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  1. Angry

    FS: EVGA GTX 970 SSC 's, 4690k, Ddr3 and misc.

    Seller: Angry Trades: None ATM. Shipping: US48 USPS (or UPS if prefered) References: Payment methods accepted: Paypal, Cashapp. Reason: sitting around not getting used, needs a home. GPUs: I have two GTX EVGA 970 both are fully working. Asking $35 for one...
  2. Angry

    WTB: Ryzen 3700x

    FOUND Thank you [H]! (And Cybrnook).
  3. Angry

    WTB: Ryzen 3700x

    Looking for a 3700x for my middle one to upgrade his i7 6700. Seen some getting snapped up for $85+\- ish. Of course Im actively looking to buy and they all gone.
  4. Angry

    Sold Today's sale :> (1) Nvidia Quadro P400 (new/pull)

    Dang beat me to it.
  5. Angry

    WTB: Cheap iphones (cracked screen ok)

    Ive got a couple of 6s's. Found them yesterday. They charged up and loaded up fully.
  6. Angry

    Post your hard drive Power On hours!

    Got 5 500gb drives, they were used when I brought them but so far... This is from October of last yr. They live in a raid0 on a perc h710 currently for bulk storage for VM's.
  7. Angry

    WTB: Stadia Controller, also potentially a Chromecast?

    Pretty sure I still have the black round chroncast. Definitely still have the barely stadia used controller (bluetooth converted). Might even have the box. Can verify tonight.
  8. Angry

    FS: Netgear CM1150v Docsis 3.1 Cable modem

    Item: Netgear CM1150v Seller: Angry Price: $40 Shipped SOLD! Trades: None ATM. Shipping: US48 USPS (or UPS if prefered) References: Payment methods accepted: Paypal, Cashapp. Reason: Switch to fiber, and no longer have a use for this. Pics:
  9. Angry

    Anybody use Wireguard VPN?

    Switched from openvpn to wireguard after android 12 on my LG v60 broke openvpn upload speeds. Wish I had went to wireguard a long time ago.
  10. Angry

    Comcast/Xfinity vs Frontier

    In my area, I switched from Comcast to Frontier back in like novemeber after Frontier laid down fiber. Was paying $200+ for comcast and TV. (Required to have a TV plan) for the 1gbps down and 35mb up. Paying Frontier 65.99 for gigabit symmetrical, and now they offer 2gb for $100. And 5gb for...
  11. Angry

    RTX is a joke

    This looks inpressive.
  12. Angry

    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    The later x79 and x99 Chinese boards BIOs have improved. Plenty of builds have been done with them. But still pretty basic enough for a home server.
  13. Angry

    Iptorrent Invites

    Would care for an invite myself if possible.
  14. Angry

    Post Your Workstations 2021

    This thread is seriously lacking. :(
  15. Angry

    have you gotten your new NVidia/AMD upgrade card yet? Why not?

    I want a 3080 Ti, but cant swing $1500+ for a gpu. I got extremely lucky and got a 2080 Super, and drove in a snow storm to get it. (It actually hit on the way home).
  16. Angry

    The 970 is still a capable card? Heresy

    Speaking a a Quest 2 owner. VR may not be mainstream, especially the kind of VR experience hardcore PC gamers crave. But the Quest and Quest 2 have sold ALOT. Look at any of the facebook groups (shudder) and reddit to see how active its gotin in the last few months. Since the Quest 1 went on...
  17. Angry

    The 970 is still a capable card? Heresy

    Still rocking my EVGA 970 SSC 970 with an AIO modded on to it at 1500/4000. Just waiting on that 3080 ti.
  18. Angry

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    More Borderlands 3 since I modded my GTX 970 with an AIO and homemade brackets.
  19. Angry

    PCIe to Six Pin Power Cable...?

    If it has SATA it should be new enough to have 6pin PCIE, unless its as Kardonxt said.
  20. Angry

    Lost access to FS forum?

    Came back to reply to a seller and thank him, releazed I couldnt see his thread lol.
  21. Angry

    Graphics Card Necromancy - Sapphire Radeon R9 390 Nitro

    Awesome work! Subbed for future videos.
  22. Angry

    Water cooled air cooler tested again.

    An update to the previous video, now compared to an original 212 and ek aro.
  23. Angry

    [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread

    I just saw those drives and saw the price and wanted some, but they only had the 500gb. I guess you saw the same deal I did. Love the setup. Please do tell about those adapters.
  24. Angry

    Captain Marvel Will Lead the MCU, Kevin Feige Says

    I care about politics to an extent with a heavy dose of common sense, but I dont need it in my entertainment. Politics are not entertaining even though internet personalities treat it otherwise.
  25. Angry

    Captain Marvel Will Lead the MCU, Kevin Feige Says

    Sitting here watching Infinity War in 4k, after watching Captain Marvel in imax last weekend. They are just good clean fun, and I wish politics would just away. I could care less.
  26. Angry

    Noob help - PCI passthrough

    If it's going to work on x58, you need a Xeon cpu, with Vt-d, and not all x58 boards will work. I've tried it on a Gigabyte x58-udr3 with no luck.
  27. Angry

    Save Zero Dollars by Opting for Intel's iGPU-Disabled CPUs

    There's alot of form factors, and laptops, and I.E. Intel NUC style devices that almost couldnt exist without the embedded igpu. How many AMD based sff devices do you see? It's either intel or arm 90% of the time. Ever see an AMD based hdmi compute stick?
  28. Angry

    CHP: Drunk Driver Slept While Tesla Appeared to Drive Hwy 101 on Autopilot

    I can't believe anyone thinks this is okay... First you you have an A.I. that can't exit or handle in town traffic. 2nd, what happens when the battery starts to get low and the A.I. Stops controlling the car. 3rd. Drunk or not, you sure as he'll shouldn't be asleep behind the wheel muchless...
  29. Angry

    Introducing the NVIDIA Control Panel Windows Store App

    Why? Who uses the Windows Store?
  30. Angry

    The Chinese Social Credit Score System Has Already Been Implemented

    Wasnt this guy in wit Info wars?
  31. Angry

    The Steam Halloween Sale Is Now Live

    Why isn't Borderland 2 on sale?.... ....:sad:. Wanted to by a copy for my youngest.
  32. Angry

    WinAmp is Coming Back From the Dead in 2019

    Version 2.28 or bust.
  33. Angry

    I just bought a 1080ti, I'm going to hold out till 2019 for my next GPU, who's with me??

    Going to be rocking my two EVGA GTX 970 SSC's in SLI at 1440p until the next series. Unless I come across a killer deal.
  34. Angry

    Teenage Apple Hacker Escapes Conviction

    One crime is far worse than the other. Also, If you know how to break security, you know how to fix it as well. It used to be pretty regular that hackers that broke into hardware/software/servers were later hired by big company's to fix their stuff. Now-a-days, this rarely happens and the...
  35. Angry

    Internet Fire Challenge Leaves 12 Year Old Girl Horribly Burned and on a Ventilator

    Most kids I know...know the logic. "FIRE HOT"..."FIRE BURN".... which there for leads to..."FIRE HURT".... Its cave man knowledge. A 7th grader should know damn well that fire is going to hurt. And it's not YouTube specifically, it's anywhere the videos of dumbasses doing stupis crap can be...
  36. Angry

    “Amazon Should Replace Local Libraries to Save Taxpayers Money”

    Forbes? Ha....who takes them serious anymore?
  37. Angry

    NASA's Zombie IMAGE Satellite is Working Nicely

    Watch them do all the work to get back into communicating with it, and then it shuts off again.... That would suck. Take another 4 years for Side B to come back on... The satellite's like..."WTF YALL BEEN?!...I been waitin YEARS for you to answer me!"