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    [H]ot: Refurb'd HP ZR30w IPS for $670USD

    how are these for gaming? Is there a better Korean monitor for gaming?
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    WTB/WTT: In need of CHEAP 2011 processor

    I'm looking for a very inexpensive 2011 processor I can use for testing purposes. Prefer something I can trade for less than $100 is what I'm looking for, like a quad 1.6ghz etc. Don't care about the speed
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    Humm... what side is that? You said it I'm just asking? :confused:
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    Bunch-o-wireless wirless n g print servers netgear linksys offers above $10+

    I have a bunch of wireless networking equipment; Quite a bit of G some N and dual band-N Couple are brand new in box; Couple of the model numbers; D-link DIR-825 Hawking hwabn1 2 x linksys wap56g linksys wps54gu2 linksys wps54gu2 linksys wrt54gs Several netgear wn100rp Open to...
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    WTB: X79 Any Motherboard supporting i7 3820

    I have a MSI X79MA-GD45 Brand New in the BOX
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    100' Cat 6 550MHz Network Cable $5 AR

    Pfffff... Those cables introduce noticeable lag time for gaming... "VODKA"... Their improvement of depth over the forests is somewhat noticeable. But the "FORESTS" are a green product...
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    100' Cat 6 550MHz Network Cable $5 AR

    Agreed!!! on a scale of 1 to 10 for digital audio quality these are an 11. The transition between the 1's and the 0's in the data packet is that much more crisp. But you forgot to mention the increased audio clarity for gaming!!! Never mind the fidelity. Dear God has my game improve with...
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    gtx 680 ASUS card from the amazon deal resale $340

    It was posted in the other post the above poster is correct. The ones available are; GTX680-DC2O-2GD5 GTX670-DC2-2GD5 The ones on amazon are GTX680-DC2-2GD5 So probably no workie... on the rebate :(
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    gtx 680 ASUS card from the amazon deal resale $340

    First person PM with agreement to $350 via and I'll include shipping Free So sold one on e-bay for 365 with shipping included. (THATS the going price!!!) Previous post; So who is the other guys wanting $425 and asking the buyer to pay for shipping... Mine is set at $379.95 buy it now with...
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    Stuck Mine on E-bay "ASUS GTX 680 for $197 at Amazon"

    Yes I was one of the lucky ones that saw the deal and decided to go for it and buy two, Wish I bought more... Trying to pass one off for the cheapest you can buy one on-line. If you really really want both let me know, I'm considering selling both.
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    Stuck Mine on E-bay "ASUS GTX 680 for $197 at Amazon"

    So who is the other guys wanting $425 and asking the buyer to pay for shipping... Mine is set at $379.95 buy it now with $20 shipping charged to buyer. I'll ship free to HardOCP...
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    ASUS GTX 680 for $197 at Amazon

    Yep!!! Recieved both mine this moring wife opened the box said same thing no packing slip. These suckers are HUGE. Not sure if even one of these are going to fit in my case... I'll have to move the SCSI harddrives... Humm perhaps this is my excuse to go SSD. Also mine came with a sort...
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    ASUS GTX 680 for $197 at Amazon

    Yup I actually put mine up but Kyle is right, I need to posses them first. My thoughts were they were selling in the $500 range (most I saw)... I'm probably going to offer them for about $100 less. Whats wrong with that, already called a bunch of my personal friends. Guys that I LAN with...
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    ASUS GTX 680 for $197 at Amazon

    Me too... I purchased two of them when I saw the deal though SLI!!!!. I was looking around best deal I could find at the time was ~$400 on e-bay so I got two. Now I'm thinking I should have bought all 12 at the time. They went fast. Thinking about turing around and selling either one or...
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    Frys IN STORE: X79MA-GD45 SOcket 2011 board $89.99-$40 MIR = $49.99!

    Houston/sugarland said they had 4 in stock. When down to the sugarland store nothing
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    Is MSI RMA really that crappy...?

    Sounds like ASUS except at least these guys are talking to you... Had a similar problem with a ATX power connector on an ASUS board bad soldiering (actually missing solder in one spot). First time, tech completely missed the issue (I would post... sometimes if you hold the wires just...
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    Note the section its posted under - Great deal on a Garage Posted under Garage Sales??? Not sure if its an April fools... but I had to chuckle
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    evga sr-2 questions

    Then refrain from the STFU Youtube videos are about at your level for some of this; it was good info and advise to you IMHO. Also you didn't do much searching / understanding if you don't know if sandy bridge CPU's come in duals or not. check out e5 xeons The STFU comments was not...
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    3 monitor setup different resolutions help please

    Guys, I've done a little searching and I think the answer is no... but maybe with eyefinity 2.0 etc or the nvidia flavor. What I have are two 560's in SLI currently running one screen 1920x1080. But I also have are two identical 4:3 monitors 1280x1024. I guess I could try to find...
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Because I need a second 560 card... two cards are better than one :-)
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    Free BF3 from Amazon with Bulldozer or GPU Purchase

    trade anyone a bf3 key for a batman key (as in I want a BF3)
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    Solved? BF3 Artifacting - GTX 560 - Mesh Quality

    which card do you have zotac? Mine is overheating and needsmore air as it only happens after an hour or so, I think I fixed it with a duct we will see.
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    Go cheap then wait or futureproof?

    Right now if have a decent computer I'd make sure the following were upgraded. 1. Memory 2. SSD 3. Bad azz cooling and case 4. Z68 board and 2500K
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    Batman Arkham City

    Yes I could do that when I get back home.
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    Batman Arkham City PC $36.06

    How is this deal any different that the coupons I've been trying to sell in the forsale section for 30 dollars???? Why is this hot when I don't even get e-mails on mine?
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    Batman Arkham City

    I have two of these game coupons that came with video cards that I purchased. Asking 30 dollars each. code key will be sent by e-mail after payment is recieved.
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    Batman Arkham City Game Coupon

    O.K. price drop to $35 comes out on the 18th. Or trade for BF3 DVD
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    Battlefield 3 open beta 29th

    me neither...
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    Batman Arkham City Game Coupon

    New egg wants $50 I'll do $40 with free shipping :-) LOL (seriously I can mail you the coupon if you want)
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    Batman Arkham City Game Coupon

    For sale, I have two from purchasing a couple video cards. LMK Asking $40
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    GTX 560 @ 1650x1080 how much CPU needed for BF3

    Thats why I already purchased option 3... z68 with a 2500k I'm looking for a cheap fix until BD or IB comes out is what I'm thinking... basically it doesn't look like you need more than a average quad core, q6600 would be fine. Any extra money on a better CPU combo limits GPU, and it looks...
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    GTX 560 @ 1650x1080 how much CPU needed for BF3

    I'm sure you can see the issue I'm having.. nice to see I can't get a clear consenses either. What we know is that BF3 like BF2 and BF1942 before it really pushed processors and graphics. I've seen some alpha benchmarks where BF3 is pushing 3-5 cores fully with a PII. However according to...
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    GTX 560 @ 1650x1080 how much CPU needed for BF3

    Guys give me a hand here I need some recommendations, I'm on the fence. I need a second back-up gaming rig for friends to play on. I purchased two 560's (non-TI's) the idea is to use one in each machine with the ability to SLI them in one of the machines later. I have a decent 2500K (4.1...
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    So how have the delays in BD affected AMD's bottom line with your purchases recently?

    OH MY GOD OCT 12TH???? I need a second machine for friends to play the BF3 demo on 29th. Looks like I'm going to buy a 2100 or something else to go along with my 2500k. Was really hoping to buy a BD this weekend and use it as my primary with the 2500 as a back up...
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    Intel Leaks i7-2700k

    Just a small uptick... The 2500K and the 2600k perform very close. This way the price differential looks better anyways. Regardless I guess I will have to wait until they release a 4.1GHz processor before I upgrade that's what my 2500k is set at without even trying. All marketing...
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    September 22nd?

    9am LOL!!! I generally working by 5 or 6
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    Warmish: Double/triple your ram on X58

    acually thats pretty cold or at most a meeh... DDR3 deals are crazy I've seen that price on quad channel kits with MIR's As well as the same price on 1600's.. Keep looking and posting we appreciate it.
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    Intel Core i7-3960X (SB-E) And X79 Preview with benchmarks

    Let down how??? Remember the x79 was probably run with low memory timings... and x79 can overclock. I waited enough for the bulldozer with bullshat benchmarks, delays, etc. With the x79 so close I'll probably wait a little more and see what the x79 has to offer in the real world. Looks good...
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    Test Program for Video Cards

    Furmark it is... I checked it out looks pretty intensive. Crazy 60's graphics might be tought to spot artifcats... but in anycase I'll go with it and atitool. Thanks guys.