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    Emulating sRGB on wide gamut laptop

    Hi everyone, I've been Googling everywhere but I really couldn't find a simple answer as I consistently found posts that specifically deal with hardware emulation in expensive NEC and Eizo monitors. I currently have a Dell XPS 15 9550 (Windows 10 laptop) and it has a wide gamut 4K display...
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    Anyone buy a 970 with blower-style fan (evga or pny)?

    I edited my post to try and clarify my stance but I really doubt upgraded components and more robust power delivery is really important for a card with a blower. Maybe Asus' super alloy chokes might limit possibilities of coil whine but most upgrades seem a bit superfluous for a 145W TDP GPU...
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    Anyone buy a 970 with blower-style fan (evga or pny)?

    Low end in what way? Sure they're probably not packing "military grade" components but they won't be packing absolute rubbish that will explode. Remember that we're talking about Maxwell and not Hawaii. Blowers based on reference designs also have benefit of actually cooling the entire card...
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    Anyone buy a 970 with blower-style fan (evga or pny)?

    Dunno what he's talking about but MSI is actually set to release a set of blower cards. Look for the OCV1 series. From the look of things, they're very similar to the reference GTX 980 heatsink except the shroud is plastic. Either way, those cards should be the blowers to go for.
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    XFX R9 280x, Do VRM temps settle overtime?

    Speaking of VRM cooling, I've got a XFX R9 290 Double Dissipation as a gift. Does anyone know if there are any backplates that can be added that will work with the Double Dissipation heatsink?
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    Benq GW2765HT - Cheap 2560x1440 monitor

    While looking for a new 2560x1440 monitor, I bumped into the Benq GW2765HT which is being sold for $500 in Australia. That's $75 cheaper than the next cheapest 2560x1440 monitor from a brand name. I suspect it's your typical LG based 2560x1440 monitor, with possible risk of cross-hatching...
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    Very Interesting jonnyGURU thread!!

    Power supplies like this Coolermaster are a huge boon for retailers. When I worked for a relatively large computer retailer, I'd often use these Coolermaster PSUs to show consumers that they shouldn't trust packaging and that should listen to our advice. It helps with upselling better PSUs...
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    Modifying the EVGA ACX cooler

    Yes! This is exactly what I'm looking for. I was contemplating drafting a plan to solve this problem tomorrow but it looks like you've basically done the basic groundwork. I've also been through RMA hell and every single damned time has resulted in a fan that has an annoying grinding sound...
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    EIZO CX240 vs CG246, what's the difference?

    I know someone who just bought one for photography. I don't know what blacks you're expecting but at typical brightness levels, its as good as you might expect from an IPS monitor. That being said, it eliminates much of the IPS glow so that may give the impression of better blacks. Its...
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    Seiki 4K Monitor (under $1500) Eyes On!

    I'll wait when a proper source (so not Gizmodo) actually takes a look at this. I have no doubt that its a fine display but its very likely not running at 120hz and Gizmodo is probably blind. There's a 120hz refresh figure in the specsheet for some reason (dishonesty? or TV panel smoothing...
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    Sony unveils pro 4k OLED monitors

    Which isn't surprising, its high end audio hardware. Not defending the three year warranty but just about all high end audio hardware have obscenely long warranties. I don't think I've seen anything visual that offers more than five years, even very expensive "professional" gear.
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    Eizo FlexScan EV2736W

    Why the heck is Eizo stuff so cheap in Sweden and Norway? I have no idea, their stuff is like twice the price in Australia.
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    Asus VG23AH: The 1st Semi-Glossy IPS Panel?

    Ah that makes sense, thanks.
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    Asus VG23AH: The 1st Semi-Glossy IPS Panel?

    Hang on, when people are mentioning the grey horizontal lines and glasses, are they talking about eyeglasses or the 3D glasses? I'm not getting how eyeglasses exacerbate the grey line issue.
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    LG finally launches the first large-screen OLED TV

    How so? When I last checked, the HX series are just as good as other top end LED TV sets and they're actually quite affordable for what they are. Which is basically the problem with all TV manufacturers: there's basically no differentiation between TV sets unless you're especially nitpicky.
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    CROSSOVER 3020MDP Personal Review

    I don't see how some of these claims are actually possible. Not saying that you're lying but a lot of things...don't make a lot of sense to me. You say you've owned a Sony FW900 but then you say the Crossover has better black levels than anything you've ever owned? Not to mention that a 30"...
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    Eizo FS2332 - Part of screen flickering

    Documented problem:
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    Eizo Foris FS2333

    For how much? You can adjust most of the settings through DDC/CI so you don't really need the remote. Still annoying through.
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    Korean 2560x1440 or DELL 24/27inch ?

    These monitors actually do have tangible benefits if you don't game. They all come with height adjustment, they all come with a wide range of inputs, they all have OSDs, the warranty duration and warranty quality of the Dell Ultrasharp is extremely good, and the Dells are easy to return if the...
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    Dell S-Line Screens - S2740L, S2440L, S2340M, S2340L, S2240M

    Yeah completely understandable but to be quite honest, I've under really understood the obsession with thin displays. I understand bezel-less displays, for obvious reasons, but thin displays seem to be nothing more than one of those see what we can do with technology today sort of things.
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    Dell S-Line Screens - S2740L, S2440L, S2340M, S2340L, S2240M

    Oh come on Dell. Where are the VESA holes? Frustrating if you ask me.
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    Antiglare removal and protective sheet

    From work, I've currently taken home a pretty scuffed up U2410 with deep scratches into the antiglare coating. So I'm planning to remove the antiglare coating through the wet towel method because the monitor is fine but the antiglare coating is fubar. From what I understand, this exposes the...
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    Samsung S23A700D 120Hz

    Can you expand on this opinion? Because history would suggest that this is not as true as you believe it to be.
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    Trackpoint question

    In the past, red Thinkpad caps did fit the trackpoints on some HP Elitebooks but had some problems. If I remember correctly, the thinkpad caps were too tall for the ##40w series Elitebooks. To be quite honest, the Lenovo trackpoint is the best trackpoint in every way. The Dell and HP...
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    So... LG Eclipse for Sprint. Top Android? 4-core Krait, Adreno 320... LG vs Samsung.

    I'm not really sure why tech websites are going nuts over it. When I use a smartphone, I use a bunch of apps, talk to people, use the web browser, use the camera, and use whatever navigation system it has. What am I going to do with a quad core? If anything, I'd prefer the dual core...
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    EIZO ColorEdge Series with LED Backlight

    Probably RGB LED considering it covers 97% Adobe RGB.
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    Need help! Lenovo Y580 vs Asus N56vz vs Samsung NP700Z5C: at different price points

    That's not how screens work. The reviewers even give you the panel serial number so you can check yourself. The panels are not only different but probably from completely different manufacturer. Notebook Check has a review of the Samsung 700Z5A (700Z5C has the same HW ID so one can assume...
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    The Official Samsung S2xA850D & S27A850T Thread

    16:10 shouldn't be a problem unless you really hate black bars. It should have 1:1 pixel mapping. There is a 16:9 23" PLS monitor. Its the Eizo Foris FS2332.
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    S27B970 Impressions.

    Yet another useless review. Says absolutely nothing that I couldn't have said and I haven't even seen the monitor before.
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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    That input lag measurement can't be right. That's way too high :|
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    Yamakasi 30" IPS 2560x1600 - Any Experiences is pretty much the only website that has accurate input lag measurements. They are a German website that sometimes translates their articles into English. Put the website language to German and you'll find significantly more reviews. Here is their German review of the Shimian QH300...
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    H-IPS 27" +/- 300€ (LG IPS277L)

    Its LG and IPS. Expect the worst.
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    Panel homogeneity issue on Eizo?!

    Again, this is clearly not Eizo's high end professional monitors. If you bought their ColorEdge or high end FlexScan monitors then you'd have a case but this is clearly a home entertainment monitor that is compatible with their calibrator software. I'm not sure what quality control has to do...
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    Samsung S27B970

    Does it really matter whether or not the factory calibration is good? You're going to want to abuse the hardware calibration feature on this monitor anyway, right? Or am I missing something here?
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    Panel homogeneity issue on Eizo?!

    The FS2332 is an entertainment monitor, that just so happens can be fairly adequate at basic photo editing, so I'm not sure what you're expecting from the monitor. You got this monitor for photo editing, complain about the uniformity, yet you calibrated the monitor with your eye? My FS2332...
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    Asus VG23AH: The 1st Semi-Glossy IPS Panel?

    No it'll be using passive 3D not active 3D. You only need 60hz to do passive 3D.
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    Opinions on Crossfire 27Q Monitor

    He's talking about backlight uniformity. That is the backlighting of the monitor is not even so the image output is not very smooth.
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    At $1,000, you might as well buy a local 30" monitor. At least then you get warranty and can easily return it if you dislike it.
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    Eizo Foris FS2333

    Eizo lists their FS2332 panel as an IPS but its definitely PLS. I own a NEC LCD2690wuxi2 and Eizo FS2332 and have owned a S27A850 so I know the difference between the coatings. At the end of the day, the coating is definitely different from a typical gloss or matte coating. They're doing...
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    Eizo Foris FS2333

    I don't think input lag is going to be the issue here. Even the Eizo SX2762W somehow manages only 8.5ms and that thing has scalers, DUE, and colour drift compensation. The two main questions would be whether or not they improve the response time compensation and whether the touted feature...