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    [FS] iPhone 5s 16GB Gold Unlocked

    Oops, PM
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    FS: OnePlus One 64GB

    Nice hands. :D Here's a bump for a beautiful phone. :]
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    [H]ot ? Crucial M550 1TB @ $389.99 @ Amazon or Egg

    Could you imagine that only several years ago, 60gb would have cost you just as much. Technology, oh technology. :eek:
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    FS: Like new Mid 2013 Macbook Air 13" (Haswell i5/4gb/128gb)

    Nice price and combo! GLWS!
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    [FS] Playstation 4

    Great price. Good luck! If only I wasn't so bad with a console controller. :o
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    280x sales on Newegg

    It's funny how even the 7 series were $125-200 prior and now people are asking $300 for a 7970. And they said technology would drive older generation models down. :rolleyes:
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    Egg: M500 240GB $111.99 with code EMCPGWW228

    For anyone interested, Amazon price matched Newegg. Current price is $109.99 Pretty good deal for 240gb.
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    Samsung 840 EVO Series 250GB 2.5" SATA III SSD - $140 + FS AC

    You could always buy two and run them RAID. The speed would be phenomenal!
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    Staples (USA) $50 off any tablet over $149 (Nexus 7 2013 for example)

    Archos used to make really good MP3 players during the iPod/Zune/Creative era during the early to late 2000's. They make really solid stuff!
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    WTB: Iphone 5 Tmobile.

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy an Iphone 5 for T-mobile or unlocked but it must have AWS support (the newer a1428 models) for LTE purposes. My price is $350 but i'm willing to go up depending on condition, accessories, etc. Thanks!
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    Any cheap way to quiet my EVGA 670?

    What resolution are you playing at? Can't you adjust the fan via software such as EVGA Precision?
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    Annoying Stuttering..

    Certain games don't run very well with dual graphics card setups. Have you tried updating the drivers? Try running just one 280 GTX and see if you get the same stuttering effect, if you don't then its your dual graphics card setup.
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    Bf3 on cheap system

    You can run Battlefield 3 on medium settings at that resolution. How much does the system cost and is it a custom computer build or is it already built?
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    Overheating! Need new case! Please help

    Go with Lian Li cases, period. They are extremely built well, they are made out of aluminum with the exception of the Lancool series, and they have hands down one of the best simplistic, non-materialistic designs for cases besides Silverstone. Usually, the case that you choose will often be the...
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    FS GTX 470 Golden Edition, 4GB DDR3 Laptop RAM stick

    Would this perform better than the 560 Ti 448?
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    Canon 80-200 L Lens

    The great magic drainpipe and I see you love full frame instead of crop! Bump for a great lens. Cheaper alternative to the 70-200 F2.8 NON-IS lens too!
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    EVGA GTX 480 $210

    It depends. Does your power supply have a strong 12v rail?
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    FS: 7970 DCUii, PC-A71F, P67 Extreme4

    Bump! Great seller! Gives tons of information about the products, answers all questions with depth and quick to reply!
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    For Sale: BF3/ Game Codes. Graphic Cards. Hardware.

    Can you check your inbox? I replied back to you.
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    Hot? Asus 4670 with HDMI $38 AR FS at Newegg (until 11/17)

    Good deal. I'm still running on a FX 5500. Heh..?
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 2

    Count me in
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    Microcenter: All Lian Li cases 20% off (B&M only)

    None in Santa Clara, California MC. Or I don't think so.
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    xbox 360 elite 229, refurbished.

    Or you can get mine for $200 in my FS thread. Comes like brand new, access and everything. Good deal nonetheless!
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    Xoxide going out of business sale

    Class-Action Lawsuit? :p
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    For Sale: Xbox 360 Elite

    Oh. The HDD is 120GB. My bad.
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    Xoxide going out of business sale

    You overCLOCKED your computer! hahaha..
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    PS3 slim for $269 @ Dell

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    For Sale: Xbox 360 Elite

    Bump Daddy.
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    FS : Blackberry Storm w/ many extras...

    I would totally hop on this if this was for T-Mobile or unlocked. Bump4u.
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    PS3 Sales Jump After Price Cut, Slim Introduction

    I think the original PS3 prices were just a little bit too crazy.
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    For Sale: Xbox 360 Elite

    It isn't modded. Nothing has been changed. It's all original.
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    For Sale: Xbox 360 Elite

    If I decide to part out but I'm trying to see if I can sell it as a whole unit.
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    For Sale: Xbox 360 Elite

    I have no idea what you just said at all.
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    For Sale: Xbox 360 Elite

    I got this from a local user on Hard, RickyZ, to be exact and it has been in pretty much brand new condition since it left the box. I assumed that I would have time to play it but it turns out that I don't. Xbox 360 Elite comes with Wireless Headset, Power Brick, HDMI Cable, VGA cables...
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    I-Inc 28" LCD Monitor $221 + $27 S/H w/Bing Cashback @ Tigerdirect

    Isn't I-INC's rebranded Hanns-G?
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    E5200 seems a little hot

    Those temps seem fine. My e4300 used to idle around 40C until I upgraded to a full tower case and added push/pull fan configs. I now idle at 28C and full load is around 45C.
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    BB Buy 1 Get 1 half off X360 Games/Pre-orders

    So could I buy IL-2- Birds of Prey and get another game for the same price %50 off?
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    just crossfired my 4870 and 4850...

    Erh, if you lost half of your icons why don't you just copy them to the desktop? Easier solution then trying to go through drivers and etc.
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    Dell XPS Studio 16 Laptop - ATI 4670 1GB Graphics

    Holy cow that's a nice laptop! Bumpers!