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  1. 4saken

    $2,500 RTX-5090 ( 60% faster than 4090 )

    longitude/latitude? Lotso 3080 owners like myself who skipped the 4xxx waiting for flagship 5xxx. Going to be nasty on release trying to get these.
  2. 4saken

    Copilot or else! (for OEMs...eventually)

    This will be what makes me move to Linux, hate to do it, but I draw the line there. At least for now can still disable on taskbar and registry.
  3. 4saken

    The Apple Vision Pro goes on sale in the US on February 2 for $3,499

    Agreed. Have owned 5x VR headsets, all fun for about 1-2 months, then collect dust. Even with wireless, or single wired headsets now its just too much of an annoyance for no real benefit other than a few minutes of "Oh this is cool". Still no killer app/games making extremely compelling...
  4. 4saken

    Net Neutrality expected to be reinstated after officials vote on 4/25/2024

    argued with so many normies on this the first go around. Completely unnecessary govt meddling and regulation. And as usual we will get more than anyone bargained for.
  5. 4saken

    The GPU Nvidia would rather forget – GeForce FX

    9800 pro, last ATi/AMD i ever owned. If only they could recreate that. Picked it up the day of my now 16 yr old daughters birth as my 9700 pro fried that day.
  6. 4saken

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50-series and AMD RDNA4 Radeon RX 8000 to Debut GDDR7 Memory

    "A MyDrivers report says that NVIDIA's next-generation GeForce RTX 50-series, probably slated for a late-2024 debut, as well as AMD's competing RDNA4 graphics architecture, could introduce GDDR7 at its starting speeds of 36 Gbps." So all hypothetical.
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    weird, thats been working for me the last 3 days. having no problem finding players to join or using quickplay.
  8. 4saken


    Since they increased cap yesterday, I've yet to have to wait in queue last 24+ hrs.
  9. 4saken

    Get Ready for "Gamerlicious" Nvidia Control Panel

    Nice, one app now.
  10. 4saken


    Matchmaking working on PC, at leas,t consistently post-patch. Once you get into the game that is. Made it so much more fun being able to find squads and not be relegated to solo if no friends around.
  11. 4saken


    i dont care for co-op games in general, but this is fun.
  12. 4saken

    The Apple Vision Pro goes on sale in the US on February 2 for $3,499

    call "we" what you will, but every one of their devices for vast majority of the part gets adopted quick af. Even after it gets massive hate initially. That's all im stating.
  13. 4saken

    The Apple Vision Pro goes on sale in the US on February 2 for $3,499

    Funny how we hate on every single apple product, then 5 years later majority own it. Glad there are folks willing to dish out 3.5k to beta test.
  14. 4saken

    Tekken 8

    Have about 8 hours in so far. Finished Story Mode, finished Arcade Quest, couple char stories done, unlocked all the Ghost battles chests and played some ranked/quick matches. I'm definitely enjoying this one.
  15. 4saken

    Tekken 8

    unpacking eta 20 mins..
  16. 4saken

    An Important Update about Riot’s Future

    I don't play any of their games, but definitely amazed ppl hadn't heard of Riot Games.
  17. 4saken

    Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

    Yup. I'm not out to go after this game, but I just don't see it. I loved playing it on a Mac LC LC2 back in the early 90's at my dad's work on wknds tho. Just not feeling the vibe at this point. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But 50$ and have to go thru ubi?
  18. 4saken

    Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

    Yeah, getting ridiculous. This is a 19.99-29.99 max, title.
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    Was going to say the same thing. No one is original anymore. Anyway, I tried to load up Palworld on Xbox Gamepass even though i missed the Pokemon boat by a few years. Turns out inverting y-axis is pretty broke, sometimes works, found this info on reddit, sometimes you cant get it to stick...
  20. 4saken

    steam sale.. help me pick between 3 options

    Cyberpunk hands down.
  21. 4saken

    Tekken 8

    Yup. Tekken by far is my fave fighter, SF close 2nd. I'd be deluding myself to think I will ever be as good as I was back in the T3/TTT era. Still will enjoy it.
  22. 4saken

    The Finals

    played through tutorial, think that was enough. back to mw3.
  23. 4saken

    Steam year in review 2023

    Doesn't reflect where i spent my time too accurately since i'm on Bnet for hearthstone and MW3 all the time and Starfield on GamePass
  24. 4saken

    [Rumor] Windows 12 to arrive in fall 2024 with a floating taskbar and a focus on AI

    Right. Been using linux since 1994 every day.(still feel like it has to be said in these threads) Still don't want it as a primary desktop at the house. I'll happily move to win12 w/o bitching and moaning for 2-4 years about how bad it sucks. Maybe im just getting old. Just work, experiment...
  25. 4saken

    AIB’s dismantling 4090’s to repurpose as Server cards.

    Technical sales. SA for a large SV based tech company that deals with data.
  26. 4saken

    AIB’s dismantling 4090’s to repurpose as Server cards.

    All i know is that for projects involving AI at the enterprise level and selling/co-selling those solutions ive only been working directly with nvidias sales teams. Sounds like AIB just trying to bypass licensing for GPUs to be used in datacenters Maybe farming them out to a or...
  27. 4saken

    Cyberpunk 2077

    This is what I am doing. Painful to wait, but not gonna upgrade my 3080 to a 4090 at this point.
  28. 4saken

    Intel CEO Doesn't See Arm-based Chips as Competition in the PC Sector

    He's right. What market misread?
  29. 4saken

    Apple 'Scary Fast' Mac event October 30th

    Guess i may be trading up my 2019 mbp for one of these at work after i accidentally drive over it.
  30. 4saken

    Forza Motorsport(8) thread

    Just got around to launching it finally today. Running great with DLSS on 3080/1200KF at 3440x1440p and my G29 worked out of the box almost perfectly to my wheel setting likings. Ive only run about 4 races as of now though. AI is dumb. Graphics are good, but bit disappointing.
  31. 4saken

    Asmongold Trophy Streamer of the Year

    don't know who this is, but saw something about how disgusting his house is.
  32. 4saken

    Best Buy to stop selling DVDs and Blue-rays tech news?

    oh cool, never heard of them. Definitely have in the hundreds. Will check it out. thanks.
  33. 4saken

    Best Buy to stop selling DVDs and Blue-rays tech news?

    Don't think i've watched a physical disc movie in almost 10yrs. Need to see if i can pawn off my BD/DVD collection.
  34. 4saken

    Pressure grows on Apple to open up iMessage

    I just want all of my work group chats to show up blue. Too much to ask? ..always that one guy who shows up green.
  35. 4saken

    Techspot, 7900XTX vs 4080 Revisited

    and my point stands.
  36. 4saken

    Techspot, 7900XTX vs 4080 Revisited

    so if you are into pleb graphics AMD better, if not, Nvidia better. Nothing new here.
  37. 4saken

    Microsoft appears to have given up on cloud gaming in the short term

    Cloud gaming works really damn well on Steam Deck to play Xbox store games. People still saying it sucks, have you actually used it lately? I was a huge detractor on cloud gaming, and it seems pretty well up to snuff for this use case at least. Am i playing shooters/twitch games online? Of...
  38. 4saken

    New Side channel attack, but this time with a twist.

    95%+(being generous even with this) of these exploits will ever affect majority of individual contributors nor companies. I talk security and data protection to massive enterprises, and the only thing on their mind is Ransomware and recovery. Indelibility of their backups, and identifying...
  39. 4saken

    Nvidia Says Native Resolution Gaming is Out, DLSS is Here to Stay

    Seems great to me. Natural evolution.