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    Windows 10 Could Be Best Microsoft OS Ever For PC Gamers

    Xbox mode. All games will have to part of 'Xbox' program to be played. Then they'll charge you $50 to play anything online. What's a DX?
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    Weird 2.4ghz throughput problem

    Ok, I understand. They can deal with each other if they know the other is there, but if the channels are misaligned, it is just seen as disruptive noise.
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    Weird 2.4ghz throughput problem

    Tried a Nexus 7 2013 and a Macbook Air. I could try my phone, but it seems redundant at this point. The router was having serious issues trying to auto pick the channels. Very erratic. Kinda work one minute, not work the next etc. I'm reading up on a reddit post about 40mhz usage and how it...
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    Weird 2.4ghz throughput problem

    A few months ago, the internet slowed down a bit. Last couple of weeks, it has basically stopped working @ 2.4ghz. My SSID used to transit 2.4 and 5 under the same name, but I divided it up to help diagnose the problem. The wifi shows the 2.4ghz SSID is coming in at full strength, but when I...
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    Comcast Is Now Encrypting Basic Cable Data

    That's a whole different issue. Google gets your searches and e-mail now. Do you really want them knowing EVERY SINGLE THING delivered to you from the net? I know I don't. I realize to a degree I have accepted this by having an android phone, but I don't think I could accept Google...
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    Comcast Is Now Encrypting Basic Cable Data

    The funny part is everyone screaming down with cable TV.. They're going to make their money somewhere. If you stop paying for cable and start getting it all as downloadable content....Who provides that to you? Still Comcast. I'd imagine the internet bills will eventually rise to be the same...
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    Tesla Model S: The World's Most Expensive Beta Test

    The original idea was they would be heated. That didn't pan out. Apparently they changed it to beefed up motors to break through the ice? Up to 8mm according to this post. No idea the accuracy of it though...
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    Politician Scuttles His Warrantless E-mail Surveillance Bill

    Has it actually been removed from the vote? Or is he just changing his position for WHEN it is voted on? If hes just changing his position for the vote, he still did what he was supposed to. Got it out there. I really don't know. Everything I have read just says he changed his position, not that...
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    Milky Way Estimate: 50 Billion Exoplanets

    Exactly. That's why i made the comment about aliens would literally have to stumble upon us to visit us. as for the whole Star Trek stuff. I like the series too, but it isn't reality. We can see how we could do most of the things, but not nearly at that scale, on a ship, independently...
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    Milky Way Estimate: 50 Billion Exoplanets

    Not completely, no. The scale is big enough I have trouble with it. Point taken about the vessel. What would you prefer? The space shuttle? A constantly accelerating ion engined spaceship? A trikey? The scale is the problem. Sure, the person travelling might not age, but the galaxy as you know...
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    Milky Way Estimate: 50 Billion Exoplanets

    A lot of people just don't 'get it'. Take the closest star to our system, Alpha Centauri. The chances of having a planet like earth are very very small. Let's just say for argument's sake that there is an earth like planet circling. If we, right now, had a ship that could instantly go to the...
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    Milky Way Estimate: 50 Billion Exoplanets

    And as for the whole aliens visiting us... They would have had to literally stumble upon us or been REAL close for a scenic drive through the neighborhood. Most of the places we are talking about won't even have a chance to know we exist for several thousand years (more like tens of thousands...
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    Milky Way Estimate: 50 Billion Exoplanets

    The issue, as I understand it, isn't whether there are planets out there, or even if there is/was intelligent life... but one of timing. So, if humans have had the means to communicate effectively, in space, for let's say ~60 years (guess). With the distances involved, another intelligent...
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    Water Found on Moon After Lcross Impact

    I understand that. You still have to get the spaceship/materials there or the equipment to make the ships there. Which, is still astronomically ridiculous.
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    Water Found on Moon After Lcross Impact

    Ok, maybe I am dense. I fail to see exactly how this was 'the' hurdle in seriously going to the moon. Yes, water is heavy and getting enough up there would have been a problem, but I think they would have recycled it heavily if we went there for any length of time. The issue still remains, in...
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    Ruiz Resigns as Globalfoundries Chairman

    Why is it that anyone else that stinks at their job gets fired, but these guys get 'graceful exits' setup that they can choose to take or not take. Eitherway they make a ton of cash. Must be nice.
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    Zune HD Grand Tour

    My only comment, having never used a Zune for more than a moment, is why do you have to sideswipe to get to the different features once you're in the 'area'. Ie, music. You have to sideswipe to get to them? Can I click straight onto it? Why do i want to swipe my finger 5 times to get to the...
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    Belkin Busted Paying For Amazon Reviews

    Everything I have ever bought from Belkin was crap. Monitor cables ghosted. USB wifi would ONLY WORK with the drivers that came on the CD. Not even the stuff on the website worked. Lose the CD and you're SOL. I am not at all shocked to learn about this. I always wondered why people would...
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    My awful experience with the 4870X2

    I have the same issue with my newly built rig. Q6600 Asus P5Q Pro 2x2gb Geil visiontek 4850 sceptre x20 nagaIII I used this monitor in dvi mode for a long while now. Frustrating. I'm using it in analog right now, but, I am pissed.
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    Hyundai Raided by German Customs at IFA

    Damn no edit button.... Apologies to the Europeans. America and other countries have their own set of problems, but is just out there.
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    Hyundai Raided by German Customs at IFA

    Excuse my French, but... Europe Sucks. Too many rules. Does anyone else find it ridiculous that Germany spent how much $$$ to steal a few TV's? A bit silly, really.
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    Apple Sued For Dropped Calls on iPhone 3G

    I put blame for that solely on the courts and juries for not throwing out ridiculous crap the moment it enters the building. If people keep getting away with it, they will keep doing it.
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    NVDA INTC & AMD Stock Discussion 070808

    Sorry, forgot to add the following... Also, Nvidia's new experiments in using their videocards for supercomputing could put them in the green with major supercomputers, companies and universities. Could get interesting...or a total flop. We'll have to see. :)
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    NVDA INTC & AMD Stock Discussion 070808

    For the average American consumer. However, by having 'dollar' costs and euro resale value, they're probably making a good profit overseas. A slowed American economy will slow them down, no doubt, but probably isn't going to be an e-brake to the business.
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    FCC Debates Wireless Early Termination Fees

    Maybe if we went to a month-to-month type service and ended the subsidies on phones, it would put more pressure on phone manufacturers to not turn out the same slight revisions to shitty phones. Put more pressure on them from a cost to profit point of view. Just a thought.
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    Canada To Overhaul Copyright Laws

    In most cases, speed limits are ridiculous and arbitrary. So you're saying it's ridiculous that people speed. Ok. Isn't it equally as ridiculous that people follow the speed limit on a 25mph road that CLEARLY is no different than a 50mph road? Doesn't matter what country, speed limits are...
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    now what happens to the iPods?

    I have pretty much been wishing that since they announced the iphone. I don't want my phone to be integrated into everything else from a pure battery life point of view. Having my phone and then everything else (that can access the internet) would be worth some money to me.
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    now what happens to the iPods?

    I don't think a thing changes on the ipod side. The touch won't change in price (well, short of the normal storage updates). ATT isn't subsidizing the touch, but is subsidizing the 3G iphone. Unless they want to be generous...I'll take a subsidy on a touch, listening ATT?
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    IBM Releases “Commuter Pain” Survey Results

    Ok. How thick was that 30X larger layer on top of the water? We're talking a layer of silicon, metal and then a metallic frame to hold it. Not to mention brackets for support, foundations, hundreds of miles of heavy duty wire, electronics and to to pit off...The amount of energy needed to...
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    IBM Releases “Commuter Pain” Survey Results

    100sq miles? Do you have any concept of just how much SPACE that would be to fill with solar equipment? Let alone the whole manufacturing, building, shipping. I would love to see something like this done, but even to me it seems a daunting task. You have to realize it will probably happen...
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    IBM Releases “Commuter Pain” Survey Results

    Forgot to add: As to the not allowing drilling of our own oil... Kind of seems like we have the strategy of buy everyone else's first, then start using our own. Why use your own oil reserves when they're worth $2.00/gallon when you could sell them in 10 years to other nations @ $15/gallon...
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    IBM Releases “Commuter Pain” Survey Results

    A more basic problem in this country is how it is setup. You HAVE to drive a car in most places. No bike trails, no sidewalks, grocery store 10 miles away. Don't forget how many people live in the suburbs, rural areas with no public trans. For people in the country, there is no choice. Yes...
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    AMD 2008 Q1 financials

    They're absorbing the costs for their new integrated graphics chipsets, especially on the mobile side, before realizing the cash flow for it as well. Typical R&D, I know, but it sounds like they have quite a few notebooks lined up. Should be a nice cash infusion, but probably not until Q2 or...
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    Microsoft To Switch Yahoo Bid To All Cash?

    Maybe I am not 'in the know', but I STILL do not see the point of Microsoft dropping this kind of cash on Yahoo. Ridiculous.
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    AMD Shows Off 780G & Triple Core Phenom

    I doubt. If anything Intel will kick their developing graphics division in the butt and have something more hastily thrown together, out soon. I'm not crazy, right? Intel IS developing graphics boards, correct?
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    Plasma Dead

    I used to be pro LCD and hated plasma, but I think my position has switched. After seeing the sickly green/black of the darks of an LCD while trying to watch TV, I'm for plasma because of the higher contrast ratios. However, the newer LCDs that can go much brighter to increase the 'dynamic'...
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    AMD breaktrough..shows off 22nm tools

    Mutation. It is the key to Pig evolution. It is how they have evolved from a single-cell organism into the dominant breakfast meat on the planet. This process is slow, normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few millennia evolution leaps forward... Behold, Pig Wings were...
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    45nm Deneb samples out to partners

    Bigger cache to woo the average Joe? Most people don't even know what Ghz their chip is running at, let alone how much CACHE it has. I doubt it, I think there would have to be another reason. That being said, I know very little about cpu architecture and even less about the k10.
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    Rebuiling laptop batteries?

    Are you talking about a service that does this or doing it yourself?