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    Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows: Lifetime License $49.99

    I tried this earlier today with poor results. The purchase appeared to go thru, but after almost an hour the site still showed no key and asked me to check back later. I contacted support, who responded promptly. The email stated that they had flagged the purchase for manual fraud review. And...
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    Networking with Ubiquiti

    I've done 5-10 Unifi networks (some with UDM, some wireless-only) and have mixed feelings. It works really, really well most of the time. Not the cheapest, not the fastest, but Unifi can be highly reliable with very solid performance. Software QA remains a concern, with previously fixed bugs...
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    Are there ANY high-quality non-RAID SATA controllers out there?

    Check out the 9212-4i4e. SAS2008 with 4x internal SATA & an external, 4-drive, SAS connector. About $30 on Ebay.
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    Is this possible?

    AudioScienceReview's two reviews of Anthem AVRs confirm this. They also show that the DACs are the best part of the Anthems. IOW, an external DAC probably will be bottlenecked by your Anthem's amps.
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    Looking to rebuild audio system, seeking advice

    Seems that the center channel's going to sit inside a box and also block most of the front opening. This will create another resonant chamber, and affect bass loading. Especially if the speaker has ports other than on the front. How many center channels are designed with this placement in...
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    Looking to rebuild audio system, seeking advice

    You probably want to plug any ports when the speaker lives inside another cabinet.
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    choosing SSD with long lifespan

    So $200ish, average 1TB/day, capacity no issue. At 140GB/hour, speed needs to beat 40MBps, so any reasonable SSD's fine there. See Intel S3710s on Ebay. Even if 50% used (unlikely!), they have tons of writes left. The $100ish 400GB model is rated for 8PB written, so ~23 years at 1TB/day...
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Consider the $110 ER-10X. I like my ER-X a lot, but the 256MB storage is a bit tight.
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    Generate Fan RPM Signal W/O Fan

    Looks like you converted hours to seconds.
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    2-channel power amp recommendations?

    Audiophonics has affordable Ncore MP options. Because the MP is a fully integrated board, performance should match the Hypex datasheet. Shipping cost may be an issue for US buyers.
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    Any other Ubiquiti Unifi fanboys here?

    I set up a wireless bridge with Loco M5s (IIRC) on a UPS at least 4 years ago. The users don't contact me about updates very often, so I've seen over 400 days of uptime.
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    Crap Wifi, tons of APs

    Will the clients be able to reply? Always worth a try. Your WAPs should overpower outside interference until your clients get pretty far away. Put any devices that will connect reliably onto 5Ghz. Because wifi timeshares, congestion is a slippery slope. One slow device hurts every other...
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    Questions on how to do Smart Backups in Windows

    1. Both. Use a syncing tool (preferably with versioning) to mirror your folders to another device with a normal filesystem. (You don't want to fuss with a proprietary file format when you need to get back online. Just hook up to another PC & read your data.) These backups will run quickly...
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    Samsung MLC 850 PRO about to die?

    Isn't the Pro warranty 10 years?
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    Best way to share a network drive in windows over the internet and how to do it?

    Set up a VPN server such as Wireguard or OpenVPN, then connect thru it.
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    Equalizer for Windows 10

    Equalizer APO
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    Router advice on 10G LAN + fiber Internet w/ static IP

    No. More details, please. I'm not analyzing traffic, but mine seems happy enough.
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    Looking for a solid ethernet network card

    On Fios Gb, I've found Steam to vary a bit. It's always over 300Mbps, but good days give 700+. The WAN is big & has a lot of variables...
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    NAS Noob Question: Synology DS218j add new storage pool

    The problem with this sort of thing is that shortcuts usually end up taking longer down the road.
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    New Router?

    Remember that this is not all-in-one hardware. Want better wifi? Keep the router & add or replace a WAP. Thinking longer term, I'd look at the new 10X over the ER-X models. The ER-X has only 256MB of storage, which already gets a bit tight with firmware updates. Needing to purge the backup...
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    Win 10 Packet Loss Over WIFI - fixed

    If that's their reply, ping your router's IP instead.
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    Apple Safari saved password somehow CANNOT get into Chrome

    Sounds like Gmail has a cookie in Safari & is not using the obsolete password.
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    Soundbar alternative: Fluance Ai60

    Audioholics & Soundstage both reviewed the XL7F a while ago. IIRC, Audioholics got okay measurements, recognizing that a pair of 4-driver towers sells for $500. OTOH, Soundstage's NRC results were exceptionally awful. Quality-control issue? Regardless, I hope they can do better with an...
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    Need a New Router and AP

    This, this, this! I really like UBNT, but you'd be crazy to try their software immediately after release. "Stable" EdgeOS v2+ was bricking the ER-X series for a while until it was pulled a few weeks ago. Not only did QA miss this, they took some time to respond to forum posts before removing...
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    Assembling a high capacity NAS

    Actually, this thread is exactly Murphy's Law, just not in the terms you currently understand it. Most people seem to believe that ML is a cute name for a fancy form of "shit happens." But Murphy was a real guy who learned expensive lessons in USAF research. Rather than "shit happens," ML...
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    Assembling a high capacity NAS

    Yet you don't want to pay for redundancy. Yet you don't like the nearly unanimous advice that experienced users offer, because it increases the cost of your project. And that's far too late to start making your backups. Storing 30TB still isn't dirt cheap, and you admittedly don't have the...
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    Looking to rebuild audio system, seeking advice

    The 5" UniQ seems to measure better than the bigger versions. Stereophile's measurements of the R700 & Q900 show this, though there's also the R versus Q series issue. Regardless, note that KEF used the 5" in the Blade2. Pretty safe bet that decision was made purely on performance. If you're...
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    Anyone knows about SW solution to encrypted multi HDD storage with deduplication?

    postcd, how much duplication do you have in your current 7TB? If you don't actually know, run a scan overnight to help make an informed decision.
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    Sound BlasterX G6 Reviewed

    This appears to be a serious comment, but I can't find anything to support it.
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    Sound BlasterX G6 Reviewed

    If you want high-quality stereo, too, use Voicemeeter to combine them by sending LR to the good DAC & surround to mobo.
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    Seasonic FOCUS PLUS Gold 650W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    12 * 45 = 540 12 * 54 = 648 Typo likely.
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    Why isn't having many small hard drives for backup more popular?

    You can use Disk Management to offline the drive, but physically disconnecting power (e.g., via USB dock) would be better.
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    GOG in Financial Trouble as Layoffs Hit the PC Games Digital Storefront

    12% * $50 = $6. $6 / 30% = $20. Is GoG "making huge money" on their <$10 titles?
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    Does having a large hosts file affect network or hardware performance in any way?

    Well, Pi-hole uses almost nothing with large lists, so...
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    Recommendation for cheap earbuds or IEM's?

    See Wirecutter for the broadest comparison. FWIW, I bought a few sets of the Panasonics when they were the top pick and consider them amazing for $12ish.
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    Multi network setup help

    Make sure the channels don't overlap.
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    New high-end desktop mini monitor (KEF LS-X)

    Coaxial is a plus for close-distance use, and KEF's coax drivers are very, very good. ELAC's UB5 models might be competitive, but they're passive and probably too big for you. Genelec's coaxials are too $$$. My first thought was the new Kali monitors, but they're about the same size as the...
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    Lukewarm: Steam Winter Sale [H]as started

    That would be a dick move. Talos purchased. Thanks!
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    Lukewarm: Steam Winter Sale [H]as started

    Please suggest a couple titles.