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  1. next-Jin

    Microsoft finally putting Publisher out of its misery.

    To comment, I would get all three programs in that suite tbh. You effectively get one free and can use them all while inside Publisher using Chromas (switch between all apps while in the same file) without the need to export and import all the time.
  2. next-Jin

    Microsoft finally putting Publisher out of its misery.

    Funny enough, I was tasked to make a newsletter as well not even 2 weeks ago, started with Publisher since we had M365, within an hour I requested Adobe InDesign. They said F no (monthly cost for business) so I went with Affinity’s suite. 137 bucks for Photo, Vector and template design was more...
  3. next-Jin

    Latency Pipeline, "Input Lag," Reflex, & Engineering Interview

    Steve is definitely more direct in his approach but to say this is not sponsored by nvidia because he was not paid doesn’t really say anything. It’s effectively free marketing which will indeed have its perks in the future. Paid or not. It could just be access for future content. I don’t see...
  4. next-Jin

    Microsoft says Xbox has "lost the console wars."

    Gen 7 yeah but towards the end with Kinect there were signs. Loads of people said it was going to be a problem for the One and like you said it effectively killed their momentum. What’s dumb is that even with that horrible launch they could have strived and been competitive. They just never...
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    Microsoft says Xbox has "lost the console wars."

    You know, even though I'm now in my 40's with teenage kids and I very rarely even play video games it's posts like these that make me proud to be a veteran of the previous console wars both here and elsewhere. As someone who called this over a decade ago it makes me proud to know my hours of...
  6. next-Jin


    I don’t normally play these types of games but have Valheim which I thought was terrible. I thought the world was boring as hell, it looked bad, and just had zero direction. Enshrouded has me more interested at least, it has clear instruction, clever story, looks ok, has a Zelda BotW feel to it...
  7. next-Jin

    GeForce RTX 4070 Super reviews

    I’m willing to wait for it if I need to, so launch day availability is not an issue for me. Unless you’re talking about something else.
  8. next-Jin

    GeForce RTX 4070 Super reviews

    Nah I've learned my lesson. With nvidia especially you want to sell your cards a full month prior to release at least. Throw your backup card in and wait till launch. The sell value difference after launch from before and after is huge. I can actually profit off my 4090 after having it for over...
  9. next-Jin

    MSI Monitor Cheats for You

    The only time I thought I was cheating with hardware was way back when I used some device that hooked up to the Xbox iirc and let me use a keyboard and mouse. I think it was an XIM or something from WAY back when. It was the most fun I’ve ever had, just being able to slaughter everyone and...
  10. next-Jin

    The Apple Vision Pro goes on sale in the US on February 2 for $3,499

    Well it’s definitely being used for military applications such as drone swarm flights as of late last year.
  11. next-Jin

    Some Microsoft hardware is coming back

    It’s basically the industry standard imo.
  12. next-Jin

    WTB: Budget Gaming Laptop

    I’ve got an older Lenovo 15” Legion 5i I don’t use anymore. 10750H 2060 16GB 1080p 240hz It still played everything fine at native res but I wanted a 16:10 and something with a little more juice (I got an Acer 16” with 4070 Ti for 1200 during Black Friday)
  13. next-Jin

    Amazon Prime Video will start showing ads on January 29th

    I haven’t paid for cable in 15 years probably and rely on Plex and unRaid. I started with Windows Media Center a cable card and automation software to remove commercials back in the day. I also don’t pay for streaming. The only thing that sucks is some sporting events are not broadcast on local...
  14. next-Jin

    Starfield Dev's getting a little petty on social media

    It’s trash because what made those games awesome (though flawed) was the exploration and world, interesting side quests, etc. Saying you can explore way more and more worlds is a perfect example of more not being better. Having to go through half a dozen loading screens and prompts to do a...
  15. next-Jin

    Nvidia RTX 4090 power connectors melting?

    I just bought a replacement cable for my SFX 750 Corsair and haven’t had any issue. I REALLY need a 90 angle adapter because the NR200 is without a side panel (in a cabinet so no big deal) but I was always worried about this issue and never went with it. It’s in my media cabinet and I’d never...
  16. next-Jin

    More than 5 years since launch, the Epic Game Store has still not turned profitable

    The water physics were ahead of their time that's for sure, but I thought the Jet Moto series were better games all around.
  17. next-Jin

    Ubiquity - Dream Machine Pro - $279.

    Technically the dream wall might be ok but from a usability standpoint it’s terrible. I don’t know how you could keep a nice and tidy setup with that monster. I have a wall mount 9u in a closet and it’s perfect, when I build my house it’ll be a huge one with active ventilation planning thought...
  18. next-Jin

    Starfield Dev's getting a little petty on social media

    It wasn’t even FO4 in space though.
  19. next-Jin

    E3 is dead

    Yeah I thought this was long gone, far easier, cheaper to do online events that don’t get washed out by other things within mins/hours/days.
  20. next-Jin

    New Avatar PC Game Has a Hidden 'Unobtainium' Graphics Setting Targeting Future GPUs

    Yep I sure did, but my point wasn’t to be factually accurate when describing or conveying what others tend to describe. EDIT: Hold the phone, PS5 is something like 10.3 TFLOPS and the 4090 is what 82.5 TFLOPS? 82.5 / 10.3 = 8.00970874 And I was pulling the 8x figure out of my rear lol.
  21. next-Jin

    New Avatar PC Game Has a Hidden 'Unobtainium' Graphics Setting Targeting Future GPUs

    I think it’s the scaling people really complain about. Consoles being able to code to the metal (I’m not even sure that’s a thing with the apis out now). There are probably hundreds of cross platform games that only marginally run better on 4090 compared to a PS5 or Xbox Series X. The Last of...
  22. next-Jin

    Grand Theft Auto VI

    I’m fairly positive this will be Rockstars TLoU Part II. Hugely successful with game of the generation award HIGHLY criticized by 50% of gamers.
  23. next-Jin

    OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Fired, ChatGPT Hired As Interim CEO

    New end of the world info. Exclusive-OpenAI researchers warned board of AI breakthrough ahead of CEO ouster -sources OpenAI made huge breakthrough before ousting Sam Altman, introducing Q*
  24. next-Jin

    Valve Steam Deck OLED!

    Thinking on this, I see where they are coming from by not going with Z1 Extreme. Most of the stuff I've see shows the same if not less performance for the watts compared to the deck. I do not know how many more node reductions are going to be needed to see a 50%+ boost at 15w. I guess it could...
  25. next-Jin

    Amazon CEO Andy Jassy threatens employees to return to office or "things are probably not going to work out for you"

    I just got a job at a major DOD contractor for a 3 yr guaranteed and 5 option years making 35% more that is fully remote. Before I was telework going into the office whenever I needed which could have been 2-4 times a weeks or months on end of never going in. I spent 95% of my 3 years probably...
  26. next-Jin

    [Fanatical] [Steam] S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete Bundle 82% off at $7.19 till 11-30-23

    Say I’ve never played this before, y’all are mentioning mods. What’s the best graphical overhaul and modern gameplay overhaul mods? Do those bring the original up to speed? Yes I bought this. Modern titles are trash but this is pretty old.
  27. next-Jin

    AMD Zen 4c Not an E-core, 35% Smaller than Zen 4, but with Identical IPC

    Yea there are still issues with Intel screwing it up on their CPUs where the OS pushes gaming workloads to their E cores. Being the same type is probably say it’ll be even more difficult for the OS to figure it out 100% of the time.
  28. next-Jin

    Warm? PNY RTX 4090 = $1,599.99 @ Best Buy

    They fit in the NR200 but there is 0 room left. Or at least the PNY 4090s. They probably fit in the new fractal ridge too. What sucks is you will always be forced to get the 90 degree adapter with these builds.
  29. next-Jin

    Warm? PNY RTX 4090 = $1,599.99 @ Best Buy

    This is the exact same card I have, and it hasn't had an issue thankfully. 73c at most in an entertainment center with the doors closed in my mITX build. No coil whine either.
  30. next-Jin

    NVIDIA rumored to be preparing GeForce RTX 4080/4070 SUPER cards

    The way it’s going you’re going to have to get a top tier card just to brute force some of the games coming out. Anything less will be a recipe for frustration.
  31. next-Jin

    Best Buy to stop selling DVDs and Blue-rays tech news?

    It was pretty cringe tbh. I had a hell of a time trying to slog through it. It was Elizabeth Banks trying her absolute best to get under my skin. Not as bad as the new Transformers (quit watching after 13 minutes) but still bad.
  32. next-Jin

    Best Buy to stop selling DVDs and Blue-rays tech news?

    I literally just walked into the Best Buy (Augusta, GA) with the wife and kids to have my wife check some mice to find one she likes. (Kinda have to test drive those) Place looked like Circuit City before they went under. Trash all over the floor, shelves were a disaster, etc. place was a mess...
  33. next-Jin

    Sierra Forest finally has a launch date.

    A 64 core setup (maybe 32) would be cool to have for an unRaid setup just to fool around with.
  34. next-Jin

    Nvidia Says Native Resolution Gaming is Out, DLSS is Here to Stay

    I almost never use any upscaling or AA of any variety, be it 1080p(laptop) or 4k(desktop). No motion blur, no film grain, no chromatic aberration nonsense, etc. The only time I do is to test out Cyberpunk with RT (DLSS) but I actually play without it. Lots of people use DLSS to fix pixel...
  35. next-Jin

    Nvidia Says Native Resolution Gaming is Out, DLSS is Here to Stay

    Better graphics is debatable. DLSS or DLAA to me look like crap. Better than FXAA mind you but I don’t like them. I think motion clarity is also a problem. When it’s the base image with no upscaling or any sort of AA and no post processing the image (to me plays and feels much better).
  36. next-Jin

    Nvidia Says Native Resolution Gaming is Out, DLSS is Here to Stay

    Am I the only one who likes native resolution with 0 post effects? The first thing I do is set to native full screen, 120hz cap, turn on vsync then turn off anything blur related, and these weird effects that just muddy the image or put a filter over it.
  37. next-Jin

    ASUS Announces ROG MATRIX RTX 4090 Flagship Graphics Card

    I mean a few generations ago watercooling showed fairly impressive results iirc. Not just in temps but performance. With this one it just seems like it’s pointless.
  38. next-Jin

    ASUS Announces ROG MATRIX RTX 4090 Flagship Graphics Card

    I don’t understand why anyone would buy this other than the “it” factor. My cheapo bare standard PNY 4090 never goes above 73c in a media cabinet and NR200. Even overclocking 4090s doesn’t net large boosts. Those days seem like they are long gone as iirc it’s silicon limits and/or power limits...
  39. next-Jin

    Apple iPhone 15 Live Event "Wonderlust"

    I ignored him at least a year ago. I wish there was a way to also ignore replies to him. His responses were just so nonsensical to me.
  40. next-Jin

    Google gets its way, bakes a user-tracking ad platform directly into Chrome

    what browsers don’t invade privacy in one way or another? If it’s free it’s probably doing all sorts of nefarious things. I’d pay for a barebones web browser with modern code to read websites, tabs and that’s it at this point.