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    Latest Windows 8.1 Update 1 Screenshots

    The longer MS persists in this METRO-ized one-size-fits-all OS approach, the more fun it will become to watch MS circle the drain.
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    HP Brings Back Windows 7 'By Popular Demand'

    a true killer app
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    Java Primary Cause of 91 Percent of Attacks

    JAVA: a solution in search of a problem
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    EU Antitrust Watchdog Wants More Out Of Google

    the EU will be out of biz long before Google
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    Insurance Won't Cover Game Studio Flood Damage

    fact: anywhere & everywhere is a potential flood zone
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    St00pid Criminal of the Day

    already celebrated in song
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    Robotic Muscle 1000x Stronger Than Humans

    beware the exoskeleton enhanced soldier!
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    Silicon Valley As A Separate State?

    shouldn't cost too much to round 'em up & bus 'em 'out-of-state'
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    This Life-Size Lego Car

    but is it a chick magnet? doubtful
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    Report: Bot Traffic Is Over 61% Of All Website Traffic

    what kind of ads get pitched to a bot?
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    NSA: No Better Way To Protect US Than Surveillance

    Ebbers Madoff Corzine protecting whom from what?
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    Gameplay Videos Getting Flagged On YouTube Again

    my nominee for Most Vacuous Newspeak Of The Year Award
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    Windows 8.2 Will Make Start Menu An Option?

    once numbers and the alphabet are memorized, alpha/numeric will always be the most logical method of data organization - ever used an office file cabinet, or a library card catalog?
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    The Mouse Is 45 Years Old

    first saw a pc mouse in action at the residence of a 3M researcher in 1980 - I should have been more impressed
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    Man Buys Picture Of An Xbox One On eBay for $730

    & so many are eager to game w/such twits
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    Apple Spent Over $60M On Lawyers Fighting Samsung

    Apple wrote off Over $60M Spent On Lawyers Fighting Samsung
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    'Techie' Is An Offensive Word Now?

    paraphrasing Pat Paulsen:
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    Russell Brand: Get My New DVD From The Pirate Bay

    STEAL THIS BOOK was just the name of the damned thing
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    Who Will Buy A $500 Steam Machine?

    the "I can count to potato!" crowd
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    Robots Are Taking Over The World...for $6.25 An Hour

    "Sir, what are you doing with that blanket?" :)
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    Anti-Elop Fever within Microsoft is Astonishing

    as long as Gates & Ballmer are still alive &/or still invested in MS, there will be no significant change at MS, just more of the same old same old
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    Google's Privacy Policy Breaks Dutch Laws

    took the words right out of my mouth
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    Google-Backed 23andMe Ordered to Halt DNA Test Service

    Dear FDA, please show the same level of concern re the safety of GMO foodstuffs. Thank you.
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    $3,500 Fine for Writing a Negative Online Review

    we are just a bunch of free range sheep owned by the Corporations - try doing anything significant these days w/o having your hands previously tied by a binding arbitration clause, hell, even something as mundane as getting a job
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    It's Time To Admit That Apple Is Blowing It

    (disclosure: use/own neither mfr's handsets)
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    Video Card Made Out Of LEGOs

    Now w/a compass! For improved multiparty member path finding!
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    Cool Magnetic Video of the Day

    patent pending (awaiting practical applications)
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    Steve Jobs: Android’s Founder Is A Big, Arrogant F***

    have this image of SJ slow dancing w/Charlie Trotter...
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    Microsoft Makes $2B A Year From Android Patents

    somewhere in a parallel universe, Bill Gates is named Midas Faust
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    PS4 Overheating Rumors Persist

    this isn't exactly what we had in mind when saying: but it'll do for starters :)
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    Sony Cuts Profit Outlook By Forty Percent

    root kits die, Sony, die
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    Microsoft Pulls Problematic Windows RT Update

    doesn't have quite the same panache: Romancing The Brick
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    What Comes Next After Windows 8.1?

    subscription cloudy
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    Newspaper Thinks Deus Ex Is Real

    further proof the MSM are a bunch of never-to-be-trusted CT wingnuts & that for real news, one must turn to web forums
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    Intel CEO Takes On Apple's A7

    he forgot the most important comparison factors: the competition is GOOD ENUFF! & COSTS LESS!
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    MPAA Responds To "Piracy Isn't Harmful" Study

    any lawyer incapable of newspeak & doublespeak isn't worth their diploma
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    Are Valve And AMD About To Ruin PC Gaming?

    anyone equating console ports with 'something good for the pc' is beyond brain dead