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    Revenue from Music Streaming Services Grew 30% in 2018

    I just bought 8 CDs last week.... *gets walker out to go outside and yell at clouds*
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    The Amazon Prime Air Team Is Developing a Traffic Management System for Drones

    There is no way on Earth I'll put up with the noise from delivery drones. The day a local government greenlights this crap is the day I get armed to take them down.
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    773 Million Records from Massive Data Breach Uploaded to Have I Been Pwned

    I've had the same email account since 1997, I'm not surprised I'm on the list. I guess changing passwords every....5 years or so is good enough, right? :p
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    Amazon Is Developing a Game Streaming Service

    Might as well be a new gaming store.
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    How Much of the Internet Is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually.

    I've been saying this for like 10 years. As far as I can see, Google and the greater internet is and has always been built on a house of cards. There are a lot of forces that need the willful ignorance to continue. If the advertisers realized their billions aren't doing what they think it is...
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    Google Allows Apps to Scan Gmail Accounts and Freely Share Data with Others

    I don't even have a Gmail account but link my Outlook email in the app on my Android phone. I was surprised when I opened up the never-used calendar app ony phone and it has all of the ETA dates of packages I'm expecting, date set for my flights, etc. I had no idea the Google calendar app was...
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    NVIDIA GPU Generational Performance Part 1 @ [H]

    I refer to my purchase of a gtx780 as the worst PC component purchase I've ever made. As you point out, it was eclipsed in short order by games as well as Nvidia, seems to have had poor driver optimization support, and it cost more than the next 2 generation's cards.
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    Samba Interactive TV is Watching YOU

    Funny I just got a new Sony TV and took delivery and set it up yesterday and also did air quotes when I read "cleverly recognizing onscreen content". That was a big Nope from me and I denied the app access. Now I want to get into the service menu and just delete the thing.
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    Best Buy Axing CD Music

    I'm an audiophile and have almost 2,000 CDs. I tried Spotify premium and Tidal's lossless streaming and they really are quite good. Tidal had better quality than Spotify and Spotify was only a smidge behind the flacs of my ripped albums. The only real downside to the streaming services is they...
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    Kurt Russell Is Going to Be in a Cryptocurrency Movie

    You know what ole Jack Burton always says.....
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    Theaters Add Strobe Light Warning to “Incredibles 2” after Epilepsy Concerns

    Yeah that was a pretty ignorant comment. I was surprised there wasn't a warning when that scene came on it's the first thing I thought of; "wow I hope some kids don't get a seizure from this". In Japan they still run warnings on kids shows and dim the brightness of scenes that are borderline...
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    Kurt Russell Is Going to Be in a Cryptocurrency Movie

    I love me some Kurt Russel even in Capt'n Ron and that trashy Soldier movie.... I will fite anyone who hates on him!
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    Descent’s True Spiritual Successor, Overload, Is Now Available

    So many great memories of Decent. I will probably be picking this one up and hope it doesn't make me puke!
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    Sony to Shift Away from Gadgets

    Sony's insurance arm is where they make all of their money. They have their fingers in a lot more places than people tend to realize. I think it's sad that they joined the race to the bottom in the "gadget" space through the 90s, before that they were generally a premium product like apple is...
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    YouTube Launching New Music Streaming Service

    I see Google went to the same brand confusion school as Microsoft. Renaming a service every year after it doesn't catch on, yet destroying what little traction with name recognition you've built up. Killing the Hotmail name is still one of the most boneheaded name changes I've ever seen.
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    NVIDIA TITAN V Video Card Gaming Review @ [H]

    Very interesting stuff in this review. Another shout out to Sparky for loaning it to the [H] crew and making this review possible!
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    YouTube TV Pricing Goes Up $5 Per Month Starting Tomorrow

    I just signed up for the trial yesterday. They definitely need to keep improving the interface, and the quality was a little lower than I hoped for, but the channel lineup matches my viewing habits fairly well so it might work for me. Wish the trial was longer than 7 days though :-/
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    Cable Companies Shortening Ad Breaks In Response to Cord Cutters

    I cut the cord this week actually. Saves me $1000 a year and I still have 400mbit internet. The real kicker is in their attempts to keep me as a customer, they said the deal I currently had was the best they could do.... the $1000 per year on top of internet deal I told them that was too...
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    Android P May Be Released On March 14th

    Same.v20 barely gets any updates.
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    Flaw In uTorrent Lets Hackers Control Your PC Remotely

    Looks like I need a new client. Any recommendations for something with the most similar UI to uTorrent so I don't have to fumble around much?
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    Netflix Says “’Bright” Success Proves Film Critics Are “Disconnected from Mass Appeal”

    A lot of commenters seem to ignore that the general public has pretty garbage taste in most things. Saying Bright is better than critics say is one thing, but it also doesn't say much when the same service that brought it to you has very "successful" Adam Sandler productions on offer. The bar...
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    Twitter's Neural Network Crops Images Intelligently

    So if someone posts a photo of one of those Instagram prostitutes it'll crop/zoom in on their cleavage?! I might need to investigate this.....
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    New Xbox Elite Controller Leaks

    Well the spare parts it comes with are nice, different height and shape of the analog sticks. As for build, it's got more heft, rubberized/textured where your palms touch it on the underside. I believe it has a metal sub structure, it's more rigid than a normal xb1 or 360 controller. You...
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    New Xbox Elite Controller Leaks

    I have one for my htpc, love it. Definitely better built and feels premium in your hands. $99 would be a better price point but I found mine on sale for $125 and have no regrets.
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    Web Trackers Exploit Browser Login Managers

    I only save forum logins and Twitter, things like that. Financial sites I never save login or pass and I feel that works for me. If someone hijacks my Facebook or something I won't care. Steam or PSN? Probably risky.
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    October Digital Game Revenue up 15 Percent Compared to October of Last Year

    According to EA, no one buys single player games. In fact, I must not have bought Uncharted or Persona 5 for my PS4 and imagined the whole purchase!
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    Pong is 45 Years Old Today

    Mortal Pongbat for Mac was one of the greatest games I've ever played.
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    Solar Companies Are Scrambling to Find a Critical Raw Material

    I'm glad all of our eggs are now in that China basket, what could go wrong?.......
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    Face ID Tests Show Varying Results for Twins Using Facial Recognition

    Am I weird for not even using the lock screen features on my phone and not keeping sensitive/embarrassing things on it?
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    noblechairs ICON Series Desk Chair Review @ [H]

    This review reminded me that my current leather chair is from 1998.... Maybe it's about time I get a new one. This chair looks quite nice too hmm... My wallet sarcastically thanks you Kyle.
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    New Xbox One Tech Can Save Hard Drive Space and Cut Download Times

    Hah weird I was just talking to my coworker about the need for this last week. Like if my Xbox is set to stereo PCM, then I don't need the Dolby Atmos™ 15.2 soundtrack in 6 languages downloaded to my console in a 900GB patch.
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    Radeon RX Vega 64 vs Radeon R9 Fury X Clock for Clock @ [H]

    Awesome article guys! Very interesting stuff and you even went the extra mile to get the memory as close to parity as possible. Hard to argue with these results.
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    Traditional Radio Faces a Grim Future

    Not to mention how terrible radio programming has been for the past 20 years. Playing the same songs while even killing those late night blocks that had alternate programming where you could actually hear new/different music. Hell the local "metal" station here would qualify as a classic rock...
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    The Top 5 Best Overclocking CPUs of All Time @ [H]

    I had a Presler core 955 extreme overclock to 4.3ghz daily with is almost a 1ghz oc on a ca. 2006 processor which wasn't too bad..... Unfortunately it still felt like a dog, those pentium D designs really sucked.
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    GeForce 256 Launched this Day in 1999

    I was on a v550 and skipped the expensive 256 and upgraded to a Guillemot (remember them?) GF2 pro, the one that could Oc to ultra specs. Hell yeah, I was in Tribes on the Renegades_base mod. Played a million hours of that with some friends on a party line (spoiled kids these days with the...
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    Uber’s CEO Search Is Nearing a Decision

    God what a no-brainer for Meg. Get in there, do something, do nothing, doesn't really matter. Get huge payday when you're fired for being ineffective and/or Uber goes under due to its enormous debt.
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    XSPC RayStorm Neo Threadripper Waterblock Installed in Loop

    Looks nice with the metal bracket/arms. I have one of the first raystorm models in my x79 pc and yep, I broke off one of the acrylic arms over tightening it -_-
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    Amazon's 1-Click Patent Expires Next Month

    I can't even begin to fathom how many thousands of dollars the cart system has saved me over the years. Being able to pause and think before buying shit I don't need is a good thing. 1-click also gives me some security concerns.
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    Enermax LIQMAX II 240 Liquid CPU AIO CPU Cooler @ [H]

    Looks like a solid cooler, shame the fans get so loud on high but the low temps really aren't too bad. Also yay for the index returning to the bottom, I'd give ya a hug if I could Kyle but I lost my arms in 'nam.
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 Video Card Review @ [H]

    If you down clocked this 1200-1500mhz, 14nm card to 1050mhz 28nm Fury levels, would it really perform much better at all and save much power? I'm seriously doubting any claims of architecture improvements with the benchmarks we're seeing. Maybe cutting the memory bus width really hurt this card?