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    Upgrade dilemma

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. If it helps: 1) 1920x1080 2) WoW, Crysis 2, Battlefield 2, CoD:BO, Portal 2. Will be getting BF3, The Old Republic, Duke Nukem, CoD:MW3, Diablo 3, F.E.A.R.3 3) Here is the exact PSU...
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    Upgrade dilemma

    [H]ello, Looking for some opinions. I've gotten a mixed bag from just searching around. The canned questions don't really apply to my situation. Please move if this is the wrong place. I'm trying to decide if going SLI will improve my gaming or if a sandy bridge build is in order. After...
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    Corrupt Screen - Post / Bios

    Check your video card for any blown or bulging capacitors
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    Not pulling IP Address

    I'd say either the router has malfunctioned (you could try updating firmware and/or clearing settings back to factory defaults) or there is some broken security software running that's blocking DHCP
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    messenger problems....seriously

    If I were to make a list of potential causes for this problem NAT/firewall blocking in the ISP's cable modem would be at the bottom. If you have any security software running try uninstalling it completely. Sometimes a program like Norton will leave behind a networking component that will mess...
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    What could be wrong?

    Did you remember to plug in that extra 4pin power connector next to the CPU? Sounds stupid but that's the first thing that popped in my mind when you were describing the problem.
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    Not Receiving an IP Address

    This is caused by physical hardware problems. Either the cable, NIC, or port on your router are bad/flaky. To test run a continuous ping. start>run>cmd>ping -t it will ping until you stop it with ctrl+c. That will give you a better picture of your packet loss. Start by...
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    Controller issues and Madden '07

    I'm trying to play Madden with a hacked Xbox S controller plugged in via USB. I'm using hte latest driver. Everything works fine until I try to assign an action to the trigger keys (buttons 11 and 12). The game crashes back to desktop. This controller works great for every other game I've tried...
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    Vista Group Poicy? WTF? WHERE!?!?!?

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    Where does Vista store my recorded TV programs?

    Ahh, found it. C:\Users\Public
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    Where does Vista store my recorded TV programs?

    Anyone know? This is pissing me off.
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    Cable modem losing connection

    I don't think it would make a difference. I usually stick with Motorola.
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    Cable modem losing connection

    Your modem is probably crapping out when transmitting. I would contact comcast for a replacement. You will probably have to pay for it.
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    Would a pair of 1720's and a 2950 be enough to get me through the CCNP?
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    Dynamic IP how do I change it?

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    DSL Question

    Shitty DSL is leaps and bounds better than the world's best dial-up. Just do it. :cool:
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    Can it be done?

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    Weird connection issue (Cable modem)

    on-board nics are usually shit and should be disabled in bios in favor of a pci hardware nic. since it's onboard though, the driver will play a huge role in how well it operates. Check your mobo manufacturer's website for updated drivers. don't use the crap that comes in a windows update...
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    Massive packet loss on WiFi with WPA enabled

    Have you tried changing which channel it uses?
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    FS: 15" Adire Brahma w/enclosure

    bump to sell this thing to help pay tuition. Giving [H] first crack at it before ebay. Please give this sub a good home.
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    Software modem or hardware modem?

    A hardware modem with onboard controller and DSP is the way to go. They are usually 50-100 bucks. If you have dial-up it's foolish to NOT invest in a good modem. That would be like trying to drive a Geo Metro through the harshest country terrain with no roads. You'd be better off spending a bit...
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    Basic Networking and DSL connection sharing.

    verify the correct ip adddressing is taking place. i believe with ICS, NIC 2 (or the one that's connected to your network) should default to and start assigning addresses via DHCP.On PC2, when you do start>run>ipconfig /all it should return info. you should be on network
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    Converting my all my servers to linux

    apt-get will change your life
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    Ubuntu Proliant 5500

    don't I need gnome and X to run vmware?
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    Ubuntu Proliant 5500

    Just thought I'd update this. Ubuntu installed without a single hitch. I got smartstart 5.50. Booted into it and selected the system configuration utility. I then modified my Operating System setting to the Unix category and selected Linux. I booted into the dapper drake cd and installed...
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    Ubuntu Proliant 5500

    Cool, I looked before but didn't really find anything defnitive. Not sure if ubuntu is the best but it's what I'm most familiar with. What SHOULD I use?
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    Ubuntu Proliant 5500

    Hello, I'm currently running a proliant 5500 server (quad xeon, 2.6gb of ram, 3 18gb scsi raid 5) and I'm wondering if anyone has successfully installed ubuntu on this hardware. The smartstart cd only supports Redhat 7.0 or SuSE 7.0 or so it says. Will ubuntu even install? I basically...
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    brain fart diagnosing connection issue

    Sounds like it might be a botched SP2 install. I would start troubleshooting this by obtaining the latest drivers for the wifi card from the manufacturer's website. There maybe some incompatibilities with the new way SP2 deals with wireless.
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    RDP n00b

    I prefer setting up multiple port forwards in the router to the dividual boxes. You need static IP's or dhcp reservations for this to work reliably. Ex. 3392 goes to 3393 goes to 3394 goes to Then if I need to remote into workstation
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    Internet Problems Help!!

    most dsl problems are caused by wiring/filter issues. When your DSL stops working does it lose sync? There will usually be a status light on the modem to indicate sync on the phone line side. Try clearing the line of all telephones and phone-like devices. If the modem loses sync try clearing...
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    Internet Problems Help!!

    bypass your router and plug your computer directly into the modem. you didn't give any information about what type of internet access you have. wireless, cable, dsl, etc.
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    Future proof cabling

    Retrofitting a building does indeed suck. My recommendation is to spend more time worrying about the conduit and access panels instead of what cable you use. Cabling and technology is always changing but the conduit doesn't really move that much. I would just use cat6 because it would be...
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    FS: 15" Adire Brahma w/enclosure

    lunchtime bump
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    FS: 15" Adire Brahma w/enclosure

    Paid over $500 for this monster a few years ago. Selling now for $249 plus shipping. Dual 2 ohm voice coils. 2.5 cu.ft. enclosure. Requires only about 1000 watts to reach maximum excursion. Selling because I only have 600 watts to give it and it takes up all the trunk space in my shiny new...
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    stop windows from saving logon info to network resources

    Thank You. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is annoyed by this lol There MUST be a registry key or some group policy setting to change this behavior.
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    stop windows from saving logon info to network resources

    I'm setting up a test samba server in freebsd. The server works fine but say I do this: \\bsdbox\share1 enter username and password test1 testpasswd <ok> yay I see share close window setup a second user in freebsd and add to samba but don't give access to share1 \\bsdbox\share1 I see...