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    Thoughts On This 12U Rack and Parts?

    Thanks for the advise y'all, especially on the hole pattern so I've ditched the the original 12U on Amazon. I searched around CL, but most were 42U and nothing smaller than ~20U's for miles around. Fortunately, Monoprice is in my backyard so I'm going with their 12U rack and included 2U tray for...
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    Thoughts On This 12U Rack and Parts?

    My network gear in a closet, in the back under a table on the floor, and I'm about to remodel the closet so I'm going to get this off the floor and into a small rack. The current setup is: ~20 ethernet cables throughout the house terminated into a patch panel 18 port switch and 3 PoE injectors...
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    $1,500 Budget Black Friday Full Build - 7 Year Upgrade

    X570 mATX is overkill but not needing a BIOS update and the price being $170, which is only a bit more than a very nice B450 or X470, seems like a good deal, and I'm set on the 3700X. For the RAM, I am overclocking hence the push for CL14. Just placed my order for everything except for the...
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    $1,500 Budget Black Friday Full Build - 7 Year Upgrade

    I'm still rocking my 7 year old i5-3570K and AMD 7970, and while I game considerably less, I'm beginning to really struggle on the rare occasion I do. The only consideration I have is the case cannot be larger then 20" (H) x 9" (W) x 17" (D), and must have top mounted ports as the case will go...
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    Location of your home server?

    LackRack ->
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    Location of your home server?

    No basement so I've got my server equipment in my walk in closet using the IKEA rack. NAS/media server, 1U 24 port POE switch (crazy loud with 6 fans running all the time), 1U patch panel, and a pair of UPS's. I personally would not as it would be a considerably amount of work for a tiny...
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    it is official iphone 6 plus is too big for my wife

    My wife went from a Note 2 to a 6 Plus and she's happy. A lot thinner, lighter, and since we've used iPhone's since the 3, she got all the apps from before which she didn't have/want/buy from the Android market. Oddly enough, no Amazon Prime Instant Video for Android but there is for iOS which...
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    Mounting a 255 Pound Display on an Angled Wall

    Yes. While there probably is a mount beefy enough to do this, it doesn't serve a purpose unless you will be swinging this 250 pound screen around. Build a support that closes the 15 degree gap, and bolt this directly into as many studs as possible. Better safe then sorry.
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    New iPhone(s) on September 9th

    As someone that always bought a 16gb since I didn't use much drive space, the $100 difference from 16gb to 64gb is a great value upgrade compared to the prior $100 to 32gb and $200 for 64gb.
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    RIP Logitech G7, Time For New Mouse

    My Logitech G7 is on it's last legs, and is finally giving out after nearly a decade of use. I've been looking at mice for the last 3-4 days, I'm having a hard time matching something similar, and most B&M stores around me don't have a good display selection of mice. So far, in terms of feel and...
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    I need a new router and ap

    Not sure where you got the unreliable/dishonest/angry part of your post came from as you made a statement and I asked a question. Following up with what you said though and bringing it into the OP's question, for less then $100, what would you recommend for an AP?
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    [project] What would a kicka** home network look like?

    Security is important but almost any reputable piece of hardware you buy these days will cover the vast majority of consumers. If your primary focus in on the consumer side (e.g., streaming movies and music, wifi to devices), you will be fine with a router. OpenWRT unlocks more options in a...
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    I need a new router and ap

    Oops, never use my laptop and it was automatically connected to my old E3000. I'll reupdate this in a bit. iPhone via speedtest shows 9.58 mbps though vs. 30mbps on my gaming PC.
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    I need a new router and ap

    I'm getting ~7.5mb/s using Teracopy. Humor me and tell me how many units you've tested as I'd be interested to know that too?
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    I need a new router and ap

    I gotta ask, how much is "much testing?" Never used the ASUS but I've got much better speeds running Unifi on my network then other AP's. I should note that the ASUS linked is also a router, while the Unifi is just an AP unit. The OP is looking for both so my suggestion would be to get both...
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    I need a new router and ap

    Using the UniFi AP-LR myself, great product at $90, 2.4 ghz works perfectly fine, and PoE (injector included) means no additional power adapter/cable. The software is user friendly too, and has a lot more options then most standard routers such as issuing multiple networks, throttling specific...
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    [project] What would a kicka** home network look like?

    It looks like your first hurdle is how you want to integrate the Uverse gateway/modem into your existing network? I used Uverse years ago when it was first rolled out and the equipment I was provided, the "gateway" was a combination modem, router, wifi, and switch; this was not your DICOS cable...
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    [project] What would a kicka** home network look like?

    No dual boot, just need to minimize/close WMC to access XBMC which is just a shortcut on the desktop. A more full explanation is that the HTPC itself automatically starts into WMC since we primarily watch TV with it, and it has the MediaBrowers plugin which allows us to watch our BluRay movies...
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    [project] What would a kicka** home network look like?

    I'll throw in my network which I chosen to be a bit more simplistic but still offer me a lot of versatility. NAS - Windows 7 running FlexRAID with single PPU (aka RAID 4 / parity) - FD micro ATX case with i3 ITX motherboard - 3x 4TB + 2x 2TB = 12TB usable space + SSD OS + 1TB non-RAID - Runs...
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    Wireless bridge with POE?

    PoE and a wireless bridge are two completely separate matters. PoE means it gets power through an ethernet cable via a router or switch that supports PoE. A wireless bridge is just connecting two routers wirelessly (instead of wired). The "simpliest" way to do this is to find a wireless router...
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    Dyn to Shut Down No-Cost Dynamic DNS Next Month

    Been using them for a number of years and $62 for 5 years, I don't mind paying for this service.
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    Offered a free Mac Pro: is it worth it?

    What. Do you want a free Mac Pro or not?
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    Powerline ethernet

    If you buy multiple powerline adapters, they will work on the same "network" if you sync them all; I have 3 adapters, 1 being the uplink and 2 being the downlink. I got roughly 12-15 meg/sec from one end of the house to the other, and it was enough to consistently (and barely) stream 1080p. The...
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    New home, PoE info

    Cat 6 is $106, Cat 5e is $80; spend the extra $25 and get Cat 6. As for PoE switches, the only one you have to worry about are Ubiquiti gear, but they include an injector if you don't want to buy their proprietary PoE switches. PoE cameras are pretty much all 802.3at compatible so you rarely...
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    Google Buys Nest For $3.2B

    I bought a Nest exactly 1 week ago, and it's a pretty cool device; definately not worth the money if you are wondering though. Now that Google owns it, I'm actually kind of curious how this product will develop, especially what is being tracked... Am I going to get ads for jackets now since I...
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    How to create a Network Closet at home?

    You've listed 4U worth of equipment (7 inches), and unless you plan to install a 4U NAS, you won't be taking up much more. I'd suggest a sideways installation like carlcrack, but skip the rack and install plywood drilled into the studs. Put your network gear onto the plywood, and for aesthetic...
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    Mother In Law Using Computer - Programs Being Installed

    My mother in law comes by and uses my computer to play Facebook games. I'm running Windows 7 and I've noticed that some wierd shit has been running on Task Manager, and programs I don't recognize under the uninstaller. I like my in laws so letting her not use the computer is not an option. In...
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    How to create a Network Closet at home?

    If you are looking to use 4U of space, I'd highly consider the closet which brings me to... Do you plan to work on your network on a daily or weekly basis? If not, and you probably won't, I'm not sure why this is a concern if it is in a closet, especially if it will be silent. My network...
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    How to create a Network Closet at home?

    You can put it in there, but there is just too much stuff, too many potential problems. You glossed over what you are planning, but can you provide some specifics? I ask because I would still consider your original plans, but keep it on a reinforced top shelf of the bedroom closet. Depending on...
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    Intel NUC Kit D54250WYK Review

    Any updates on these with 2.5" drive space? Intel says December, but I don't see any for sale anywhere.
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    Should I join the 802.11ac bandwagon?

    I was on the same boat and decided against AC for now. For me, too many walls, weak N signal due to my homes structures and walls, and powerline adapters are giving me ~15 meg/sec which is enough to stream 1080p. You probably want to consider: 1. Do you get a strong signal with wireless N? If...
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    Explain Bitcoin please

    No currency has ever stood the test of time. The Greenback has been "universal" for how long, 100 years? Less? Every currency will eventually crash or merge into something else so that makes all arguments for any currency legitimacy voice? Bitcoin is a test that may or may not have any...
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    Quiet, lowe power build? I was waiting for the i3 NUC, but no wired networking? Ughh! Edit: Gotta wait for this one I guess, should be released this month...
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    POE based IP security network question

    jbrukardt, thanks for linking from the Hotdeals thread. The Swann cameras seem very interesting, but I am wondering why you choose them?
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    refurb 48 port poe gigabit switches, L3: $197

    Everything running? No problems? POE works? About to get mine tomorrow for the same reasons. Time to stock up on Ubiquiti cameras.
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    refurb 48 port poe gigabit switches, L3: $197

    Just got a tracking number also, and weights 20.8 pounds; expected to arrive this Friday.
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    802.11ac vs. 1Gb Network - Should I Wire or Wireless?

    Thanks for the information ya'll. Any advice or recommendations on where to put drops when you don't really know what the room layout will be? Did any of you read any good articles that gave good insight?
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    802.11ac vs. 1Gb Network - Should I Wire or Wireless?

    That's one of my biggest problems. I just bought the house, my daughter is 2, and another baby is on the way. There is absolutely no way I will know what is going where and for how long. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to do if you position your drops "poorly?" Just close up the...
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    802.11ac vs. 1Gb Network - Should I Wire or Wireless?

    I just purchased a home, and I was certain I was going to network my home for gigabit ethernet when I was looking a month back. While I am still going to do cable drops for PoE cameras around the house, I am unsure whether it is really worth it to do cable drops in rooms. With 802.11ac becoming...