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    Ryzen Motherboard that supports DDR4 ECC

    Hi Pioruns, I love you. This'll work dandy for my replacement server, and now I don't have to slog through a couple of dozen message boards.
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    How do you cool your 3900x?

    I'm using a Dark Rock Pro 4, with Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste - usually hovers around 36c. Hell of an upgrade from the 4690k, even without swapping the video card (had to run out of money some time... next cycle)
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    -1 star rating for vendor (if I could)

    I'll second the plea of 'please don't do this, just state who they are.'
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    AMD Previews 7nm Ryzen CPUs at CES

    Compelling argument... I hope this turns out as good as it looks, autumn is right around the time I was hoping to do a hardware refresh, and it's been far too long since I've built myself an AMD system.
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    Fallout 76

    For myself, I tried. I was on the fence, and a friend had already pre-purchased, so I had the opportunity to give the game a try before buying my own copy - I'm really glad I did, because I didn't waste the money. My biggest issues: * The world is completely dead. Even in the later Fallout...
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    Fallout 76 Has Built in Speed Hacks Because the Physics Engine Is Tied to Its Framerate

    Haha, some old games, etc. were tied to the frequency of the processor. It worked, except a faster system would speed up the game dramatically (of course, this was when single digit Mhz was common in a CPU). The turbo button on old PCs slowed things down for you (or sped them up, depending on...
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    Rebuilt my 'client' HTPC

    I've used OpenELEC on Raspberry Pi boxes before, but I wanted something that could handle all formats. Plus, I do enjoy using the system with other, more 'PC' features (web browsing, etc.). Plus, I'm just more comfortable in Fedora. :) Yeah, it was more a 'let's see if this actually works'...
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    Hand-held keyboard/touchpad recommendations

    I've used this one for a few years, works great:
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    Rebuilt my 'client' HTPC

    Figured others may have similar circumstances, this may help those that want to know before they spend. My previous box was a full desktop (an old Antec nsk2480, i5 2400, 1050ti, 8GB, 6TB drive space with a 250GB SSD boot drive), that had been updated periodically. Initially it was both...
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    For Canadians: $188 CAD Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB / $199 CAD for M.2 860 EVO (13 hours left)

    Thanks! I may have to pick one of these up for my son's system
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    RTX 2070 vs RTX 2080 vs GTX 1080 Ti vs GTX 1070 @ [H]

    Not a really good analogy; the hardware is great, the price is just stupid. If that had been AMDs problem (if only it had), things would probably be quite different in the CPU space right now.
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    The NCIX Data Breach

    Passwords, probably not so much, this piece though: Yeah, shitty.
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    HDD burned

    Reminds me of plugging in AT power supply cables backwards.
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    New house, wired cat6, new issues.

    Sure did, it was one of the last things I tried. I had nothing else really going on this coming weekend anyway, doing the router could be fun.
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    New house, wired cat6, new issues.

    The Archer gets the external IP via the WAN port. I suppose I could just spin up another VM on my NAS box to act as my 'router', but then there's wireless (plus, delving into setting up a router-like distro from scratch wasn't high on my priority list, since the Archer worked just fine with the...
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    New house, wired cat6, new issues.

    Hey guys, I'm somewhat stuck, and looking for a second opinion. I just took possession of my new house last Friday. When I called to move my internet (or cancel it and go with the local competitor), Bell offered to bump my speed from 50 / 5 mbps to 100 / 15, for the same price, with 50% off...
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    I doubt we're all that different, we're both here! That said, any information I stumble across, will likely be here.
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    Hear about numbers? Sure, I suppose. Go looking around for reviews? I guess we're just very different people. I'm not buying before Christmas even if I don't skip this generation, and I'm not desperate for news on something I'm not seriously considering buying. Don't get me wrong, I used...
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    Yeah, this is the only tech site I really visit anymore, and the only reviews I typically go by. I don't need day one coverage, just information I can trust. Lots of us like that here.
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    Voted no, based on your lawyer's response.
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    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    My biggest issue is my tendancy to right-click to exit menus - I play on survival, and I have killed myself exiting from the refiner with a right-click plasma grenade approximately 1,700 times.
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    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    Haven't played since a month after release. Just started new as well with a buddy, looks decent so far, but wow! The repair cost on the wrecked ships. That's gonna take some time...
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    What game(s) will never die?

    Pacman (y)
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    Star Citizen Backers No Longer Able to Get Refunds

    I may "think of the children" and buy in. My daughter was 1 when development started, perhaps it'll be out before she's drinking age, and I can hook her on a game instead of horny teenage boys! Oh, it's not as inflammatory as it looks. Drinking age in Canada is 18. Okay, it's still slight...
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    Star Citizen Backers No Longer Able to Get Refunds

    I was only saying 'fair enough' to Bethesda rushing buggy code out the door ;) That said, at least they deliver.
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    Star Citizen Backers No Longer Able to Get Refunds

    We are a giant, glorious community of douchbags, we all just have different 'triggers'. I mean, go look at the Intel / AMD threads... :LOL:
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    Star Citizen Backers No Longer Able to Get Refunds

    Fair enough, I was just outlining a recent (in my memory) company that delivers games. Buggy games, to be sure. Here's a different one: Bioware and Neverwinter Nights. I remember waiting for that for quite a while... and it was delivered. It was amazing (at the time).
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    Star Citizen Backers No Longer Able to Get Refunds

    Wow, that's bitter. We all follow games waiting for release, sometimes for years. Hell, Fallout and Elder Scrolls are good examples of games that take a while. The difference between those and Star Citizen, is that for all their flaws, Bethesda delivers. Chris Roberts... is just not good at...
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    UEFI BIOS Updates For Spectre

    I'll be interested to see which companies update their Z97 boards. I know Asus will not, so my Maximus VII Hero will remain vulnerable. That said, for my next system I'll purchase a motherboard from a company that *does* update.
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    AMD Responds To CTS Labs Vulnerability Claims

    I'll take your word for it on what the qualification for 'shit post' was, since they're gone. I would have assumed they would be the 'OMG, SO BAD!!!1! INTEL FOREVER' posts, personally. EDIT: Allow me to say: I'm not specifically an AMD fan, or an Intel fan. I'm too old for that shit. I...
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    AMD Responds To CTS Labs Vulnerability Claims

    Yes, all 'flaws' confirmed. I just read some more breaking news on an AMD flaw: it appears if you take a bucket of water, and throw it on a powered up system running an AMD processor, you can make it unbootable. This flaw hasn't been confirmed on Intel hardware yet, due to lack of testing...
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    Denon Firmware Issues?

    I'll see if that's an option when I get home tonight, but otherwise... yeah, makes sense I wouldn't have seen an issue then. Hopefully they fix it!
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    Denon Firmware Issues?

    As an update, I haven't noticed any issues yet. I updated the firmware to be sure we were on the same playing field (hey, I could always do a return / exchange...). I have a PS4 instead of the X Box, but that shouldn't make any difference.
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    Denon Firmware Issues?

    I just picked up an S730H yesterday, actually... haven't hooked it up yet, but I'll check it out this evening.
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    Bride Ordered to Pay Photographer $89k for Posting Nasty Reviews

    Well, not exactly... this wasn't a negative review, the customer went out of her way to scour the internet for places to complain about and attack the company. In multiple languages. Never mind that the things that were posted ranged quite far into tin foil hat territory. I don't care what...
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    If you were getting a new PC today would you pick SSD or Optane?

    Okay, I honestly find that interesting, and I've seen decent articles from there before... but I'd be interested in a few comparative pieces, including load and access times in games like FO4, BF4, etc., if there are any differences between hard drive sizes / programs being cached (he used a 1tb...
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    HOT - Dell S2825cdn Multifunction Color Laser Printer $150 shipped!

    Great deal, too bad they won't ship up to Canada; it's a great printer.
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    Intel Bug - Did this actually tip the balance for any AMD CPUs?

    ...some people around here would argue the sun revolved around the Earth, if it would make Intel look better.
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    GIGABYTE AORUS GTX 1080 Ti Waterforce Xtreme Edition @ [H]

    3 months? Doing a quick look up at the 'how much will you make?' pages, I read it as closer to 10 months (there's no stock anywhere selling as "low" as MRSP). What are you mining? EDIT: Edited for clarity