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    Sold Todays Sale :> (2) HP Mini (i7, 16gb, 512gb, Win11) and 800 G6 (i7, 16g, 512gb, Win11)

    These make fantastic virtualization nodes. Full vpro out of band management and rock solid stable. 2.5gbe upgradeable as well.
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    Apple Plans To Overhaul Entire Mac Line With AI-Focused M4 Chips

    This. The arm chips were so good out of the gate most people aren’t seeing a need to upgrade. Work buys me a new toy every year, but I really see no difference between my M3 and my M1 MacBook pro. They are that good.
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    Warning: EVGA has changed their pinout on some PSUs

    This is worse, it's the exact same model.
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    What's your opinion on playing first-person shooters on a controller?

    It takes a bit to get used to it but it's really not bad. Like others have said most games have an aim assist as well as a sensitivity adjustment when ADS. Keep the camera quick to get on target but slow it way down when aiming down the sights to gain precision. Just like anything else it just...
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    T-Mobile offering 1 year free AAA membership

    AAA Premier member. Says since 2014 but it lapsed a year. More like 1999 back when Plus was the top tier. The last time I used them was 04/25 of this year. From the time I opened the ticket on the app to when the truck arrived it was 31 minutes. They towed me and my wife's van 14 miles to the...
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    how many guys in this forum are IT pros?

    I've been building and maintaining public safety technology systems of various flavors for 22 years. Everyday something makes me a feel like a complete noob. The only "pro" thing about me is I've gained enough sense over the years to understand that there is always a new lesson to learn.
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    FS: Alan Wake 2 key $20

    I have an nvidia 4000 series key for Alan Wake 2. $20 net to me. Heat in sig.
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    No one bashing Comcast lately!??!

    My Comcast service from a technical standpoint works great. Wish the upload was higher at home but 1200/200 more than get the job done. The symmetric gigabit fiber connections I have at work have been ridiculously reliable and when a excavator ripped one of them about a hundred feet out of the...
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    FS: NR200P & Q58 ITX cases

    Should be vPro capable though.
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    Why don't PC cases have 5.25" external drive bays anymore?

    Yeah we established that. 3 years ago lol
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    SOLD: HP ProDesk 600 G6 Mini PC (i5-10500T/8GB/256GB)

    That looks like the right form factor. I replaced one of mine with 2.5gbe. I'll see if I can find the HDMI module I took out of it and upload a pic. EDIT: I think I'm full of crap. This is the module I bought...
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    SOLD: HP ProDesk 600 G6 Mini PC (i5-10500T/8GB/256GB)

    Not trying to hijack OP’s thread but yes the machine has an optional, and very much swappable modular bay. 2.5gb ethernet is also an option which when combined with vPro make these amazing home servers and/or proxmox nodes. Just buy the module you want and swap it in.
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    SOLD: HP ProDesk 600 G6 Mini PC (i5-10500T/8GB/256GB)

    I have a few of these. There is a built in speaker on the front left when looking from the front. Bump for OP. Tempted to buy another.
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    Paypal users...ever seen this?

    Walk away.
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    Volition shutdown. Saints row dev.

    Something something go broke...
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    RoboCop: Rogue City

    I’m worried you just described the entire game.
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    Solved (approved for RMA): Unbearably Slow PCIe Gen 4 NVME Speeds

    Steam running at 20MB/s doesn't seem like an indicator of any actual problem to me. Steam does stupid things. It's steam. Your drive seems to be working just fine.
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    (very) slow SSD write speed.

    Chances are just as good that the manual TRIM fixed your issue.
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    Any way to contact Microsoft Support without a Microsoft account?

    Very likely this. Unless that key was about 100 bucks and that "online retailer" was a Best Buy/Staples/Office Depot type retailer then you probably bought a bogus key.
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    RoboCop: Rogue City Gameplay Video

    Still think the gunplay in this game is a bit to whack a mole on rails. Game seems like they are trying to cram robocop into a batman game without any of the butter smooth combat.
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    Assassin’s Creed Mirage

    Not going to derail this thread but no, that monstrosity is not Wildlands 2.
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    Assassin’s Creed Mirage

    The smartest thing you've ever posted.
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    Diablo IV - The Real Official Thread

    I'm digging it just as I've liked every diablo game. Very polished. Looks and runs great on my series X. This is a great "grown man with a job" type game. I can sit down on the couch in my office, grab the xbox controller, run dungeons for an hour and then just walk away. A great title to blow...
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    Xbox series X

    I have this same problem. I really like the elite2 controller but my LB button doesn't always register. I knew I sucked at parry timing games but I wasn't THAT bad. Went back to a cheap stock controller and suddenly I'm a lot better. Chucking grenades and such was also a problem.
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    Parting out Top Tier Gaming Build

    Bump for a nice rig.
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    Scumbag ASUS: Overvolting CPUs & Screwing the Customer

    The issue isn't that the boards are having problems. As many have said that happens to everyone eventually. The issue is Asus' response to the problems. That is 100% entirely in their control and completely their fault.
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    Scumbag ASUS: Overvolting CPUs & Screwing the Customer

    Say what you will about Steve but this is solid journalism. The GN crew does seem to at least make an effort to dig into issues and present actual factual information to support their position instead of just spewing clickbait like the vast majority of “media” these days.
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    FS: MSI 4070ti $760 shipped $760 shipped. Price is net to me. Card *might* have 10 hours of gaming on it. Mint. Comes with box. 10 bucks less without the box. Heat in sig.
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    Crucial 4TB portable drive for $225 (shucking opportunity)

    I think if you're after the bare drive, just buy a bare drive for less and no potential warranty drama.
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    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    How is this game still pushing out updates? I don't think I've ever seen a developer support their customer base quite like this, at least not without a monthly subscription or multiple paid DLC.
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    Should I just get a 4070Ti?

    The 4070ti is a fine card. It caught negative press because of Nvidia's BS naming attempt and other general crappy business practices but there is nothing wrong with the hardware. Roughly the same horsepower as the 3090ti with half the power consumption in a smaller form factor that supports...
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    [Amazon Prime] FREE The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind GOTY

    I remember Morrowind being pretty good. Thanks.
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    Mix and match RAM for server?

    If there were anything else I'd say YOLO and send it but for a TrueNAS machine I'd really try to stick to not only matched sticks but motherboard vendor qualified sticks. ZFS is very memory dependent (as I'm guessing you know since you are here.) It will probably work at some janky half...
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    Shipstation and USPS First class labels have no barcode

    Just toss it in the drop box and avoid the idiot.
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    FS: Qnap TS-873A and TS-231K NAS SOLD

    I have the 473A which is just the 4 bay version. Very easy to load TrueNAS or Unraid. Twin 2.5Gb ethernet built in. Has 2 expansion slots so you can do 10Gb and a GPU if you wanted. Takes ECC memory. Quad core ryzen. 2 NVME slots. Nice compact footprint. Very underrated machine IMO.
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    Need an intel cooler that screws into a backplate with coarse case screw style threads

    If all else fails I'll just drill the legs on a better HSF and use my own mounting hardware. Just tough to get even pressure that way sometimes. I don't want to cut the OEM case. It's neat and simple to use, that's why I use it. Otherwise I have enough spare parts sitting around to build 20...