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    Planetside 2

    I have 7 keys if anyone wants to try this game. Shoot me a PM
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    Anonymous Attacks Sweden for Pirate Bay Justice

    Is Anonymous still relevant? :confused:
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    Wishlist for Steam Summer Sale

    Just pop'd on Krater, been looking forward to trying this game.
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    Day Z - experiences and Gameplay videos

    I really want to play this game! I'm waiting for arma2 to go on steam summer sale and Im going to buy it and join you guys
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    Medal of Honor 2012

    Does anyone else think it looks like Borderlands?
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    More NEC LCD woes...

    Can you return it for a replacement? Maybe a refund?
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    FS: 2 - MSI Twin Frozr II HD6950s 2gb

    Both Radeon's sold!
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    FS: 2 - MSI Twin Frozr II HD6950s 2gb

    Thanks Canton! GTX580 sold.
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    FS: 2 - MSI Twin Frozr II HD6950s 2gb

    Now willing to sell seperatly.
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    WTB: 6950

    lol no biggie, I still have them if you're able to talk her into it.
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    WTB: 6950

    If you want to spend a little extra, I have two of the TF2's for sale @$340 shipped. However, i'm unwilling to seperate. Edit: I bought these in October for BF3, only 7 months of light usage.
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    Narrowed down to 3

    What about the Benq XL2420T? I'm sure you knew this but the Dell isn't 120hz :)
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    FS: 2 - MSI Twin Frozr II HD6950s 2gb

    Bump new price!
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    FS: 2 - MSI Twin Frozr II HD6950s 2gb

    Good Morning, MSI Twin Frozr II HD6950 2gb (can be flashed to 6970) $335 for the pair including shipping to the CONUS SOLD Now willing to sell seperatly @ $180 per card. I have never OC'd these cards nor flashed the bios to the...
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    Got my Benq XL2420T - My opinions

    NCX, I trust your opinion on monitors. Can you give me/us a rundown on your thoughts about the Benq? Or a link to a review, if you've done one. Thanks
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    Got my Benq XL2420T - My opinions

    I've been wanting to get 3 of these for eyefinity, but I dont want three of those setting selectors. Do you have to use the box with the monitor or is it something that can be left off?
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    PAX Prime 2012 (Seattle, Labor Day weekend)

    I'm probably going to attend this year for the first time! I wanted to go last year but didnt act fast enough.
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    120hz gaming monitor help

    What graphics card? On the Asus, 3d works only with nvidia, and the Samsung works easier with ATI but will work with nvidia with a work around. I'd go with the Asus if it were me.
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    580gtx 1.5gb RMA what

    I've been thinking about purchasing the Accelero Xtreme Plus 2 to replace the reference cooling setup and reapplying the thermal paste to all the pads etc. Has anyone changed the reference cooling to this kit before?
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    Advice needed

    No thoughts from anyone?
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    580gtx 1.5gb RMA what

    This. I cant find his contact info :( I thought about the oven. What does one need to do?
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    580gtx 1.5gb RMA what

    I have an evga 1.5gb 580gtx with video corruption only in games. Runs fine on desktop. I bought this card used and it lasted a couple of months before going tits up. I tried to get it RMA'd by evga under their new warranty but my efforts were in vain. So, What should I do now? Dissect...
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    Advice needed

    I'm downsizing from a 32" LG 1080P monitor. I originally intended to go to an eyefinity setup with 3 Benq XL 2420T's but after switching back to a TN panel from an IPS panel has changed my mind. It's funny how you dont notice things until you try something different and go back :D Now i'm...
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    Asus VG23AH 23" passive 3D IPS display

    I doubt it is...the only thing i could find was up to 75hz.
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    LCD Televisions with 4:4:4 Subsampling and low Input Lag.

    I have the LG 32LK450 with the IPS panel (Y in the serial #) and it's an amazing screen for computer usage. BF3 in Ultra and SWTOR maxed out look amazing. However, that being said, I am selling this monitor, which I've only had for a couple of months, due to financial hardship. If anyone...
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    Should i sell my 6950's?

    This thread really opened my mind in regards to xfire...I feel stupid, I always was under the impression that two 2gb cards = 4gb of vram. Now, I'm going to sell my two 6950s twin frozr II and go back to a single GPU configuration. The power savings will be nice too.
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    New EVGA warranty policy?

    This is excellent. I traded 2 5850s for 1 evga gtx580 last November and after a gaming session the card was overheating and giving video corruption. Now I should be able to RMA it!!
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    Planetside 2 beta keys

    I'd love to try the beta out. If anyone has a spare to give away i'd be eternally greatful.
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    Game Booster - yay or nay?

    The vanilla bf3 maps take me about 30 seconds to load with my SSD. SSD is where its at for load times. I've never heard of Game Booster though, sorry.
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    Snowboarding At Night In A LED Suit

    Looks like i'm watching a video through FLIR . I think it looks cool
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    Easiest 3D gaming projector? I have this one I bought and have used for a total of maybe 2 hours. Just didn't fit anywhere in our house. Awesome picture. If you're interested let me know.
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    The best PC audio equipment for each price level

    I dont really have a budget per se, however, i'm not foolhardy with my money.
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    The best PC audio equipment for each price level

    Question, I have the Sennheiser PC-350's. It's a great headphone/mic combo, however, I feel that I want something different. Would it be an upgrade to get the AD700's to replace the PC350s?
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    Diablo 3 Beta

    You can quasi pressing X or Z or C (at work cant remember exactly) I like the game. I've had beta since December and i've played through every class except the Witch Dr. which is my next play through.
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    Game Developer "Feel Good" Story of the Day

    I had looked into this game and couldn't pull the trigger, but I like companies like this, so, I purchased it at full price. Not a hooray for me but I just wanted to throw them my support! From what I read this game is a really good too!
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    Oh no, I'm not looking for a monitor of the 3k-5k range. I considered the new gen samsungs but, now, after playing @1080p that res is too low. Cool, i'll keep looking to find it under 1150. I could purchase it through my business which sounds like it could save me money. thanks for...
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    I've been using a Samsung 24" monitor for about 5 years, and i've been dying to go to a larger screen. I didn't want to spend the extra money to get the 30" Dell or HP so I purchased a 32" LG LK450 with the IPS panel. While it's not bad, I've come to the realization that I want a bigger screen...
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    Best 32" 1080p IPS HDTV for ~$350-500 to be a monitor?

    I'm in Seattle. I purchased it at Video Only.
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    Best 32" 1080p IPS HDTV for ~$350-500 to be a monitor?

    I just bought a 32lk450, with an IPS panel, on Saturday and i love it. I was really unsure going from a 24" Samsung to this TV/monitor but I really enjoy the larger screen! Plus I switched my Sammy into portrait mode and use it as a secondary web browsing monitor. It's great. BF3 looks...
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    BF3 Server Browser Issues

    Luckily, I haven't had any problems with the bf3 server interface and joining both MP and Coop. Curious, those with a lot of problems, what broswers are you using? I use Chrome and it's been near flawless.