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  1. Archer1212

    sold Unicomp 104 Key USB Buckling Spring Keyboard

    It does not. It’s all plastic in the outside. There might be metal for a frame, but I’ve never opened it to look.
  2. Archer1212

    sold Unicomp 104 Key USB Buckling Spring Keyboard

    Works fine. Used very little. Just too loud for my wife to tolerate it so it has been sitting in storage for the last 3 years. Product page for any questions: Shipped via USPS, in whatever packaging I can get ahold of (too big for most flat rate...
  3. Archer1212

    FS: Damaged 2015 12-inch MacBook.

    SOLD Gold in color. Base model. 1.1ghz core-m 8GB Ram 256GB storage OS X 10.12 installed Damaged LCD. Has a crack in the bottom left near the hinge. Not sure if the issue is LCD or the display cable. Works fine with USB-C video out. No power adapter.
  4. Archer1212

    iPod Classic Issue (Freezing iTunes)

    Little late, but based off your description, you got a bad HDD in that. You can get the drives swapped out for an SD card. Either DIY or there are a few companies that do it.
  5. Archer1212

    SD cards and OSX

    Disk utility should let you make a disk image of the card then you can just image it back on. Otherwise, you are looking at doing a ditto command to make sure you get all the files.
  6. Archer1212

    Apple preventing people from selling refurb apple on Amazon?

    For every good refurbisher there are dozens of shitty ones. We being tech savvy are a minority. Most people out there don’t know a decent refurb from a bad one, hell most of the time they don’t even know they are getting refurbs because they don’t read anything. They just look at the $. Amazon...
  7. Archer1212

    Need suggestions for a case for my 6S+

    I got a 6S Plus and since it's still working well I'm not gonna try to upgrade. But the thing I like about the newer phones is the wireless charging. My desk side charging dock died so I thought maybe I would look into a wireless charging adapter. I am having issues finding a case that has...
  8. Archer1212

    New to apple

    Time to get IT, HR, and some lawyers involved! Hopefully, you can get it unlocked from the guy with minimal fuss. This is why companies need to invest in a good MDM or just only have a BYOD policy.
  9. Archer1212

    iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr. Let's Discuss

    well I do want to eat my words a bit. Looking back, since I got a 6S+ 128GB I ended up spending $950 before applecare. Now I didnt want the 128gb, I wanted the 64gb, but the store only had the 128gb in stock. So looking back. the Xr price is something that I cant balk at anymore. But I still...
  10. Archer1212

    iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr. Let's Discuss

    First impressions for me: I love the gold/black of the Xs and Max. So pretty. the adjustable f-stop for portraits is slick. I knew before they even said anything the Xs and Max would be out of any budget I would have. The colors of the Xr are nice and look so much better than the 5c of 5...
  11. Archer1212

    Do you do fresh installs of iOS or is it a waste of time?

    I do for troubleshooting. With how much iCloud syncs these days you end up losing out on so little anymore. I just recently did it a few months ago when iCloud message sync was enabled. Didn't solve my issue, but was easy to do.
  12. Archer1212

    Apple Maps Street View?

    its been rumored they are getting street view. A few reported sightings of the cars in places. Some people are still thinking those cars are some sort of AI self-driving thing for an Apple Car, and I think they are fucking nuts.
  13. Archer1212

    Which PSU Should I Pick?

    What kind of noise are you talking about though, audible noise or electrical noise? Because your video card and case fans are going to make more noise than your PSU if you are listening to them that closely. Electrical noise is something that will happen and you can fix that with a good UPS...
  14. Archer1212

    Advantages and Disadvantages of jailbreak

    last I saw that most stable unteahterd iOS jailbreak was ios9.something. If that is still the case, you run into a shit ton of stability issues and some stuff not even being able to update.
  15. Archer1212

    A Picture I Took 2018 - 2019

    I don't race my car, yet. I made an agreement with the wife that I wont race until we can afford the tire and brake wear. Hope is to be racing my Scion Tc next season, or get myself a miata to race.
  16. Archer1212

    A Picture I Took 2018 - 2019

    It's my first time posting gentle. ;) I have been taking photos at the local autocross races and I just happened to like this one I took and wanted to share it. The ISO is set way too high on my camera for the day. Something I am going to correct for the next time.
  17. Archer1212

    Need a way to get dual monitors for my mini

    If I remember right that system has Mini-DisplayPort and HDMI for the output on that. I would find an HDMI to DVI adapter and a Mini-DP to VGA adapter.
  18. Archer1212

    MacBook Pro ('10) replacement battery

    More than likely a 2010 macbook pro is going to be in vintage or obsolete status so they wont even have the part for you. You might be able to get one from an AASP if they have one. Otherwise, would be a solid choice to go with. They have always had some of the first third part mac...
  19. Archer1212

    Flashdrive Question

    Sounds like the drive is dying. Once was fast, now after years of use the controller has got weaker and its no longer performing at optimal speeds. Look into getting this drive to replace it. I used to have the 32GB version and it was pretty solid up until the day I lost it...
  20. Archer1212

    My friend took his daughter to Macy's in NYC

    they probably have some Bluetooth beacons and use the metadata from that with other info the advertisers have
  21. Archer1212

    Photos and movies

    import it all to your mac and use iMovie. There used to be some awesome built in tips and tutorials on the computer and/or Apples website but that might have been removed. If you have an Apple Store near you they also offer training classes on occasion. Otherwise there is good old youtube. You...
  22. Archer1212

    Upgrading Macbook Pro Hard Drive

    Totally! From the app store you can download the installer for what ever OS you want to use, then get yourself a flash drive of reasonable size (8gb+ I think) and use terminal with the instructions from here: Once your USB installer is made, put in your...
  23. Archer1212

    So happy I didn't update to iOS11.

    Not being on iOS 11 has no effect. This "Fix" has been in place since iOS 10.2.1. I am glad the battery offer is good for a year. Means I will be able to get my battery replaced cheaper for my 6S and I can still keep the seal they have on the displays.
  24. Archer1212

    Upgrading Macbook Pro Hard Drive

    Not really, at least none that I am aware of that play nicely. Best bet would be to install the OS on the new drive, connect the old one up via USB and have have migration assistant transfer all the data. Then 98% of your data will come over. The other 2% is gonna be system stuff tied to that...
  25. Archer1212

    One of the reasons Apple is worth the money...

    I love find my iphone. I end up using it a couple times a year. I know google has one, but it took them years after Apple made it for them to make something decent, but it isnt available on all devices, nor have I seen it be as easily integrated into the setup. Several times I see on FB "I...
  26. Archer1212

    MacBook Pro performing SLOW

    AH I missed that you did bootcamp to install windows on the macbook. Damn Next biggest thing I can think of is that at one point (not sure if it is still a thing), some of the computers would get really slow if the battery was bad. Used to be on Apples Knowledge Base, but it has since been removed.
  27. Archer1212

    MacBook Pro performing SLOW

    13" Macbook pro? Possibly from 2012? Change out the hard drive cable.
  28. Archer1212


    Following for ideas. I know it has always been second fiddle to every other bit of software apple makes. Hell even Airport utility seems to work better on windows than itunes. I dont have a large library per se, (70gb isnt huge compared to others, but it is definitely higher than most) but the...
  29. Archer1212

    iPad keyboard autocomplete ads?

    Are you using any third party keyboards? Because that is the only thing I can think of doing that
  30. Archer1212

    iphone 7 will not restore from backup or new/updated image

    Sounds bricked to me. Time to get it swapped.
  31. Archer1212

    2007 Macbook Rebirth

    Where there is a will there is a way. Sure you could put in a PC motherboard, make new cutouts for the I/O ports, maybe even 3d print a decent housing for it, but you would still have to make a custom connection and possibly driver set to get the keyboard and trackpad to work, you would also...
  32. Archer1212

    Stupid question about pictures on my iPhone

    It’s because the MacOS knows it’s an iPhone, so it treats it different than a camera. It doesn’t show up in a finder window to allow you to browse through it. That’s not even really how the MacOS is intended to work. The MacOS has the user rely on doing things through the Apps, much like on...