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    Antec 300 or CM Elite 430?

    No worries on the dumb questions, we all have to learn somewhere :) I kept the front 120mm blue LED fan where it was and added 2 Antec Tri-Cool fans I had laying around. Both are exhaust, so one back one top. There is a fan filter for the top fans but I'm using the fans as exhaust so I...
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    Antec 300 or CM Elite 430?

    I just finished a build for my nephew using the Elite 430. I must say I was very surprised of the build quality and overall fit and finish of the case. This was my first CoolerMaster case and it left a good impression to the point where I'm thinking of replacing my aging Lian Li to a 690 II...
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    Think my 4870x2 is dying.

    My friend's 4870X2 did the same thing, in the end he had to RMA it. The Artifacting was random at times, he would be able to play MW2 for hours then all of a sudden artifact and crash. He would have to do a hard restart to it back up and running again but ran out of patients for it. He now...
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    Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L rev. 1.0 LGA775 motherboard

    Board is used but still in great condition. Has never been abused or overclocked in anyway. Comes with all accessories but the driver CD. Supports 45nm CPUs out of box. $50 More info here: I want to sell this fairly quickly so throw...
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    FS: Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2 AM2+/AM3 matx mobo

    make me an offer :)
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    FS: Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2 AM2+/AM3 matx mobo

    Matx mobo up for grabs. Its only been used for no more than 15mins for testing so its practically brand new. Comes with all accessories/manuals. Looking to sell quickly and preferably locally - $OLD more info here...
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    Warm..Corsair H50 cpu cooler....$59.99 on sale at Best Buy YMMV

    I've seen them at this price at the 2 bestbuys in Tustin, Westminister, and Long Beach.
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    Warm DeathAdder 3.5G

    I recently purchased a DeathAdder 3.5G and have noticed that it gets kinda warm in the palm area where the logo is. I have turned off the LED in the drivers as well and still the same thing. Also, the area underneath the mouse is warm to the point it also warms the area where it sits on my mouse...
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    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Singleplayer Campaign Gameplay(7 Minutes)

    Wow looks great. Wish there was co-op though, that would seal the deal for me.
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    Gentle Typhoons.... are actually worth it. Why ... this isn't made by Scythe!

    I can vouch for S-Flexes not being quiet. I have the 1600rpm "F's" and even on a fan controller they are loud. Its not air noise, its motor noise. Low speed yate loons are great and are silent when turned down to 1000rpms. When turned up, all you hear is air noise. I have been meaning to...
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    Anyone know when the Swiftech built in pump/rad/res is being released?

    Wish Swiftech made them in single 120 form but I'm guessing there isn't a large enough market for that size to warrant production. Plus with the cost of the these it wouldn't make sense, cost too much.
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    Corsair H5O @ Fry's for $50.00 again

    Anyone know if they have them in Anaheim, CA and Fountain Valley, CA locations? Will pick one up if they still have them instock.
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    Adventuring into Lian-Li soon.

    The sides are interchangeable, I can vouch for this since I worked with both at the same time recently. Can't go wrong with either cases, the PC-7B was my first Lian Li case too.
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    Logitech G3, this type of mouse gone for good?

    I have a G3 and like you, don't like the current design and feel of gaming mice. I've tried the G5, didn't like it. Another similar shape/design is the Razor Abyssus. I never liked the Diamondback. Minus the side buttons...
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    Windows 7 Pro - Full $29.99 for students Ends 1/05/10

    Just got off the phone with them. Have Windows 7 Pro on the way :D Came out to $32 shipped with tax. Thanks guys.
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    COD5: is the SP?

    My roommate and I have logged in 65+ hrs on just co-op. Replaying levels and increasing the difficulties, fun stuff. The level Relentless on veteran is intense.
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Thanks for the response, CaliGirl. I'm assuming you have to drill holes to mount the legs?
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Hey CaliGirl, whats that shelf with the speakers and where can I find it? :) Thanks.
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    Rocketfish Lian Li (bestbuy one) upgrade to Antec 300, good idea?

    I have the Lian Li Rocketfish, its a great case just too big. I had a PC-7B Plus before and it was just the right size. I'm also thinking of going back to a mid-tower and will definitely stick with Lian Li. Might even try one of their Lancool series cases. I've worked on a Antec 300 before...
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    Fry's B&M: Logitech Illuminated Keyboard $29.99 After $10 Rebate

    Just picked one up from there. Loving it so far, upgraded from a Logitech Wave. Purposely typing in the dark right now :p
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    FS: Bluetooth Headsets *Local Pickup SoCal*

    I have some bluetooth headsets that I got from work. All are brand new. Some are 'OEM' meaning there's no box just the headset + home charger and any other accessories that came with it. They have never been used and I can test them if you'd like. I would prefer local pickup since these aren't...
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    Whos buying COD:MW2?

    I will eventually get it for PC. The multiplayer stuff happening to it is lame yes but again I didn't get into cod4's multiplayer till early this year and I've had that game since launch. I'm more interested in the single and co-op aspects of the game. Plus, I have a roommate to co-op with...
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    What keyboard do you game on?

    Been using a Logitech WAVE for 2 years now, I loved it when I got it but now I want laptop style keys. Don't know why but I seem to game better on laptop style keys. Want to get a Logitech Illuminated, hopefully soon.
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    [OfficeDepot] TDK 100 Pack DVD +/- R $11

    looks like its dead, lameeee
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    FS: PSP w/ games + accessories, HD555 Headphones

    yeah, its still up for grabs