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    *PICS* BC2 from 60fps to 120fps with i5-2500k upgrade from Q9650 Benchmark

    I have often wondered if there are major benefits to i3/5/7s integrated pci express controller. We saw big jumps from north bridge IMC to CPU integrated IMC. Perhaps someone has some insight on that.
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    GTX 460 performs worse in BFBC2 than my 4850

    Since you have switched from win xp/4850 to win 7/460, BC2 is likely using directX 11 instead of 9. There is a small fps penalty for that, but in return you are getting more eye-candy. Although 3-5 fps doesn't sound right regardless.
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    good displayport to vga adapter?

    Like FinalAura suggested, the Accel. When I got it from Amazon and looking at the plastic case, I saw an eyefinity validated sticker, which made me very happy to see. It works 100% the way I have used it thus far (right screen at...
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    Replace 8800GT with 5850?

    I had a 8800gt and upgraded to a 5850. The jump in performance was pretty noticeable. I am glad I did it. As for the PSU I am running my system on a Rosewill 500 watt for months now, maybe not the best idea, but it works fine. Antec would probably be even safer. I measured my system at 350...
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    785G or 770?

    I can attest to Trombe's recommendation. I use that Gigabyte bored and it works very well. Unlocked a tri-core to a quad and overclocked by 200MHz. But it maybe more $ than your willing to spend.
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    NVIDIA & Multi-display Gaming Editorial @ [H]

    Not sure if anyone has asked this yet. If one card is running 2 displays and the other card is running 1, wouldn't the card driving one display be capped at the FPS of the card driving two? Seems like if you dish out a lot for SLI for three monitors, one of your cards will be largely...
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    Help me decide C2D 2.9GHz or PIIx3 720

    Thanks for the replies everyone. After weighing your comments I had decided on the Phenom II 720. Along with the Gigabyte GA-MA785G-UD3H (Its a DDR2 board because I wanted to reuse my 1066 OCZ memory) I have to say, I think I made the right choice. The gigabyte motherboard was able to unlock...
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    Help me decide C2D 2.9GHz or PIIx3 720

    I haven't given much thought to the motherboard yet, just mulling over what platform first. I would say that the motherboard I pick, would support the core unlock if I went with AMD. It will probably be two years before I upgrade again. Tough call... I will keep listening to your thoughts for...
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    Help me decide C2D 2.9GHz or PIIx3 720

    I am on a tight budget. I recently bought a radeon 5850 that I want to pair with a new CPU. The options I am considering are: Core2Duo 2.93GHz Wolfdale 3MB L2 Cache $119 or Phenom II x3 2.8GHz Black Edition 6MB L2 Cache $119 (newegg) I do plan to overclock and I am thinking the...
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    Radeon 5850 Availabilty

    Why thanks Staypuft, I just grabbed one myself. It was so painful looking for the 5850 let alone from a good manufacturer like XFX.
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    what proc started it all for you!

    K6-2 450MHz. I remember reading the benchmarks on AMDs site, it was shown to be more powerful and cheaper than intel's parts. I was young what can I say. When everquest wouldnt run well to save itself I made my way to a p3 500.
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    Frame Skips in BF2

    I think I know exactly what your complaining about. If you would try this test. Stand still in the game and move around with your mouse (fairly slowly). Every 3/4 of a second or so It will jump a bunch of frames. Now try walking forward and moving the mouse around, it should be fine. Also...
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    what are good temps for a conroe. I think I may have a problem?

    hey! what do ya know... *pats self on back*
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    what are good temps for a conroe. I think I may have a problem?

    I am having a similar problem. In the meantime I would take it down to stock till you figure out your problem. I took a razor blade to my cpu to check how flat the IHS is. Well I was blown away with how bad it is. Very convex. I am contacting intel, once they see my pics, they will have to...
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    AMP-X memory modules

    I would really like to know the answer to this question too. Im thinking of a c2d upgrade and, I dont know what it is about memory but I have a hard time spending a lot of money on it. So I found this AMPX on newegg: it has...
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    AMD eating ATI up, ditching high-end GPU's?!?

    Sorry brycejones shouldnt have jumped the gun. And yes I agree
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    AMD eating ATI up, ditching high-end GPU's?!?

    if you are talking about my post. That is not research at all. Just some ideas I had. Dont think i claimed it to be 'research' either.
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    AMD eating ATI up, ditching high-end GPU's?!?

    AMD has a lot of options now and it seems there is a good way to screw up a lot of them. If they integrate the best GPU silicon ati has on to the CPU that makes changes to the core more time consuming. AMD's cpu is gonna be like the titanic, big, clumsy and takes forever to change direction...
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    our top got its (deleted) kicked by Intel (FX-60 @ 2.8 vs Conroe @ 2.66)

    It is interesting that a company (amd) is capable of creating a fan base. Sure, I have read that a lot of you don't care and will buy what is fastest, but for others its upsetting. I think amd fans (perhaps me included to some degree) are rapped up in the human condition of rooting for the...