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    MS Introduces a Powerful New Zune, Software and Online Services

    The web streaming worked with the last update (version 3). It added the "marketplace" option to the player, where you can connect to a wifi network and browse the marketplace from your zune. If you have zune pass you can listen to whole songs and add them to a shopping cart. Once they're...
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    Vmware and remote?

    version 2.0 runs on the server machine, but you have to access it through the http server, even on the local machine. You interact with the VMs running on the server through a browser plugin, it sounds like this is the type of thing you want.
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    TV tuner recomendations welcome

    Catylist media center is a rebadged version PowerCinema 4. My sapphire came with PowerCinema 5 OEM, which lets you watch tv but has no support for the online program guides. Additionally, PowerCinema is an absolute pile of crap. You can buy the full version of PowerCinema 5 from Cyberlink's...
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    So I just installed ClarkConnect, now what?

    it looks like that distro has a web gui, like most routers. I'd try typing it's IP address into your web browser and seeing if you get a login screen. This site says it's Once you get there you can mess around and see that Apache and PHP are in it's built in repos. If you...
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    help with remote control

    the MCE remote they're talking about is the Microsoft Media Center Edition remote control. I have one, it works in XP pro to control windows media player and Zune right out of the box, but google it to see if vista business supports it. Something like a Snapstream Firefly might work if the MCE...
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    Fix for Vista MCE/ Hauppauge tuner cards on PC's with 4gb Ram?

    I second this. I have a sapphire 650 card, the quality is Excellent. Even with crappy basic analog cable, there's no noise on any channels. It also picks up some of the OTA HD channels around here, but I need to invest in a better antenna. I'm still on XP with the godawful horrible CyberLink...
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    Benchmarking the Benchmarks @ [H]

    I see what you're saying, but there are many many measurements for weather conditions (temperature, humidity, wind chill, precipitation). This information is useful to us because most of us, when going to, can look and see "76 F, Sunny, Winds 5mph," and come to the subjective...
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    Benchmarking the Benchmarks @ [H]

    There is a lot of talk about "scientific" evaluation of the game. It sure sounds impressive, but in essence they're trying to apply the scientific method to something that's inherantly subjective. Do people play through games with the framerate counter going to see how they can maximize it...
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    Forum Upgrade Progress Update

    I was just thinking about how the forums have been working pretty well for me lately as I read through this thread, but as soon as I clicked away the forums disappeared. The irony... I'm amazed at how hard you guys work to keep this place going, it's definitely worth the effort.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    I love the [H]
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    TruePower Trio 550 or Neo HE 550

    Antec sent me one of the NeoHE power supplies when my Neo Power bit the big one. I really like the idea of using only the wires you need and leaving the rest detached. It makes for a much cleaner system. Plus, all of their harnesses are sleeved. The power supply itself is solid, i've taken...
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    A few questions about converting existing comp?

    If you have an s-video cable laying around, try plugging it into your seven pin connector. It works fine, i have an x1600 laying here that has the same connector and I just did it. The extra pins are for a composite connection. If your tv has an s-video port, definitely just plug in an...
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    New AIM 'Security Update' damages Vista

    you mean docking the buddylist at the side of your screen? Go to Tools-> Windows Pidgin Options and hit Configure Plugin.
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    World in Conflict: DX10 Performance and IQ

    That's true, but they only used 2GB of RAM when they ran the tests. Weren't there issues with high end video card drivers under 64bit vista for a while?
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    World in Conflict: DX10 Performance and IQ

    What are the benefits of running 64bit Vista over 32bit Vista? Could that be contributing to the performance hit that was seen between XP and Vista?
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    Computer Unstable Need Help Antec Neopower 480w

    Except if its a NeoPower 480 its the line that came before the HE's. I'm not sure if they're the same internally. I had a NeoPower 480 that killed two motherboards before it died itself. I would have weird random reboots and then my southbridge would just smell like burning. I sent it back...
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    New ipod touch...almost a PDA?

    apple went public saying that it won't endorse the third party development of applications, and won't go out of its way to break any native programs, but if one of its new features or improvements happen to break something, oh well. Then again, the PSP does actively try to limit hacking, and...
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    New ipod touch...almost a PDA?

    Or the computer can just be on the same wireless network as you (i.e. at home networked with a router). Just like you can share files over a network to anyone with permission, without having to have a dedicated connection to that computer (hey, isn't that how the the interwebnets work?) That...
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    ATT U-verse

    umm...what? First of all, FiOS is not a crappy service. In my experience, their picture quality beats out comcast's analog AND digtal PQ. Especially in high motion scenes where compression artifacts are most obvious. I had comcast cable internet (the "6 mbps" package) and was paying...
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    New ipod touch...almost a PDA?

    I read somewhere the the touch includes small calander and contacts apps. I don't know if they're very robust or featurepacked, but they exist. 3rd party development and support is what makes or breaks these kinds of devices. and now the ipod has transcended "personal music player" to be a...
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    New ipod touch...almost a PDA?

    I agree that removable storage is an option, but it wasn't until fairly recently that SD cards came in any respectible size. Even now, they max out at 4 gigs for most devices (compatibility is starting to become an issue). having 16 gigs of storage in the ipod just makes life a lot easier...
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    New ipod touch...almost a PDA?

    So the new ipod touch is out, with 8 or 16gb of storage, same multi-touch as the iphone (and form factor), wifi, safari with youtube and stuff.... is it just me or is the ipod slowly evolving into a PDA. I mean all that they really need is the ability to add 3rd party apps (which is already...
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    vista media center compatible?

    I see what you're saying, but the thing is this pc is my everything pc in my room at college, along with tv and movies it also handles my web browsing, work with the gimp, paper writing, and programming. If it was solely an htpc i would definately do what you're saying and go with x32...but...
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    Horizontal Line during DVD Playback

    i noticed that later... if there's one thing ATI has over nvidia, its their driver numbering scheme. What is 7.5? Oh, its the driver that came out in May of 2007. What is 165.3489? Ha...good luck.
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    vista media center compatible?

    thanks, this was what i was trying to find out. That being the case, how is 64 bit support for the theater 650 coming? I see the latest drivers are dated august 13th, i'm just wondering if MCE will work or if there are still issues. I really like the mce interface, and once i get home...
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    Horizontal Line during DVD Playback

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    How do you get rid of old hardware?

    throw it out? what's that? i keep stuff around, usually end up using it to fix stuff on my/other peoples rigs.
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    Horizontal Line during DVD Playback that guy has a similar problem i think, maybe that thread can help
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    is my dinosaur Athlon XP system extinct?

    the tf560 looks nice, but for the extra $20 i get the coax sound out (which i use with my XR55) and an extra pci-e port, which is also nice for the future i guess. The only PCI stuff i have is my leadtek tv card. I hope you're right about the problems subsiding, the reviews on newegg seemed...
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    is my dinosaur Athlon XP system extinct?

    I have been looking around and i think i like the asus M2N-E with the nforce 570 chipset as a starting point, with a brisbane 65nm athlon64 to go with it. I'm kind of used to all of the nvidia applications like nvmixer and whatnot, so i figure going with a newer nforce system is going to help...
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    Horizontal Line during DVD Playback

    there's a few setup guides online for ffdshow, one is but their site seems to be offline right now. un/reinstalling powerdvd is definatley worth a try
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    vista media center compatible?

    Leadtek actually does offer a 32bit vista driver, so i guess i'm SOL with 64bit.. Would the 32bit driver make it recognizable under vista MCE? its a bt8x8 software encoding card, i guess it would work if it had vista drivers.
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    Horizontal Line during DVD Playback

    I was just wondering because most of the filters have a checkbox that says "process only right half of image" and i thought you may have inadvertantly clicked on one of those. ffdshow is something you should definately look into after you fix this issue for standard dvd's. Powerdvd ultra...
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    vista media center compatible?

    So i have the leadtek TV2000/XP tuner card. Its a software card with an external patch cable to handle audio, but it does its job. I was wondering if anyone knew if this card was compatible with vista's MCE in either 32bit or 64bit vista. I was thinking about upgrading but i can't seem to...
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    Horizontal Line during DVD Playback

    are you running ffdshow by any chance?
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    is my dinosaur Athlon XP system extinct?

    holy crappy video card batman! so i pulled out my TV tuner, cleared the BIOS, and turned on the PC again, and at the desktop i'm getting 640x480 16 color mode, and catalyst control center just had a cow about the video card, which is still identified as an x1600pro in the bios. I have it...
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    Multi Problems/Issues

    I had a two motherboards that died in that manner, although it was a much faster kill, i didn't have all the problems with windows booting funny. It turned out after the second motherboard died the power supply started making this neato whistling noise, so that was going bad over 6 months and...
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    is my dinosaur Athlon XP system extinct?

    First off: stats. Mobo: DFI NF2 Ultra Inifinity CPU: Athlon XP 2500+ Barton OC'ed to 10x200 (stock doesn't work either) RAM: 1 GB Corsair DDR-400 (2x512mb) VGA: Ati Radeon X1600PRO AGP OS Drive: Seagate 7200.10 320gb SATA on onboard SiI3114 controller So last night i was on my laptop in...
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    my google-fu turned up this article dated about 4 days ago (july 30). So its not a full out comeback, but 24 new cars a year is better than nothing. It kind of reminds me of Unique Performance and their quest to make new 1967 shelby...
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    2 Monitors, 1 TV and HD Output, HELP!!!

    I think what he meant by "won't support more than two displays" means that you can't run two monitors AND an hdtv off of the same card. Its either two monitors, or one monitor and one hdtv, despite the fact there's three physical outputs. That means you probably need to buy a second video card...