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  1. Tengis

    How? Team Chenbro, etc

    I used to go to some of the giant lan parties... Lanwar, Million Man Lan, and a few other smaller ones. Pretty sure I regularly saw a person or two on Team Chenbro that prompted this thread.
  2. Tengis

    How? Team Chenbro, etc

    FB groups are the scourge of the internet. All of the knowledge from forums that was easily accessible was lost and now you have people asking questions and requesting help for things that were solved 10+ years ago.
  3. Tengis

    How? Team Chenbro, etc

    Clearly 🤔
  4. Tengis

    How? Team Chenbro, etc

    I have no idea what this thread was even about.
  5. Tengis

    Winamp's source code to be released publicly on September 24

    I didnt even know people still use Winamp....
  6. Tengis

    Opinion: Could Broadcom buy Intel

    Its actually kind of insane. Like, just yesterday, AMD was the underdog.
  7. Tengis

    Opinion: Could Broadcom buy Intel

    Didnt Broadcom just buy Vmware? The government uses Vmware products extensively.
  8. Tengis

    Target joins Best Buy and discontinues sales of DVD's and Blurays

    As a millennial, I have never purchased a DVD or Bluray in my entire life. I would rent Redbox from time to time, or Blockbuster back in the day, but once streaming started I never looked back. I havent owned anything to even play a DVD or Bluray in at least a decade.
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    Apple Plans To Overhaul Entire Mac Line With AI-Focused M4 Chips

    This thread is entertaining.
  10. Tengis

    Apple Plans To Overhaul Entire Mac Line With AI-Focused M4 Chips

    His list of Apple products is like five grand or more. It's hard for me to believe that he can't have the same productivity with a Surface Pro or other Windows based machine. USB monitors can connect to anything 🤷‍♂️ I didn't see any mention of the actual kind of work he does but going from my...
  11. Tengis

    Apple Plans To Overhaul Entire Mac Line With AI-Focused M4 Chips

    I don't have an Android phone because I care if you like it, which is precisely why I don't have an Apple phone.
  12. Tengis

    Apple Plans To Overhaul Entire Mac Line With AI-Focused M4 Chips

    Apple products have never appealed to me. I've always viewed them as appliances. I'll take an "inferior" Windows device any day, or an Android phone 🤷‍♂️. It doesn't help that everyone I know with Apple devices admits buying them because of social pressure, and "looking poor". It's silly as...
  13. Tengis

    US $90,100.00 - Castlevania Original NES 1st Production New Sealed Hang Tab High Grade Grail

    I have an original sealed Japanese version of Chrono Trigger, as well as Final Fantasy 6. My two favorite SNES games... the third being Link to the Past. I looked at the used games everywhere I went in Japan and bought a couple copies of Chrono Trigger, FF6, a Chrono Trigger cd sounds track, and...
  14. Tengis

    Rainsing Canes gift cards for over 30% off.

    I used to love Raising Canes, now I basically refuse to go whenever one is within spitting distance of me because the size of the chicken strips has been roughly halved in the last 5 years and the prices have damn near doubled. No thanks.
  15. Tengis

    New Book Remembers LAN Parties and the 1990s 'Multiplayer Revolution'

    Lanwar and Million Man Lan were awesome.
  16. Tengis

    HP wants more of your money

    My last HP printer did an over the air update and bricked itself from using non-genuine ink cartridges. I had a Brother printer that did something similar after I updated it... at least there was a tool to roll back the firmware and it let me print issue-free until my new basic laser printer...
  17. Tengis

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Why would they release an update censoring that after all this time?
  18. Tengis

    Newer phones with fantastic up-close/macro pictures?

    I havent used an iphone since the iphone 1... while Im not necessarily against it, I really dont have a taste for Apple when it comes to just about anything.
  19. Tengis

    Newer phones with fantastic up-close/macro pictures?

    I use my phone to take pictures of products for me website basically ever since I had my OnePlus 7t. have a good digital camera but it is 1000x more convenient to take pictures with my phone... in the same amount of time I can basically finish whatever I am doing while with the camera I have to...
  20. Tengis

    how to minimize eBay ship costs?

    From me? My stuff is pretty niche, you can see my website at
  21. Tengis

    how to minimize eBay ship costs?

    $140. I sync from my website and add $10 to the price on ebay.
  22. Tengis

    how to minimize eBay ship costs?

    I have my website set up to sync products and inventory that I select over with a flat +$10 to the purchase price. I do free shipping on both unless its international. If someone goes to my website I feel they would be more likely to buy direct to save what is effectively 11-14%.
  23. Tengis

    how to minimize eBay ship costs?

    Some of the paid services (EasyShip) have slightly better rates then PirateShip. If your volume is high enough then it makes sense. I sell enough on ebay at this point that I wish I didnt, because they take a huge chunk of my profits. Im sure it undoubtedly drives traffic and sales to my...
  24. Tengis

    WTB Cheap Ipad to use as parental management device

    Both of my kids have gaming computers and they pretty much never use them. Its actually kind of depressing.
  25. Tengis

    WTB Cheap Ipad to use as parental management device

    No, not that I can tell. Its become a juggling match of switching profiles on one of my kids ipads which is a pain.
  26. Tengis

    WTB Cheap Ipad to use as parental management device

    My kids both wanted ipads but I dont have an Apple device to manage their accounts. I have an Android tablet I use to watch Netflix sometimes in the garage so Ill probably replace that with my first Apple device so that I have something to manage their accounts. Let me know what youve got.
  27. Tengis

    Oculus 3 age verification

    Ive had emails set up for my kids since they were probably 4 years old. They dont use them, but I use them on their behalf.
  28. Tengis

    Apple wants $73 million from Epic

    Stop buying their crap and transferring your wealth to them. Feel free to start a campaign boycotting these two successful companies.
  29. Tengis

    Ubisoft Wants You To Be Comfortable Not Owning Your Games

    I remember having Sega Channel and I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  30. Tengis

    Twitch streaming lays off 500 staffers

    There is virtually zero reason that I would tune in and watch someone on Twitch... its the same reason that I hate a lot of Youtube content that other people love. Its normal people (often dumb but they say silly things) doing normal things that I do myself. The videos with content I need are...
  31. Tengis

    Copilot or else! (for OEMs...eventually)

    I didnt even realize this button exists until right now. I dont think Ive ever pressed it.
  32. Tengis

    Kioxia reportedly kills off 30-year-old Plextor brand — icon of the optical drive days spins up its last SSD

    I had a bunch of Plextor CD / DVD burners... I waited in line at BestBuy during black friday in like 2002-2003 for 15 hours to get one at half off lol.
  33. Tengis

    Epic games store holiday sale is crazy!

    Nice.. a few games I'd like, but I'd rather pay more to have them on Steam 🤷‍♂️😁
  34. Tengis

    how to minimize eBay ship costs?

    I couldnt find anywhere to dispute it. I tried to for like half an hour.
  35. Tengis

    how to minimize eBay ship costs?

    I make and sell titanium keys... every once in a while I get someone that doesnt even read anything on my website and they just take it to a random schmuck to get it cut and they destroy it. Thats what this guy did. I actually get a decent number of sales from ebay... the fees are the real killer.
  36. Tengis

    how to minimize eBay ship costs?

    I just had my first dishonest scumbag on ebay. They submitted a return request because my product was "faulty". Once I received it back, they had actually butchered it and effectively destroyed it. Before I refunded their money, I uploaded pictures with a response but it was just for show...
  37. Tengis

    Starfield Dev's getting a little petty on social media

    The new Fallout games to me felt... soulless. I was never compelled to continue the story and instead just ran around for about 10 hours doing random stuff. Eventually I started building bases and then got bored with farming stuff to build my bases. The quests were never really that interesting...
  38. Tengis

    Amazon Prime Video will start showing ads on January 29th

    My Plex Server constantly is begging to be used more and more. I was trying to watch an iconin Christmas movie with the fam and I refused to watch ads every 15 minutes on whatever service my wife had selected - got pissed off and then realized I had it stored locally in glorious 4k. I wish...
  39. Tengis

    Starfield Dev's getting a little petty on social media

    Every game in this engine "feels" the same... meaning Starfield "feels", what, 15+ years old? Sure they made improvements over the years but there is nothing exciting about feeling the same as Morrowind and every game that has come after it. I feel like most of my Bethesda woes would go away...