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  1. boushidosan

    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Water-cooled SLI 8800 GTS 512's, man I miss that AM2 system.
  2. boushidosan going out of business sale 50% off

    is it normal for paypal to show the full price before the discount before completing the transaction through paypal? Edited: I'm an idiot.
  3. boushidosan

    Using Different Monitors At The Same Time

    Depends on your setup. What kind of graphics card do you have? Can my graphics card support 3 monitors? Do you need more cables? If so, what kind are they? Answering those questions will help.
  4. boushidosan

    FS: Cleaning up some parts (Spreadsheet of parts)

    Bump. Those r210 ii 1u servers make great opnsense boxes. Glws
  5. boushidosan

    Gloss modified PG278QR 165 Hz G-Sync 27" TN

    Hi Vega, can you link that awesome circuit board wallpaper?
  6. boushidosan

    Least expensive 10gb switch?

    It might have something to do with the fact that storage in the past couple of years is leaps and bounds better and so is networking technology. We may see higher jumps then just 10-gig being implemented. That and the fact that new thunderbolt and USB coming out has higher bandwidth anyway you...
  7. boushidosan

    External 980Ti on Thinkpad W540?

    This thread seems to have some nice info:
  8. boushidosan

    Least expensive 10gb switch?

    I did mention those points.
  9. boushidosan

    Least expensive 10gb switch?

    I would pick up a used S60 for 60 whole dollars free shipping. This one already has the extra 2x10sfp+ ports installed for a total of 4x SFP+ ports. I use this as my main...
  10. boushidosan

    FS: 3TB HDDs

    Would you happen to have a smart report for the drives? I just had a 3TB die in my array and need a replacement
  11. boushidosan

    FS: EK AMD, + EK RTX 2080TI WaterBlocks

    How much for the socks?
  12. boushidosan

    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 417.71 WHQL Has Been Released

    Verified working with XL2540, Just had to make sure blur reduction was off in the hidden service menu. Following the instructions led me to a successful result.
  13. boushidosan

    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 417.71 WHQL Has Been Released How to Enable Sync Tech:
  14. boushidosan

    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 417.71 WHQL Has Been Released

    This should probably be in the original post:
  15. boushidosan

    NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 417.71 WHQL Has Been Released

    Going to test with the 1080ti and the BenQ XL2540, wish me luck boiz!
  16. boushidosan

    Metacritic: Xbox One Didn't Have a Single Positively Reviewed Exclusive in 2018

    I for one would like to speculate that at some point in the future the major players in the console game will have a software package that you can just install on your own machine. Think of it as a software-as-a-service that you can drop on certified hardware. This would definitely allow their...
  17. boushidosan

    T-Mobile Partners with Ericsson and Intel to Complete the World's First 600 MHz 5G Call

    Now we will be able to annihilate our data caps in record time
  18. boushidosan

    1st Sign of the Apocalypse - Youtube Down

    This just in: Productivity up 20% on a global scale.
  19. boushidosan

    World Exclusive RTX 2070 Review

    I do apologize if that sounded a little harsh but all of these people becoming butthurt over posting a review early tickled the tips of my fingers
  20. boushidosan

    World Exclusive RTX 2070 Review

    I can't wait to see how similar or different all of the popular YouTube channels data is compared to your numbers. Not that anything should be different, if someone did get their cherry-picked review samples by sucking on nvidia's titty, and they try Focus more on titles or one-off use cases to...
  21. boushidosan

    ASUS Announces New ROG Dominus Extreme X299 Chipset Board for 28 Core Intel

    I am by no means an electrician but would you be better off running 240v lines just for a box with this?
  22. boushidosan

    DRAM Prices Could Fall 5%

    Give me cheaper DRAM or give me death!
  23. boushidosan

    Samsung Announces QLED 8K TV for Consumers

    The world needs 8K porn.
  24. boushidosan

    Crashing Into Fake Cars for Science

    I'm confused, why didn't they explain why the radar and braking system failed to stop them from hitting it at 40? Seems like they optimised and only planned for the reporters to do 35mph runs or something.
  25. boushidosan

    California City Blocks 5G Over Cancer Concerns

    Looks like you forgot a link :D Anyone have specific knowledge of the energy density and wavelengths they are using with 5G? Warning: This post contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive [H]arm.
  26. boushidosan

    Microcenter or Amazon Inland Professional 1TB SSD $139 or $149 w/prime

    I have purchased and deployed about 20 of the 120gb drives for refurb dells we acquire and upgrade before installing, and so far so good.
  27. boushidosan

    Gamer Asks Insomniac to Add Marriage Proposal to "Spider-Man," Gets Dumped

    Brother seems like a piece of shit for not putting his own relative before some sleezbag.
  28. boushidosan

    Uber Adds Crash Detection and Security Features

    Can you actually maintain a profit while maintaining your vehicle if you Uber? Uber has always struck me as some type of scheme where they can dodge a lot of overhead but I have no idea what I'm talking about
  29. boushidosan

    SkyRyse Wants to Create Self Flying Helicopters

    I don't want a helicopter inside of me.
  30. boushidosan

    $120 1060's and $140 RX570's for sale

    Nice price bumped
  31. boushidosan

    NEC UltraSync PA271W 27" 2560x1440

    Although the display may be "old" it is a high end content creation / productivity oriented display. NEC monitors hold up (still using my 2090uxi today) and their panel quality and color support are great. These are also easily tunable monitors.
  32. boushidosan

    Hunt: Showdown - Free Weekend - 20% Off - Game Key Raffle

    There need to be more people in the lobby we can join up with
  33. boushidosan

    WD 8TB Easystores are 150$ again

    Please stop posting these deals, my wallet is begging for Mercy, I lost my house, my child was taken from me, I live in a box. But at least my unraid server is happy
  34. boushidosan

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX & 2950X Unboxing @ [H]

    I noticed remnants of thermal compound on and around the IHS, perhaps you have already tested the hell out it!?
  35. boushidosan

    FS: HTC Vive, R9 390 Nitro, 2700K, DDR3 Galore

    bump i am open to trades
  36. boushidosan

    FS: Thermaltake F51 / Core X9 cases

    Damn why do you have to live so far away, that core is a hot case