applied or not. This is in contrast with RAID mode which loads iastor.sys
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    looks like TRIM-enabled firmware for X25-M is out today

    You're sure the TRIM command is being passed to the drive in this situation? My understanding is that the drive will still show up as TRIM enabled even if the SATA driver doesn't support it.
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    looks like TRIM-enabled firmware for X25-M is out today

    Can anyone confirm that TRIM is working with the Intel INF driver (not the Matrix Storage Manager)?
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    Intel noob here, help please

    I wouldn't try to push past 4 GHz on a P55 platform for a primary 24x7 system, esp. on a Foxconn socket (all Gigabytes are Foxconn) given the potential meltdown issues due to current draw.
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    What are some inexpensive quiet fans?

    Heh, I normally get them for $20 CAD from NCIX. Edit: Holy crap -- the same fan is over $40 USD on NCIXUS. :eek:
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    How long should you use a power supply

    Use it until it dies (i.e. it pops and makes a burnt electronics smell).
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    Choice between 2 laptop proc

    Gaming will be almost the same on the 2 processors with the Quad running only a hair slower than the Dual (with some exceptions -- ex: Supreme Commander). General usage/multitasking will be much snappier on the Quad. An important question to ask is how much time will the laptop be used on the...
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    Intel noob here, help please

    Nice Vcore there, only 1.008 under full load! I would try 180, 190, and 200 BLCK speeds. Crank up the Vcore slowly (0.0125 V increments) when you hit stability issues. For best safety, don't go past 1.4 Vcore and 1.2 VTT. Remember to keep your VDIMM within 0.5 V of VTT (and preferably below...
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    Stock Voltage Overclocking

    Am I the only one on this forum that likes to overclock using stock voltages instead of pushing a system all the way to its limits? Most of my overclocks are just straight up bumping the bus speed to the next "natural" threshold (66 -> 100 -> 133 -> 166) while keeping the voltages at stock. I...
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    ASUS Previews USB 3.0/SATA 6G Motherboards

    I LOL'ed :D