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  1. DooKey

    Nintendo Forces Gary's Mod to wipe 20 years of Nintendo content

    Yep, if Nintendo owns the copyright, then they get to say how it's used.
  2. DooKey

    Asus Tuf 4090 - Artifacts in Control with MSAA enabled

    Your card is fine. It's obvious the issue is software based since it's just Control that exhibits this behavior.
  3. DooKey

    $2,500 RTX-5090 ( 60% faster than 4090 )

    I don't feel a bit responsible for your spending. Plenty of deals for cards that don't cost as much as a halo card. AMD is glad to sell you a lessor card for less money. Buy AMD and it's not a problem.
  4. DooKey

    $2,500 RTX-5090 ( 60% faster than 4090 )

    So much concern about what others spend their money on.
  5. DooKey

    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    3080 FE was priced well. 2080 Ti was priced high.
  6. DooKey

    4090 Power Delivery Questions

    Drop a note to Corsair support and see what they have to say.
  7. DooKey

    The Greatest GPU of All Time

    I'm an 8800 GTX Ultra man myself.
  8. DooKey

    ChatGPT linked to declining academic performance and memory loss in new study

    History (world and US), Math, Science, English/Composition, I would even say the Arts are probably worth taking to continue our civilization. If everyone wants to just specialize civilization will fall. I only finished half of my master's classes before I quit because I didn't see the value...
  9. DooKey

    Need advice finding a used card for 2d.

    I'd just grab a fanless GT 1030 off of eBay for cheap.
  10. DooKey

    Zotac GAMING Trinity or 4080 SUPER ASUS PROART

    Grab the Zotac.
  11. DooKey

    Forgive me father, for I have moved to team green

    Buy what you want. It's your money and your choice. Enjoy your new card.
  12. DooKey

    Too Many Games on the Market

    If it's a good game, it's a good game, whether indie or AAA.
  13. DooKey

    Z690 board and i5-12400 cpu - what should I upgrade to?

    Nice, paid a little more for the 14600 and reaping the benefits.
  14. DooKey

    New Rig Video Card help

    At a $100 price difference I believe the NV card is a better choice. Less power usage, DLSS/Frame Gen, better RT performance, Cuda support. If you were someone who upgraded often, I would say save the money and buy the 7900xt. Since you appear to keep your stuff a long time, I believe the NV...
  15. DooKey

    Z690 board and i5-12400 cpu - what should I upgrade to?

    Agreed. 14500K would be a very good upgrade for the price.
  16. DooKey

    Nvidia stock price befuddling analysts

    I've said it many times over the years and I'm going to say it again. Jensen is a freaking genius and Nvidia is a well-tuned machine that executes year over year. I admire the man and what he has accomplished.
  17. DooKey

    $2,500 RTX-5090 ( 60% faster than 4090 )

    Does it really matter what others think?
  18. DooKey

    $2,500 RTX-5090 ( 60% faster than 4090 )

    I spend many dollars on ammo and guns every year. It's expensive. I'd say there are more of me that like guns than like halo GPU's. Welcome to C[H]eapOCP.
  19. DooKey

    $2,500 RTX-5090 ( 60% faster than 4090 )

    It's not that widespread. I'd say less than 200K units per year. That's why I don't understand why so many bitch and moan about it.
  20. DooKey

    3080ti to 7900xtx

    Modern day Windows is pretty good about uninstalls now. I just run the driver uninstall program and install the new GPU if changing brands. Install new drivers. Done.
  21. DooKey

    Terminator: Survivors

    I agree. I'm a big fan of Resistance.
  22. DooKey

    7900xtx or 4080 super?

    AMD never lies... Poor Volta.
  23. DooKey

    7900xtx or 4080 super?

    You can't fight fanboyism. He admitted that you MUST support AMD. Seems clear cut to me.
  24. DooKey

    RTX 5xxx / RX 8xxx speculation

    NV will probably release 5090 this fall. It's a low volume/high margin product. Halo has always been fairly limited release. The rest of the stack is what is in question.
  25. DooKey

    NVIDIA RTX Video HDR on new 551.23 drivers!

    NV knows software. I fully expect them to do what they say they are going to do with the new app.
  26. DooKey

    Micro Center Selling Refurb'd Sapphire Nitro+ Vapor-X 7900 XTX Now?

    That's a lot of money to spend on a refurb with only 90 days of warranty.
  27. DooKey

    Cablemod 90° and 180° adapters now for sale/pre-order.

    I'm going to return my v1.0 as well. It was still in pristine condition, but I really don't need it since I have a native cable that can plug in with plenty of room.
  28. DooKey

    Amazon Associate?

    Do you have a brother?
  29. DooKey

    7900 xtx vs 4080 (used)

    I predict at least two more threads before it is all said and done. For some reason the term "attention whore" comes to mind. Just sayin'.
  30. DooKey

    Why Nvidia doesn't feel like it needs to care about pleasing Geforce customers anymore

    Squeaky wheels are always the loudest. The bottom line is what matters. NV sells a ton of GPUs regardless of the squeaking going on out there. I don't see their domination of the market going away anytime soon.
  31. DooKey

    4080 Super reviews

    Some customers are comfortable with that price.
  32. DooKey

    AMD Confirms Zen 5 will Get Ryzen 8000 Series Branding, "Navi 3.5" Graphics in 2024Z

    They're pushing Intel for sure. Nvidia not so much.
  33. DooKey

    Advice on buying first high-end video card to play @ 4K

    If you keep are going to keep your new GPU for the next several years, it's probably a good idea to buy the card with the best RT performance at your budget level. RT will become more and more prevalent in games as time goes on. If you plan on frequent upgrades RT capability will take care of...
  34. DooKey

    Why Nvidia doesn't feel like it needs to care about pleasing Geforce customers anymore

    I don't think you can say NV doesn't care about gamers. They have nearly $3B reasons to care. I'm enjoying the hell out of my 4090. I'm pretty sure NV sold that to me and supports it well. I don't see them giving up the gaming market. Makes no sense to be a one trick pony and only do AI...
  35. DooKey

    Low Time Spy Scores - RTX 4090 STRIX OC - 30K Graphics

    Don't count those chickens. They haven't received the board yet.
  36. DooKey

    7900xtx or 4080 super?

    This isn't always true. I own NV cards and have no problem telling someone to buy an AMD card based on their budget and use case. Both companies have good cards, and you simply have to figure out what works best for your use. I buy NV because I go for max performance (halo cards) across the...
  37. DooKey

    Valari Gaming Pillow

    I wonder if OP returned it yet?
  38. DooKey

    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    Every electrical connector/plug known to man has failed and melted or burned. They still do to this day. Simple 110v plugs melt or burn every day. SMDH at idiots.
  39. DooKey

    Will you jump on 40xx Super Video cards or would you rather wait for 50xx series to come out?

    5090 is on my shopping list. Just trying to fuck everyone else according to AMD and cheap fan bois.