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    The Most Pirated Movies of 2012

    I read all of the comments here before reading the article. After reading all of the "I never even heard of half of these movies?!?!" I figured I'd see some off the walls titles... To my surprise there wasnt a single movie on there that wasnt a big, well advertised, featured movie of 2012 on...
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    GALLERY! Show off your HTPC!

    Tough act to follow with ArtX38 post but here goes. And the 18TB of NAS storage I'll probably put in some killer 7.1 sound system over the summer but for now I'm just cruising along without.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Thanks I'll look into that. Yup the desk is bolted into the wall, came that way with the house. I'll get rid of it eventually and buy all new office furniture at some point but for now I got it modded to the point that it does the purpose needed. And those are all NAS storage up top there...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Theres no behind the desk and given the length of the wires I dont see a much more cleaner solution (open to suggestions). I'm surprised you didnt say anything about the wires behind the monitor stands and UPS'.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    I know I know wah wah crappy cell phone pic. Live with it.
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    Best Wall mounts for LED TV's

    I agree with swivel mounts so you can always make easy adjustments. Just went with two rocketfish mounts this past weekend.
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    Most capable Keyboard/mouse for HTPC use?

    +1 I just bought this back on saturday from walmart. Does the trick perfectly so that I dont have to deal with a mouse. Its small light and has perfect keyboard layout. Oh and its cheap.
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    Halo 4 review

    Roger. I'll just have to keep on knocking this rust off one day at a time until I'm back in shape.
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    Halo 4 review

    Is it just me or is the aiming not as "smooth" as in previous halo's? Maybe its just that I havent hoped on my xbox in such a long time but the aiming seems more "jerky"?
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    M-Rated Star Wars: 1313 First Look

    Color me unimpressed?
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    Old White People Lag In Smartphone Ownership

    Some of you old white guys couldnt be more clueless or out of touch. "ignorance is bliss"
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    The Pirate Bay Warns Users About Copycat Sites

    What he said. You dont have to dl a thing in order to catch a virus. Just go to an infected site and its a wrap. And you can go to a perfectly legit site that you've visited a thousand times. Its that thousand and one time that'll get ya.
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    Tomari Shutdown Leaves Japan without Nuclear Power

    Got to love those knee jerk reactions.
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    Intel Ivy Bridge Processor IPC and Overclocking @ [H]

    And Im still sitting smitten with my 2600k WC'ed at 4.4. Really not sure why everyone was waiting for this, all evidence showed that it wasnt going to be anything special. The summary of saying it was a "push" pretty much summed it up precisely. All its deadon in saying if you dont already...
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    Stupid Criminal of the Day

    ^ agreed Even then it still wouldnt be stupid. He's straight mocking law enforcement.
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    Student Expelled For Swearing On The Internet

    Average citizens in the US? No. Kids in high school? Yes. My evidence? That article and having been to high school I guess arent good enough? I dont suppose you were home schooled or something? Canadian who thinks they're American by proximity?
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    Student Expelled For Swearing On The Internet

    Your opinion. I beg to completely differ on it, but your opinion. I can just as well change that to inmates if I wanted to and I'd still 100% agree with my comment. Your rights as an American go straight out the door for those 4 years of high school.
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    Student Expelled For Swearing On The Internet

    This Expulsion over this? High School. Where illegal immigrants have more rights and freedoms than you.
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    Mass Effect 3 SPOILERS THREAD

    So I just finally finished the game. The ending was a combination of Gurren Lagen and The Matrix. I'm not going to go all emo like half of these forum boards have over it, the game was still enjoyable, but it does make all of your decisions leading up to this point moot and meaningless. At...
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    Mass Effect 3 Discussion Thread

    Agreed. Never missed a beat imo. I'm right at the end of the game just before you start the final mission. so I look forward to seeing if [H] is just being its atypical wah wah crybaby self or if the ending legitimately sucks. After some of the wah wah comment I've read so far...
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    Mass Effect 3 Discussion Thread

    +1 What he said. I dunno how so many of you's can praise DX:HR to the high heavens and then turn around and knock ME3 down. Pot meet kettle please.
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    Mass Effect 3 Leaked Online

    This was question is so idiotic its almost not even worth quoting let alone responding to. Almost.
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    You Sunk My Battleship!

    Transformers 3 Directors Cut.
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    Casio's Insane 3D Printing Tech

    Just looking at the picture on the front page only, this reminds me of a scene from the movie 'Paycheck'.
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    Thinking about grabbing a Dell U2412

    Enough enough its done. Dell will be sending you both a check in the mail later this week. Thanks for the help you two. Probably outta start doing some Christmas shopping for others though now huh... hmmm
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    Thinking about grabbing a Dell U2412

    Opinions are what I'm looking for so yea. I always take opinions with a grain of salt, people are biased by nature, most more so than other. So that angles always got to be taken into consideration. Unfortunately over here in CT the idea of viewing high-end tech parts is a blasphemous idea...
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    Thinking about grabbing a Dell U2412

    Thanks for the replies, I was actually following some of your posts in other threads (your posts tend to stick out lol), you seem to be a fan of the dell. Any buyers remorse or has there been no looking back since purchase? I'm going to go ahead and assume this puppy has no issues with...
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    Thinking about grabbing a Dell U2412

    Its good to hear that its good for gaming as well. Through my "brief" reading of the u2412 over the past few hours I keep on reading comments in regard to bleeding. Is it really that bad or are people over reacting? Am I looking at a negligible difference between the dell and the hp as far as...
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    Thinking about grabbing a Dell U2412

    lol yes the 80pg thread that I'm sure has an answer buried deep deep deep somewhere inside of it. I'm liking the gaming response and I'll take a look at youtube when I get home. Thanks for the responses.
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    Thinking about grabbing a Dell U2412

    Was actually thinking about grabbing a second HP zr24w when I ran across the u2412 and started looking at that. So that really begs me to ask two questions. Whats the cliff nots on the +- on the u2412 and is it a better choice over getting a matching zr24w? I know theres a "useful" 80 page...
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    BF3. 3 days. Still wont launch.

    lol necromancer :p
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    IGN: This is a Bad Time to be an FPS Fan

    I get that I do. But that doesnt have anything to do with IGN contradicting itself. Just because some other writer was like, "MW3 is hot shit yo!" doesnt mean another writer cant be like, "MW3 smells like dirty sweaty ass!" To many people are getting all up in arms over a perfectly legit...
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    IGN: This is a Bad Time to be an FPS Fan

    How hard is it to wrap your tiny lil ego's around the fact that the person who wrote the game review and the person who wrote the article are two different people. So what because everyone works at IGN they ALL have to have the same exact opinion on everything? Is it really to hard to imagine...
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    My Ultimate PC + Controllers Gaming Rig

    I was going to say some harsh things here to knock you down a notch or ten but I'll resign those thoughts to myself. Instead I'm just going to echo the fact that if you want to be taken serious in life, for anything, you need to first take yourself serious. (and thats in reference to the room...
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    Intel Core i7-3960X - Sandy Bridge E Processor Review @ [H]

    Looks like it working as intended. Power consumption was an eye opener but then again so was the video encoding performance.
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    FS 2600K and other parts

    Price updated
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    FS 2600K and other parts

    I have a 750 corsair psu $75 16gigs corsair mem 1600 $60 for all of it SOLD 2 ocz...
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    Who has called in sick just to play video games?

    since as the boss usually knows about the big game drops it makes it rather hard to "become sick" the day after release. But even still I rather be making money than playing a game that is barely populated because the rest of mankind is either working or in school.