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    Defective Apple Keyboards Draw Another Lawsuit

    I like Louis and subscribe to his channel. However, he does have a serious Apple bias. Just like my Microsoft and Google products, I've had Apple products fail. Also, I've had devices from each company last multiple years without a problem. As he repairs Apple products for a living, he...
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    SSD Life Question.

    I still have OG Intel 40 Gig drives from six years ago that check out to 98% life available. I was building radio automation PC's that use a local SQL database. 40 was big enough and I went for it. Still running flawless in the same Core i5 machines. I have, though converted the two...
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    Stores Use Database To Track And Decline Returns

    I got flagged for returning two laptops. One was defective and the replacement had a loose trackpad (Spectre x360). They warned me not to return anything else. I was an 'Elite' customer too. Haven't shopped at Best Buy since. Screw them and The Retail Equation. I called The Retail Equation...
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    CCleaner Was Compromised for a Month

    I have always viewed that product AS malware. I suppose I am too old school. I've never used it, but it is certainly enlightening to see those numbers.
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    2015 mbp 13" or 2017 mbp 13"

    iRush... If Final Cut is in your future, get a Kaby Lake/2017 version. Intel added H.265 and VP9 natively to the chip. Speeds encodes and makes decodes use a fraction of the CPU. With Final Cut, you will end up saving a good chunk of time. The SSD speed is much faster too, which will also...
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    Apple Removes VPN Apps from China App Store

    Might want to add a 'Fuck Google' to that as well. They are hiring for their reentry to China. Seems as if they care about profits too. Bottom line is that the bulk of Apple's supply chain is in China. They do business there and have to follow their laws. All multi national companies abide...
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    Sony Will Start Pressing Vinyl Records after 28-Year Hiatus

    Mind you that I am a DJ, so I have a bias to that machine. It's torque was revolutionary and cartridge production has never stopped. Many of my mixers still use the vinyl time sync Serato records to interface with their digital libraries for the tactile feel. A modern cartridge in a used 1200...
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    Sony Will Start Pressing Vinyl Records after 28-Year Hiatus

    This is craziness... I have played records, carts, cd's, and of course moved to hard drive/ssd automation in radio. It is amazing what you can sell someone these days. Beyond the crazy price of records, they are playing them on junk 200+ dollar turntables with cheap cartridges sold in these...
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    This Is the New Microsoft Surface Pro

    I have had 4 USB C Thunderbolt ports for about two months now. So far, I have charged and used adapters. I am starting to believe USB C & Thunderbolt won't really be viable in the chain and working properly for at least another year. It seems like every device that comes out has some problem...
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    Denuvo Prevents Benchmarkers from Testing Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    It has been my experience that 'anti tampering' software typically punishes the legitimate users. There will always be a crack. I wish they would just abandon things like this for the sake of true customers. Or take it old school and just send me a USB Dongle so I never have to authenticate...
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    Trouble cloning HDD in an HP x360 to SSD

    Did you try the included Samsung Migration tool? It has worked for me every time.
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    Zen release date announced!

    Kaby (not Katy) lake shows huge improvements on CPU utilization during HD decodes. That could save a serious amount of battery.
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    Should I go with Intel or AMD?

    Intel, without a doubt. They are holding tech back until they get challenged. AMD hasn't stepped up yet. If Kyle is right about the GPU licensing, then Intel will have an even bigger lead.
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    From ATI to AMD back to ATI? A Journey in Futility @ [H]

    The iGPU has gotten progressively better. What will Intel really gain from this, Kyle. I know you see it from the business perspective. How does this really help Intel? They are already dominant on the business side.
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    to all SSD fans

    I jumped into SSD's really early when my radio automation software started using an SQL database about 6 years ago. At that time, their software was coded very inefficiently, so I dove into 'massive' 40 Gigabyte Intel SSD's to hold the OS/SQL/Software. ALL of those drives are still in service...
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    iPhone 7 Units With Intel Modems Perform Worse Than Qualcomm Models

    If you want the Qualcomm, you have to get a model that supports CDMA. Rather simple, actually. Verizon's iPhone's are unlocked and can move carrier to carrier and because of their CDMA bands, you are guaranteed that modem. I also think the unlocked version from the Apple store is Qualcomm...
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    Comcast 1TB Internet Cap Is Becoming A Reality

    It's an increase for me... They've had us on 300GB (Louisiana) for quite a while. I only came close to it one time and they injected ads into my Chrome session and called me repeatedly. I don't like being capped, but I'm happier with this one than the previous one.
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    Don't Like Windows Update in 10?

    I've not had a single workstation boot loop on that update, so I wonder how much is real and how much is someone with a Macbook acting like they use a PC.
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    Number Of Netflix Titles Is Down 50% The Past Four Years

    I agree. Netflix originals is my main reason for being a subscriber now. Initially, it was their movie catalog, but it's their programming that has kept me. It's also nice to actually see clean HD content too. Their compression level is far better quality than most of my satellite channels...
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    HDR Bugs Are Ruining The Movie Experience On Xbox One S

    You are so correct. My brothers expensive TV is on 'Vivid'. I offered to calibrate it, but he likes it 'bright'. He's not alone.
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    HDR Bugs Are Ruining The Movie Experience On Xbox One S

    Netflix will update, Microsoft will patch the Blu Ray app. Considering you are getting the most economical UHD player available, I think everyone can survive this. Oh, the horror... My black bars are a little too bright.
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    VR Devs Pull Support For Oculus Rift Until Palmer Luckey Steps Down

    While I don't agree with Palmer's political stance, it's his right to do whatever he wants to do. The thing I am most getting tired of is how you have to walk some kind of tight rope to do anything anymore. Social media has basically brought back the Salem witch trials, but you can be faceless...
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    Ridiculous All-In-One Gaming PC Built Into 34-inch Curved Monitor

    Interesting idea, but no way I would want my gaming machine to be AiO. Too much heat. Call me old skool, but I just like a nice, clean, custom build with exactly what I want. I can usually do that for half of what companies charge and I tend to trust my work more than someone else.
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    Move Windows 10 System Partition from HDD to SSD

    Thanks ManofGod. That didn't dawn on me. Excellent advice.
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    Move Windows 10 System Partition from HDD to SSD

    Can't clone the whole drive, it is larger than the SSD. If you reread my original post, you will see my intentions. The C partition is only around 100 Gig, but the entire drive is 1 Terabyte. Trying to move system to 250GB SSD.
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    Move Windows 10 System Partition from HDD to SSD

    The partition size of the OS volume is far less than the SSD it is going on. My concern is the system partitions that go along with Windows 10. If I just clone C, the drive will not be bootable. Bird222, I am about to read your link. Thank you both.
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    Move Windows 10 System Partition from HDD to SSD

    I want to move a 50 Gig Windows 10 partition from a 1 TB HDD. The HDD is broken into a C & D partition. What's the easiest way to do this? I know I need the system partitions to make it bootable. I thought about installing Windows 10 to the SSD and then cloning C to C. Does anyone have...
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    easiest tool to upgrade to SSD from HDD

    I use Clonezilla for almost everything. I also use the system image capabilities of Win 7 & 8.1 frequently and have not had much trouble with them either. I agree with everyone else on the utilities that come with some SSD's. The Samsung utility has worked for me every time as well.
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    Samsung Announces 2TB 850 PRO And 850 EVO SSDs

    I think that considering the SATA bandwidth limitations, I'd rather go with two 1TB drives in RAID0. I almost ordered the 2TB, but I think I'll go for the speed. I am also in the camp that hasn't had any troubles with Samsung or Intel drives. I've got 40GB Intel drives in work PC's that...
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    Microsoft's Latest Countdown: Update Windows 8.1 Before Tuesday

    8.1 U1 changed a lot about the OS. It's free and it makes perfect sense to require that update. It probably patches a very critical security flaw that isn't in the wild yet, so it would make sense that they offer no other reason.
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    Symantec Axing 1,700 Jobs

    Symantec needs to do us all a favor and exit the business. I have hated that resource hogging crap for many years. I'm so glad that MS finally started bundling MSE/Defender with Windows with Windows 8. I think MS can push a little bit now, with all the tablet PC's, etc... They stopped...
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    At E3, Sexism Still An Issue

    This kind of shit really pisses me off. There are models used for all kinds of marketing. There was nothing wrong with the 'Booth Babe' concept. Yes, they were there to appeal to MEN... THE TARGET MARKET. People who had a problem with that are some of the most short sighted, stupid, and...
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    ESPN To Kill 3-D Broadcasts By End Of Year

    I'm sorry to tell the poster above me, but the 'cloud' is here to stay. It will only get faster and better as Internet connections improve. I absolutely love having my 30 Gig of Photos of my lovely daughter backed up offsite to Skydrive. It makes me feel better knowing about that offsite...
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    Old School Overclocks

    My last 24/7 overclocked system was a Q6600 that I ran 24/7 at 3 Ghz. It could do more, but it stayed cool at 3 Ghz and ran on stock voltage. I have a 3570K system now, running stock, as it is used for work. Sometimes, I think of pushing it, but I never max it out, as is.
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    Old School Overclocks

    The K6-2. I had fun with that one too. AMD was great back in it's more dominant day, during the original P4 debacle. I don't overclock anymore either, Ryan... But it is fun to think back sometimes. What really brought this thread idea to me was when I was clicking through the 'Ten Years...
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    Old School Overclocks

    Yep, DFI and the old Abit boards were great. I marveled at many DFI BIOS settings.
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    Old School Overclocks

    I thought it might be fun for some of us H veterans to post some memory lane overclocks that you felt were your best or taught you the most. I started overclocking on AMD hardware, but the OC that taught me the most was my Abit IC7 Max and P4 Northwood Overclock. It was the first time that I...
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    SSD for work

    Good choice. I use a 256 GB 830 Pro in my Office PC, with a 2 TB Platter that backs up various network assets every evening. I've never had any trouble. Great drive. I have a number of Samsung and Intel SSD's in service... Knock on wood, but I have never had a failure and the Intel drives...
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    Time for a newer/faster/bigger SSD/HDD. Which ones?

    I have a 512 GB Samsung 830. It has been a wonderful drive.
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    How To Fix Your Mac The Right Way

    Probably transferring files from it to a Windows 8 device...