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    Evil Dead the Game Free On Epic Games

    Decent, yes, but it's on Epic.
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    Newegg RMA Technicians Are Breaking My Returns

    I don't have the twatter but someone should forward this link, privately. Not sure if this place is in the condition to take an assload more traffic at the moment.
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    Samsung tells Apple to hold its beer

    It's like a colored Calvin Klein ad from back then
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    Beware of Exploding Gigabyte PSU's being Dumped by Newegg in Forced Bundles

    Gigabyte has always been shit, and Newegg turned to shit about 15 years ago, so I'm not sure why anyone even bothered in the first place.
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    EVGA is giving 24 hour priority queue access to Elite members

    Only reason I'm Elite is because I reluctantly bought an EVGA 3090 XC3 Hybrid since it was the first, and thus far only, queue card that popped. I don't need a 3090 and I absolutely didn't want to pay that much but I figured it was going to be the only way I could replace my 980ti without...
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    All You Can Eat Core Buffet! Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine 2

    I want to see the finished/packaged version of this.
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    New Egg is a ripoff

    I gave up on those assholes years ago. This wasn't even a new behavior when that thread was created.
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    I microwaved a R9 390X gaming and now my pc won't run after 3rd time

    Just to follow up on these pics since they're nice and small with highlight circles. Your GPU is dead. It will never work because it looks like that section of the PCB had a high current event and likely burnt up some PCB layers and likely shorted together some power and ground planes...
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    I microwaved a R9 390X gaming and now my pc won't run after 3rd time

    I'll help if, and only if, you post high quality pictures of absolutely everything you're using here
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    Where is this urgency for new GPUs coming from?

    Keep in mind these are all my personal opinion and I may be factually incorrect because of personal bias. This is not meant to be a comprehensive and declarative statement on the current video card manufacturer meta. ASUS and EVGA are at the top of the heap, for the most part. I think this...
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    Where is this urgency for new GPUs coming from?

    In my opinion they've always played in the mud with really low effort and cheap hardware designs. Based on the 30 series cards reviews out there they seem to be the worst performers when it comes to power, noise, heat, and clocks for the various brands available in the states. Same with PNY. I...
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    Where is this urgency for new GPUs coming from?

    10 series cards were hard to get and overpriced near the end of their life-cycle due to crypto-mining 20 series cards sucked in my opinion and offered a terrible value proposition compared to the outgoing 10 series cards COVID happened and more people are gaming than ever before, many on old...
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    **It's DEAD, Jim!** Logitech MX518 $19.99 and more on sale at Best Buy

    Thanks for the heads up! I still have my old as a backup mouse but the right click is a bit funky. Glad to have a brand new backup :)
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    You guys SURE you want Evga cards?

    LoL Good stuff!
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    What is Newegg Doing?!?!?!?!

    Odds are Newegg will also charge you for the return, and then deny it because it was opened and not in the retail packaging. LoL
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    They'll have to draw the line somewhere so after about 2 minutes everyone would be waiting again. Then you'll have the customer support issues and drag on your support staff dealing with constant 'where's my card' inqueries. Finally there's probably drawbacks on how that type of revenue is...
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    Same. Not a single one. Compare that to last night and I did get my Best Buy PS5 notification.
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    Total BS I was there, the site never flinched and I never saw them in stock.
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    Did Nvidia's 30x0 launch diminish likelihood you will wait for AMD big Navi?

    This LOL, diminish? No, at this point I'm 100% more interested.
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    I almost pulled the trigger on one of those last night but them I remembered, yeah, fuck Newegg, and decided not to.
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    Had all my things ready to go at 6:57AM, and by 7:06AM the only place that showed any signs of life was Best Buy in the sense that you could add one to your cart for a time but could never complete the transaction. Everything else was a flatline. Supposedly the local Micro Center had about 20...
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    After Ampere Launch Survey

    Ah, gotcha, that is problematic.
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    After Ampere Launch Survey

    I've thought about that and it says each 12V supply does 40A each. The PCIe spec says 150W max per 8-Pin connector, so assuming it can actually deliver 150W on each of the 12V rails, that's less than half below the max for each rail. Obviously I haven't been following power supply design, hence...
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    After Ampere Launch Survey

    Pretty sure I'm going to get an AIO 3080 but I'm also interested to see the 3090 results at 4K. I may pull the trigger on a 3080 FE if I can get one to hold me over and then sell it for an AIO 3080/3090 when they're out. I'm hoping AMD has something to show because nVidia really does have us all...
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    Walmart is selling Gateway PCs and no the year is not 1999

    eMachines gave Gateway cancer :(
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    Are you going for reference Big Navi/RTX 3xxx or waiting for AIB offers?

    Nah, absolutely not, but I'm mostly bored and wanted to yell at cloud.
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    Are you going for reference Big Navi/RTX 3xxx or waiting for AIB offers?

    Maybe I'm old but AIB still means 'add in board' and what we're talking about here are dedicated external GPUs plugging in to PCIe slots, so by default they're AIB's, so why do people keep using this phrase when referring to the differences between AMD/NVIDIA default/reference designs over...
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    Doom Eternal accidentally ships without Denuvo DRM, making pirates’ job easier

    Please please please please please someone do some real benchmarking with the two versions. I want some quality data on this Denuvo performance tax and now is a great opportunity.
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    An Analysis of GDDR6 and HBM2 Technologies

    Heh, it's not even about RDRAM :) But also I would leave the HBM and GDDR tech talk to Samsung or Micron who actually have an influencing stake in the JEDEC committees for these standards.