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    Which CPU for passively cooled computer?

    Less than a watt CPU draw when idle? Wow. Just wow.
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    Which CPU for passively cooled computer? That will certainly help. It's almost silent when idle (SPCR has a sound floor of 10 dBA) and extremely quiet under load: 11 dBA idle, 12.5 dBA Prime95 + Furmark. Thus passive is overrated; with a well designed case, with good fans and...
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    Do I need to reinstall Windows?

    YOU DO NOT NEED TO REINSTALL. MODERN OPERATING SYSTEMS WILL NOTICE THE CHANGE IN CORE HARDWARE DEVICES AND REINSTALL ALL THE DRIVERS. I am speaking from experience. I have swapped motherboards several times on the same OS installation (Windows and Linux); there is no need to reinstall the OS...
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    Does Socket 2011 have Dual Channel Mode?

    Yes, cause the so-called "kits" are extremely different from just buying standalone two, four or eight identical DIMMs. There is no cost; the kits are just pairs of DIMMs, nothing special except for marketing.
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    Do I need to reinstall Windows?

    You don't need to. Just swap them, boot, Windows will reinstall all the basic drivers for everything. Reboot and install updated drivers for the components.
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    Which CPU for passively cooled computer?

    G620T, i3 2100T and i5 2390T are all 35W dual cores; the OEM i5 also has Turbo Boost. i5 2500T is a 45W quad core. Alternatively, get the Supermicro X9SCV-Q and stick a mobile CPU in it.
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    Using OWC Mac Pro RAM in SR-2 or SuperMicro dual xeon Motherboard?

    That's because SR-2 is a junk motherboard.
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    ECC Memory - no Xeon

    So there's no other restriction than the BIOS supporting ECC (thus all server boards on LGA 1155/6)? AWESOME!
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    SLow CPU speeds when browsing.

    Speeds look typical for an HDD (or rather two old ones).
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    Dual PSU and 1 switch

    Bridge the green wire from the main PSU to the slave one (that's not connected to the motherboard). That way when the motherboard turns off it pulls the green wire low and both PSUs will turn on.
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    If you were going to buy the BEST 1000W+ PSU it would be...

    Excellent, you will not be disappointed. You'll be able to keep that PSU for at least ten years.
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    i7 2600K Many CPU temp sensors- Which One?

    That's not the true. The OS can stick threads on any cores it wants; I can even manually set that, with Task Manager or similar tools; the option is called process affinity, by default it's set to all cores so the OS is free to move the application's threads as it sees fit - you should not...
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    1333MHz CPU with 1066MHz RAM?

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    If you were going to buy the BEST 1000W+ PSU it would be...

    JonnyGuru measured almost 0% voltage regulation, which is absolutely fantastic; it does not get any better than almost no fluctuation in voltage at all. Seasonic Platinum 1000W wins hands-down.
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    supertalent ddr3-2000 cl8 compatible with asrock z68 mb

    Probably not. Intel desktop CPUs support a maximum of 1333 MT/s CL9. Anything faster is unsupported and COMPLETELY useless - it provides zero measurable benefit in any real world desktop workload.
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    single GTX 590 and Surround

    Why get a super high end board with tons of features you do not need? Z68A-GD80 is not cheap at all, it's quite high end. You don't need GA Sniper with its crap for a good computer.
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    AW2310 vs. ? - Explorer.exe 120hz or IPS?

    Use IPS for everything. 120Hz is overrated as well; unless it's IPS, stay away, as TN is horrible. Why are desktop monitors so goddamn shitty? My phone has much higher DPI, an IPS panel, a hell lot more brightness, than 99% of available desktop monitors >.>
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    Intel cache drive with encryption?

    Modern CPUs have AES instructions and can process encryption VERY FAST, much much faster than any SSD can write. Per thread.
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    is every intel processor from now on going to include intergrated graphics?

    IT IS a server processor. There are purely server boards with the platform. It's the low-end server/worstation part, not limited to just one or another. SB-E is the mainstream part.
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    Sandy Bridge bug confusion, misc info

    Or maybe people should stop using videos with framerates based on retarded NTSC framerates, which were based on AC frequency. What's wrong with making videos 25 or even 30 FPS? >.>
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    Which 1350Watt PSU to choose??

    Yes, a CPU can't possibly draw five hundred watts. You'd burn the socket.
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    Safe to power 10 fans over one 18 gauge wire?

    I highly doubt he has a 25 foot run inside his PC though.
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    Safe to power 10 fans over one 18 gauge wire?

    Fairly high? GTs only top one amp for the 5400 RPM. As the OP said, all his fans don't even reach one amp. OP, you are fine with sticking many many Gentle Typhoons on a single pair of 18 gauge wires - those fans barely draw any power at all.
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    Sandy E benches - disappointing?

    Except it won't be SLOWER than the old product, while having higher clocks. Oh, and more power usage, too, thanks.
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    is every intel processor from now on going to include intergrated graphics?

    Actually Xeon E3 does have a GPU: the processors with part numbers ending in 0 have it disabled, while those ending in 5 have P3000 (HD 3000), for example E3-1230 and E3-1235 (great cheaper alternative to i7 2600 by the way) have the IGP but only E3-1235 has it enabled (thus the 80W vs 95W TDP...
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    Need Rock Solid Micro ATX MB under 100$

    Intel DH67GD.
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    Sandy Bridge E has 8 physical cores?

    Too bad they'll be under 80W only with four cores.
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    Some Upgrading Advice

    I'd rather have DOUBLE the amount of memory AND use it as a cache. Any DDR3 system memory with timings different from 9-9-9-24 and speed higher than 1600 MT/s, requiring more than 1.5V can go fuck itself, to put it politely.
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    Sandy E benches - disappointing?

    No it wasn't. This is all about Xeon, just like 1366 was. i7 on these sockets is an abomination. The real target market will run one, two or four of these bad boys in a single computer in order to make money - loads of money - from computations (from scientific research to web hosting), not one...
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    Sandy Bridge E has 8 physical cores?

    Indeed, which is why they sell a $20 flower-heatsink 92mm cooler or the $whatever liquid cooling kit.
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    Sandy Bridge E has 8 physical cores?

    No you don't unless you go dual/quad socket, and even those are more reasonable with models from $500 (but low clocks) to $1500 (high clocks). What everyone on 2011 should get is the single-socket workstation Xeons, as those have always been VERY SIMILAR in price to i7 yet they offered more...
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    P8B WS and Overclocking?

    If you get that board... seriously, stick a Xeon E3-1235 in it. If it has those settings then it can overclock. The chipset (really, southbridge) has NO SAY at all in the operation of the board. It's all about what the board firmware exposes.
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    X79 Motherboards and ECC Support

    Intel has required Xeon processors for ECC support for a long time now. YOU CANNOT USE I7 WITH ECC MEMORY; IT WILL WORK, BUT YOU WON'T HAVE THE ECC FEATURE.
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    i7 worth extra cost over i5 for new work computer?

    Only when you run several VMs.
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    So let's move on and talk about Bulldozer Opterons

    Actually Westmere-EX is a hell lot faster than Magny-Course and Bulldozer, in part due to real quad channel memory controllers, instead of two dual channel controllers linked with HyperTransport. 1366 gave Magny Course a hell of a beating; 2011 is going to kick the crap out of Bulldozer.
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    Dual Channel vs Quad in SB

    Proof? One, two, three or four DIMMs, same overclock, same performance. It's been shown way too many times already by AnandTech, TechReport, and so on.
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    ASUS Xonar DG over ALC 1200

    Then DG will sound better.
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    Sandy E benches - disappointing?

    The board has a 30W or so IOH chip. That adds a hell lot of power full-time, even when idle. Furthermore you have four more DIMMs, another memory controller and two extra cores. The power usage is entirely reasonable compared to 1155 - it's like 1366 vs 1156. SLI will benefit exactly zero...
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    ASUS Xonar DG over ALC 1200

    Do you have good $100 or more headphones (Sennheiser preferably)? Then yes. If they are cheap $30, no.
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    n-key rollover and interrupt-based operation, assuming the board has a SuperIO chip, which it likely does. Most other boards implement PS/2 with a cheap PS/2 to USB chip, which doesn't give you any benefit over using USB directly.