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    Philips SHP9500 Over-Ear Headphone

    Here's a cool video of him walking a Japanese electronics store.
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    Looking for a good 2 piece speaker set for home PC

    I found this guy's channel on Youtube and I have seen some people on the forum here mention him. Maybe check out what he has for videos. He raves about these speakers, personally I thought they would be too large for my desk, but I was very tempted to get them...
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    CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS $138 w/ free ship 1/6/16 only

    Have 2 of these 1500's on my Home Theater system and a 1350 for my PC. Very nice units.
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    1TB Mushkin ssd $250 @ newegg

    I bought one of these drives on Nov 18th during a sale one day at Newegg for the same price. Very good solid drive, I replaced a Crucial M500 480gig that I was using just for Steam and I noticed the Mushkin feels quicker. There was always a delay when I opened File Explorer on the Crucial...
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    Mushkin Enhanced Reactor 2.5" 1TB SSD, $250 FS, Newegg

    Also bit. Installed a Reactor in friends new gaming rig back in April, paid $380 back then..don't think I will tell him what its going for now. So far he has had zero issues with the drive. We were getting 535-545 reads with 430-460 writes. Going to replace my current M500 480gig Steam...
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    Mushkin Reactor 1TB SSD - Newegg - $270 shipped AC

    Installed one in a friend's new machine we built back in March and he has zero problems with. Is it the fastest thing out there no but we getting between 520-530 meg on reads and 450-460 on writes. Seemed like a very good solid drive.
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    Logitech Orion Keyboard 139.99 Best Buy

    Bought a Corsair K95 at the begging of February to replace my Logitech G15 Version 1 that died after 9 years. First week of March half the lights stopped working. I saw the Corsair forums with other people having the same problem and getting replacements from Corsair that had the same problem...
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    Today Only! Western Digital Blue 1TB HDD $45 free ship

    In for one last night, thanks for posting.
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    1 TB SSD Recommendation

    I myself own a Samsung 256gig 830 Pro and a Crucial M500 480gig, but I have not found many reviews on the Mushkin Reactor or feedback on the Crucial BX vs MX drives. My buddy is setting aside tax refund money to build a new gaming rig but he has not said what he's total budget is. I am...
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    1 TB SSD Recommendation

    I'd say $400-450 is about what he's willing to spend
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    1 TB SSD Recommendation

    So your buddy comes to you and says he wants a 1 TB SSD for a gaming rig...and you think terrific now he can infect his machine with malware even faster....:rolleyes: With Samsung having the 840 slowdown bug I am leaning away from them. Right now I am thinking the Crucial MX200 would be my...
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    I understand Kalmado what you are saying, I always play in a friends only or invite only server and that is a great feature that GTA has. My friends and I will probably will only play in those types of server just to keep annoying kids away. For the most part but not all, PC players...
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    I have been playing GTA V on the PS3 for the last 17 months and I have yet to get bored with it. In fact I am looking forward to it on the PC. The updated graphics will be nice but what will be great is because 11 of my personal friends are getting it. And that means the fun from the comradery...
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    Your first OS

    TI-99/4A first, then Commodore 64 basic followed by Amiga OS, then moved to DOS\Windows world
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    Logitech G910 Mechanical Keyboard

    Took the chance and picked up a G910 at the local Best Buy, originally had a G15 ver 1 but it finally died after 8.5 years. Replaced it with a Corsair K95 back in March and last week I was up 37 dead led's on it so I said screw it and went an got a G910. Still getting used the G910 but so far...
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    TakeOn Helicopters 2$ (Steam)

    For $2.50 why not, mess with it here and there till GTA V comes out on PC. Wonder how the Steam Christmas sale will be this year, seemed kind of weak last year.
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    Corsair K95 RGB or Logitech Orion Spark

    Thanks for the feedback, I was kind of eyeing the new Ducky Legend but its not out yet.
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    Corsair K95 RGB or Logitech Orion Spark

    Bought my Corsair K95 back in March and I have 13 keys with dead led backlights with 16 more keys that are much dimmer than other keys so its only a matter of time before those fail. I guess its to be expected when a company starts to expand its product line into areas that are new to...
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    What is everyone playing now?

    GTA V on my PS3.... waiting for the PC version Euro Truck Simulator 2 Planetside 2
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    H1Z1 - New SOE Game

    Have you played PS2 since they did their optimization pass? It runs a lot more consistent now even during the big Amp/Tech plant battles.
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    Asus D2X upgrade question

    Thanks for the feedback, I agree if its not broke don't fix it. I was just curious if there had been any significant upgrades. Planetside 2 does sound pretty awesome coming thru it.
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    Asus D2X upgrade question

    Kind of a odd question here, I bought a Asus D2X PCIe back in May 2008 and I am wondering is it still worth keeping or are the newer sound cards that much of a step up over what I am using? My D2X is working fine and I have had no problems with it through the years I am just curious if it...
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    Crucial M500 219.99, .99 ship

    In for one but went to Amazon instead, $10 more but I'd rather deal with Amazon. Should be a good Steam drive.
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    Whats a good program for recording/DL'ing video streams?

    I bought Internet Download Manager and its works great at grabbing videos. The DEV constantly pushes out updates so it will always work with Chrome/Firefox/IE. So far its been worth $25. It does have a trial. This is a newer program...
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    [Amazon] Great Porter Cable Deal

    Thanks, for that price too good to pass up.
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    Steam 2013 summer sale is here!

    In for about $165 Borderlands 2 (4 pack) Kerbal Space Program FTL Ace Combat Tomb Raider Leviathan: Warships Pay Day 2 (4 pack) pre-order...buddies and I really liked first game
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    Steam 2013 summer sale is here!

    Went ahead and got Ace Combat, for $9 bucks I will try it. If it sucks it sucks, not like going to Compusa back in the early 90's buying something for $50 and getting it home and playing it find out its garbage (Battlecruiser 3000 AD)...oh the good old days of browsing the aisle's in a computer...
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    Steam 2013 summer sale is here!

    Just picked up Kerbal Space Program Tomb Raider Borderlands 2 (4 pack) not on sale but pre-ordered Pay Day 2 (4 pack) my friends and I really liked the first one and it looks they really improved on it over the first game. Debating about Ace Combat, really liked it back in the day on...
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    FRAPS compression?

    I bought Fraps several years ago and it has served me well, but I have seen Dxtory being mentioned more and more in forum discussions so I decided to give it a try. Wow I was so impressed I bought it, I like the fact it will record your game and not affect your framerate while you capture and...
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    Win8 & video driver updates

    I too ran into the Windows 8 black screen problem. Four days ago my 7970 died on me after exactly 1 year so I bought a gtx 680. I uninstalled the AMD drivers rebooted and Windows 8 booted up fine with its own Nvidia 306.97 drivers from back in October. But when I installed the 310.90 drivers...
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    Favorite cinematic style game trailers?

    I would have to say the one for Planetside 2 is pretty slick
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    SteelSeries 9HD Mouse Pad, $21.99, Amazon

    I bought one on 8/14/2011 and it complements my MX518 very nicely... good mouse pad for the money.
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    Sound card choice

    I have been using the Asus D2X since it came out and its been very solid. Drivers are small and light, the sound quality is very good. No problem with it in games either both old and new. Overall a good solid sound card, I had a Titanium HD that I picked up on sale one day about a year ago...
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    Looking for a good Download Manager.

    +1 Free Download Manager, use to use Orbit till it turned into Spyware
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    Image software

    I use Macrium Reflect, I tried the free version and eventually I bought the family pack and split it with friend. Going on 3 years now and works fine for what I want.
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    Amazon downloadable game sale (starts July 1)

    And another game to add to the Steam backlog collection :) ....almost done with L.A. Noire though then it's Deus Ex 3 then Max Payne 3
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    256gb Samsung 830 SSD $190+free shipping w/ promo code @ Newegg. Begins 6/27 @ 12AM

    Bought one of these at beginning of the year and its been rock solid...cost was double back in January, I know I still have the receipt. Excellent drive.
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    BenQ XL2420T 120hz 3D Monitor Review

    Just wanted to say thanks NCX for your monitor reviews it is was most helpful. I just got my BenQ XL2420TX yesterday. After watching your video review of it and the Asus VG236H I was torn between those two monitors but I went with the BenQ since the Asus is almost a 2 year old monitor, pretty...
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    Vertex 3 120GB $70 After $10 MIR Shellshocker @ Newegg

    In for one along with a friend who got one for his work laptop. Going to be used mostly for experimenting in older machine. Thanks for posting
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    Arctic Accelero xtreme 7970, anyone have yet?

    Just installed a Accelero xtreme 7970 on my reference Asus 7970, at first it was a little daunting. But with the instructions and tips that everyone offered it was actually easier then I thought just time consuming. It is definitely not a 5 minute job, more like about an hour or two to install...