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    (DEAD) Black Mesa [Steam] $4.99

    The sale ended :((((
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    Thought I got an Amazon Warehouse Deal on an H115i All-in-one

    I was so mad, I didn't even pay attention that it was the wrong model also. Wow, talk about dropping the ball.
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    Thought I got an Amazon Warehouse Deal on an H115i All-in-one

    So I just recently graduated with my Masters of Nursing and I am currently studying for boards for my Family Nurse Practitioner exam. As you all know literally studying by itself and nothing else makes you very bored and irritated. I should have just waited until after I passed boards to do...
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    Single Player Games

    I just got around to playing the DLC for infinite and it definitely is the best DLC I have played in a while and it ties the story together.
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    FS: Steam Link, DJI Spark, GO PRO Hero Black 6

    Steam Link $30 shipped DJI Spark Fly More Edition $350 Go Pro Hero Black $200
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    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Physical Sales down 60% vs. Battlefront 1

    welp i accidentally preordered the game. I think i am gonna return this and stick it to EA.
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    Szechuan Sauce is Back for One Day

    not in my area fuck.....
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    should i upgrade my hd 7950.

    This card rocks for the resolution i am playing games at. Thanks Patton187
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    should i upgrade my hd 7950.

    I am so excited. I might start benchmarking all my games.
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    should i upgrade my hd 7950.

    That would be awesome.
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    should i upgrade my hd 7950.

    my computer is gonna be looking kind of ridiculous MSI 270 m5 Intel 7700k 16 gb of DDR4 and a radeon 7950 I would have never thought in a million years i would have a graphics card as a hold over from previous generation computer builds as it is usually just the computer case and speakers.
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    should i upgrade my hd 7950.

    i am thinking of building a new 7600k/7700k or ryzen varient system. my current system is an old 2500k with a hd 7950. I have not really played many new computer games besides some overwatch and SC2. I don't know if an upgrade is worth it right now. I sadly game on my ps4 more than in front...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    fallout 4 and gonna load up metal gear solid online i love me snake.
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    Shadows of Mordor worth 30 bucks on Steam?

    hell to the fuck yes. I am playing it on my PS4 and it is worth every penny i spent.
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    ‘Lizard Squad’ Member Reveals His Face in a TV Interview

    uhh did he seriously just show his face /facepalm. He is gonna get nabbed soon enough.
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    Google And Microsoft Oppose Marriott Blocking Personal Wi-Fi

    Marriot wants to not only nickel and dime customers for wifi at an additional charge on top of lodging, but to block our own wifi hotspot. Who do these crooks think they are?
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    repeater or access point

    how hard is it to set up these little access points?
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    repeater or access point

    can i connect this through a power line adapter? I dont really wanna run wires.
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    repeater or access point

    My family has been complaining about the lack of network coverage upstairs and i need a recommendation on what to buy in order to gain additional coverage in my house. I currently use an ASUS RTAC66R and it won't penetrate the second floor as the connections goes in and out sometimes. I can...
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    What game have you logged the most hours on?

    what paragon level are you now? and yes i know we didn't have paragon levels for a couple years. i put in close to 300 hours before paragon levels are initiated.
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    Logitech - G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    and your co-workers haven't killed you yet? that is impressive. Don't get me wrong i love blues, but god damn they are loud. My blue Filco's are hidden underneath my bed until a rainy day.
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    Xbox One Sales 'Quickly Catching Up' To PS4

    I am probably gonna get a ps4 again this year since I sold mine last time because of the lack of games. Looking forward to First person GTA5 unless i hold out for the pc version. But i am a lazy bastard now and don't really care for sitting on the computer desk as long as sitting on the couch...
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    65" Samsung UN65H7150 HDTV $1498 @ amazon

    this price doesn't really seem that cheap considering i paid around that price for an LED 60" 120hz Panasonic 6500 class a few years back.
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    PA: AT&T users, 10GB Family Shareplan now 15Gb, current subscibers are eligible.

    well i got my data upped to 20gb last month when they had the double offer that lasted for a couple weeks.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    The Bounties are buffed in T6. It is almost guaranteed a bounty per a cache so start looting. If you are lacking a Rorg, now is the time to get it. I am probably gonna go run a few act 2 acts so i can get that boot of illusory.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Hah. I spent 35 souls and over 20 million to roll CHD on my Moonlight Ward for my Wiz. I think blizzard had a thing against me as i kept on re-rolling and kept on seeing my money decrease. After finally get CHD it ended up being 93% CHD great but not worth the money i spent into re-rolling it...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    wrong.. Its a guaranteed drop for Maltheal if its a first time kill or if you reset your entire quest and start from act I again.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    them feels man. I feel like i haven't gotten an upgrade ever since i got a mirrorball My Toon Ling Ling
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    RNG gods have finally blessed me with a Mirrorball from Kadala. It only took about 1500 blood shards :(
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    need decent graphics card without a power connector.

    750ti it is. I tried to get him to return the system and buy parts piecemeal and even offered to help build it, but he needed a replacement PC quickly due to the death of his pc a couple weeks ago. He currently is low on cash and decided to bank on microcenter's 18 month no interest deal...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    i agree. It makes no sense when mp10 drops were guaranteed and now its like 50/50 on T6
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    need decent graphics card without a power connector.

    A friend recently bought a Lenovo H530 from Microcenter and wants to upgrade a graphics card but it doesn't have a PCI-express plug in it. This system is pretty gay since it doesn't have any additional molex connectors or sata connectors. We thought about switching PSU's but this crap uses a...
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    [WTB] Bioshock Infinite Season Pass

    Apparently i missed out on the 5 dollar steam sale. I was wondering if anybody got spares to sell.
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    Titanfall - Respawn Entertainment's first game

    All the campaign does is help get you acclimated to the game. There is really no story besides unlocking the 2 extra titans. I actually enjoy the change in scenery for the gameplay. Battlefield 4 was a disaster and i would pay for this full price over again over that broken POS. Implementing...
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    Help me build a gaming computer for 800

    for the price is it better for amd or intel?
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    Help me build a gaming computer for 800

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Browing and Video Gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? His Budget is 800 Tax included 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if possible. He Lives St...
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    Help me build a gaming computer for 800

    thanks for some advice. I will look into it and see if he is willing to put more in.
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    iFixit Mac Pro Teardown

    I like the design, but 3000 is a huge price to digest.