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    best offers considdered
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    Do I need a new power supply?

    I lost a MB due to a PSU failure to this day I refuse to use that brand power supply. I say if your questioning it, it's time to shop around for a modern quality power supply. You're intuition maybe speaking out. FS. forums are full of quality units at great prices.
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    There’s your problem!

    Having made more then enough blunders in my rig building projects over the years all I can do when I see this is smile.
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Always had a blast with the 8800 series had GTX’s in SLI then a modded Ultra
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    Some prices reduced, reasonable offers considered
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    Silverstone ST1200-PT I’ve had the Power supply for several years sitting on my shelf. I purchased it from a a fairly well known power supply reviewer so other then testing for his review I would say almost new. comes with all cables and manual. Price $150.00 MSI PRO Z690-A WIFI DDR4...
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    Gigabyte Z690 UD AX

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    Got Nostalgic yesterday

    Opteron 165 Don't remember which DFI board it was, DFI love them or hate them they had some kicks ars boards
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    Got Nostalgic yesterday

    I was digging through a box of old stuff and found a AMD Palomino chip and a dual core Opteron. Thought back to the days of spending marathon sessions overclocking these chips. My first overclocking was a Clawhammer it was the big bad single core. The crazy cooling systems endless sessions of...
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    The Greatest GPU of All Time

    I had 8800 GTX’s in SLI. Then I picked up a modded ultra that was a monster. Have my modded1080TI for a spare
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    All Razer naga epic mouse Blackwidow TE Chroma keyboard Tartarus pro game pad
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    AMD X399 board quad mem

    I have tried to get all 4 channels going no matter what I do when I install 4th. Stick to get all 4 Mem channels going It drops a channel. All the slots are good and all Memory is good. any advice? My only thought is more voltage to run all 4 channels
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    WTB: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X found

    No Threadrippers to be found?
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    FS Motherboard,CPU,Mem. Bundle

    Price includes shipping. Shipped to lower 48 PayPal preferred My location, Norfolk Virginia Payment First then I ship. For sale older setup runs strong and is snappy. Ready to drop in a case and go, be good home computer or kids first time rig. • MSI 790FX-GD70 • AMD Phenom II X3 unlocked 4th...
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    Best CPU's of all time?

    Most fun I had was OC'ing the AMD Opteron dual cores.
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    WTB: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X found

    Been on the hunt for awhile now for a 12 core Threadripper 2920X shoot me a PM if you have one.
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    WTB Z690 MB.

    On the hunt for a Intel MB. Z690
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    Goodwill store treasure

    I've bought 3 cases, 2 of them had original packaging and shipping costs were acceptable
  19. Randy6309

    Goodwill store treasure

    Over the years I have had some incredible deals like that 200.00 pair of boots with tag $25.00 Seiko dive watch watch 10.00 Needed a top quality white case for a build. And saving a 100.00 plus is Awesome in this crappy economy.
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    Goodwill store treasure

    New in the box $112.00 good deal for me. There $200.00 with tax and add any shipping costs.
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    Goodwill store treasure

    $112.00 USD
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    Goodwill store treasure

    Good will store treasure. My daughter has been wanting a upgrade and likes White She is still on a LGA1151 . I have most of the components for a LGA1200 Found this. Lian Li LI PC-O11 Dynamic EVO Still in the retail box. Wonder why it ended up in a goodwill store.
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    Just got my first TKL Keyboard

    I picked up a open box Razer , thinking about a 2nd one to replace my full size Keyboard
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    Best Speakers for Music System?

    My vintage setup Marantz 4320 Marantz DV4500 Harmon Kardon T55C turntable Bose 301 series III
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    How much do you have to spend approx to play current games at 4k 120mhz refresh rate?

    I purchased parts from forums I have been on for years some parts from ebay Motherboard Gigabyte Z590 AORUS PRO AX $106.01 Tax$6.48 Shipping $14.85 Handling $2.00 * $129.34 CPU Intel 11700K *$250.00 MEM.G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4 3600 *$179.13 GPU Gigabyte Eagle OC RTX 3080 12GB *$525.00...
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    Best Speakers for Music System?

    I agree vintage speakers for vintage system. **Also make sure you use same length speaker wire for both speakers**
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    How much do you have to spend approx to play current games at 4k 120mhz refresh rate?

    Buying 2nd hand components can give you a great gaming rig build I have 11700K, RTX3080 12 gig Eagle 32 gig memory 3 TB’ of SSD’s $1800
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    Best Speakers for Music System?

    I’m using Bose 301 series III WITH A 80watt per channel Marantz Those speakers are rated at 100 watts
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    Case selection = SAD!

    My next build, wanted a more classic look
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    Best SSD currently ?

    I’ve used Samsung 980 PRO 2TB PCIe Gen 4 x4 NVMe SSD M.2 In the last three builds.
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    Scalpers are struggling to sell the RTX 4080 above MSRP, but retailers won't let them return the cards

    I grieve for the scalpers and the unfortunate situation they find themselves in!
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    Non bluetooth wireless headset options?

    How far from the computer do you plan to be?
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    What is the best GPU for 1080p gaming

    I used GTX1080Ti and it did great for the games I played. Only reason I’m running a RX6900XT 16 gig is because of upgrading to 32” high performance monitor My GTX1080Ti is on a rig with a Asus 24” monitor and it works well on high settings.
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    GPU Support stand

    I Appreciate all the options and Links.
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    Corsair 5000D new build not turning on

    Looks good!
  36. Randy6309

    Corsair 5000D new build not turning on

    Like I said way back in this thread I always plug a motherboard speaker in on my builds. Maybe old school but the beep codes will help you trouble shoot issues Bought a bag full of speakers off amazon
  37. Randy6309

    Corsair 5000D new build not turning on

    Great to see it up and running!!!
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    Gigabyte RTX3080 Eagle

    does anyone have the Gigabyte 3080 Eagle watercooled? trying to verify which blocks will fit on the 12 gig mem card.
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    Corsair 5000D new build not turning on

    have you tore this thing down and just bench tested basic setup? Do you have a stock heatsink you can throw on the processor so you can test ?
  40. Randy6309

    Scratched my motherboard with screwdriver. Am I in trouble?

    I had a MB quit working from water line leak. let it dry out and cleaned it with alcohol and after the second alcohol bath, wala it worked great