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    Mowing over high PPD folders from yesteryear

    Yo Smoke, hope the world has been treating you well. Just thought Id say Hi! Beers and Tamales dude, take care.
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    Rise and Fall of the [H] team

    Doing good my friend, really do miss being around, but I just cant contribute the way I used to, which sucks, but I'm glad to see you guys are still at it, keep it up! And the tamales are exceptional!
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    Rise and Fall of the [H] team

    Hey guys. Just wanted to stop in and say [H]i Beers and tamales.. Miss you fuckers..
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    FAH has COVID-19 projects

    Hey.... Man it's been a while. Just wanted to drop in and say thanks to all of you guys..... Still at it and selflessly doing the right thing. Life has changed for me significantly since I was active here, and unfortunately I can't contribute to the cause anymore. But I miss you fuckers...
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    Don't I Know You Guys?

    Good good. Just a big lifestyle change, and haven't had the resources I used to, which is okay. Still lurk around here quite a bit... good memories man.
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    Don't I Know You Guys?

    Wow.... this is something else. Been a long, long time since I've seen all these folks in the same thread. Had some good times here. Hey Smoke, same boat here, but I still read up every now and then. Beers and tamales all, beers and tamales, Fold On!
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    looking back in after taking some time off from the forum

    Just stopped by to see what was up as well, and damn fellas, has been a while. Alan, Xil, Poc, Gil, 420, 450, jfb, Natahn ... all you guys. Good to see your all still around. Beers and tamales guys, miss ya all... don't forget the beers and tamales.
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    Dell Venue 8 Office problems

    Its the home and student edition that came with it. Worked for the first week or so, then it just quit. And Gookitron, thanks for the links, I'll look into those tonight.
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    Dell Venue 8 Office problems

    Thanks for the reply, but I have zero add-ins installed. Just seems odd to me that it crashes on start up and the other three work just fine....
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    Dell Venue 8 Office problems

    Having issues with Office on my Venue. Excel, One Note and Power Point work just fine. Word, on the other hand does not. Won't open past the splash screen. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, tried quick repairs, online repairs, ran the Fix It and then reinstalled and still no go. I'm stumped...
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    Vista HP x64. Still running just fine. Welcome to [H], and thanks for your opinion.
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    Congratulations to Tear - Hard DC'er of the Year: 2011

    Beers and tamales. And thank you.
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    'Twas the [H] before Christmas

    Just wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas old friends, hope all is well with you and yours. Beers and tamales, and Fold On!
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    When are we making Musky Hard DCer of the Year 2010?

    Unless my memory is failing me, he was one amongst several who agreed that the best thing to do would be let the 2010 title go away.
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    Vote: Hard DC'er of the Month--- May 2011

    ;) Beers and tamales to all.... Fold On!!
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    Hey guys, been a while

    Figured I should update this, especially since it's good news! Surgery went well today. Doc is confident that they got 99% of what they needed to get taken care of. There are a few spots on her liver that don't look so good, but they couldn't do anything surgically about that, hoping the...
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    What to do about HDCOTY 2010?

    For whatever it's worth, I agree with musky. Just let it go away. Just my opinion.
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    gkanakis - Should his HDCOTY title be revoked?

    This whole thing is a fucking bummer man... not a good thing at all. Had a bunch of stuff typed up, but it doesn't matter. What's happened here is just sad.
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    Hey guys, been a while

    Wow.... dude, now this is something else right here. Beers and tamales to you too. And thanks, I sincerely appreciate it. EDIT.... And.... HOLY CRAP! Not a big deal by the standards around here, but I've turned in almost 2k in the last six or so hours..... at this pace I'll actually hit 2...
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    Hey guys, been a while

    Working on WU number three and nothings exploded yet...... looks good so far.
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    Hey guys, been a while

    No... duh;) Look..... it was Cinco de Mayo yesterday, soooooo....... not much happened around casa de digital_exhaust that didn't involve a beer or a tamale, and I learned long ago that mixing celebratory beers with anything electronic is simply a stupid idea..... and as you well know, I am...
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    Hey guys, been a while

    Pork and green chile!! Pacifico!! Waiting to see if things are stable here.... hopefully see some results soon.
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    Taking a sabatical from Folding

    Ah, BillR's still around [H], just not here. See him posting in GenMay once and a while, but I haven't seen relic in a long time..... course I haven't been here much lately either sooooo....... Sorry about your mother in law, that's a tough deal man, truly sorry.
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    Free program to backup USB automatically?

    Don't know if it can be configured to run automatically, but one click once set up. SyncToy
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    Hey guys, been a while

    Alright. Had a couple tamales and a few too many beers tonight, but I'm gonna see what I can do with this card tomorrow. And please check back, I will have questions, I promise.
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    Hey guys, been a while

    So I have a GTS250... is it worth firing up, or no? It's been so long since I looked at the clients and such I have no idea if I can even fold on this ancient card or not..... Thanks for your wishes guys, really do appreciate them.
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    Hey guys, been a while

    Never wanted to come and make a post like this. Haven't been around much, which sucks, but work, life, kids blah blah blah....have made folding less of a priority than I would like..... I know that's just another stupid excuse, we've heard them all over the years and I'm sure that there will...
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    Benefits for folding@[H]ard?

    Of course, and a few beers as well. Warm beers, but what can anyone expect? Plus, warm beer is better than no beer... so, yeah. Still poke around here on a pretty regular basis, just not active enough to merit much comment, but this thread.... well, you know, I had to say something;) Hope...
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    Benefits for folding@[H]ard?

    I always thought it was the beer and tamales.... I haven't had a day over 500ppd in a long time, and I haven't posted here in quite a while either... Regardless, the [H]orde will always be number one in my mind, and that's the only benefit that matters to me. Other teams may offer other...
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    Gratz to apollo 100million

    Huge accomplishment. Thank you for everything you've done for the team and the cause. Beers and tamales dude...
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    T-Mobile Smart phone free this weekend only

    I'm not disagreeing that the G2 should be a great phone.... but. I'm on number 5 since I got mine in October, and getting ready to have number 6 sent out. First it would just reboot itself for no reason. Then the replacement I got had a bad LCD in it. After that it's been one light sensor...
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    Must have Apps for Android

    What version of Android do you have? If it's 2.2 you really don't need a task killer....apps might not "kill" when closed, but that's okay. I find it best to let it manage itself, really.
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    t mo phone???

    G2. Great phone, fast, and 2.3 is coming soon......
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    [H]ard Android Widget??

    Bookmark on your home screen? But I do think it would be cool if there was a widget.... don't know why, but I do.
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    T-mobile Upgrade

    I've had my G2 for a while and really like it. The hinge was a concern at first, but not anymore. So far the best phone I have ever owned.
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    anyone try setting up f@h on their phone for sh*ts and giggles?

    Found this a while back.... I know it's not F@H, and I don't think the project is even still alive (actually I know it's not) but it does show that it could be a possibility before too long. Oh... and I recently got a G2 and if there ever was a phone capable of folding, this is it. That being...
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    T-Mobile HTC G2?

    Go here and read. A lot of really helpful information over there. As far as a "skin" is concerned, I don't have one and I don't think I'm going to get one either. I did put a screen protector on it as soon as I go it, but managed to get a big piece of dust or something under it and that drove...
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    T-Mobile HTC G2?

    I'm getting about 10 to 12 hours when used almost constantly at work for email, messaging and light internet use. And I talk on it sometimes too.....
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    T-Mobile HTC G2?

    I was really worried about the hinge issue as well.... for a while anyhow. It's no longer a worry for me after using the phone for about a month now. It's no looser than it was when I got it, and I have actually grown to like the ease at which it opens and closes. All and all, the G2 is by...