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    Display recommendations for professional artists?

    Hey does anyone have any monitor recommendations for a professional artist who uses programs like Maya and 3ds MAX? I'm looking for a 27" or 32" that costs less than 1k Right now I'm thinking the BenQ PD2706UA, it looks like it's an IPS panel. Primarily I'm looking for monitors that have eye...
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    Co-worker is asking me what's the best way to copy files from a work computer?

    To boot the company did that thing where they tell everyone "don't worry everyone gets to keep their job" and then proceed to lay off 30% of the entire company shortly after. Absolute scumfuckery.
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    Co-worker is asking me what's the best way to copy files from a work computer?

    I have no moral qualms with what they are doing because approx 5/6 projects at this company just got canned. So these artists spent years working on these projects only for everything to get canned b/c of a buy out/take over. If they don't archive the art work they created it will be lost in the...
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    Co-worker is asking me what's the best way to copy files from a work computer?

    Hey guys thanks for the responses. So what's going on is it's a game studio that is laying off 30% of the employees and all of the artists are scrambling to take screen shots of all the work they did before they get laid off. I guess your not supposed to do that but it seems artists in this...
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    Co-worker is asking me what's the best way to copy files from a work computer?

    Hey my co-workers told me that they copy files to drop box from the work computer and that's how they get around the security measures installed by IT. Does this sound like a good way for him to copy the files without triggering some sort of windows file transfer security the employer put in...
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    Having trouble with Active Undelete, what am I doing wrong?

    Hey could you guys please help me out? So I'm trying to restore a corrupted partition on a 2 TB drive using Active Undelete. I complete the scan but then once I try to restore here is the message it gives me; I have a 18tb drive that I want to restore the partition onto but it gives me this...
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    How to check if a "New" hard drive is refurb using CrystalDiskInfo

    Hey does anyone know how to check if a hard drive is a refurb or not? I heard you can check by using a program called CrystalDiskInfo but can't figure out how to find that in the program, does anyone know per chance?
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    What is more reliable for long term rare used storage HDD or SSD?

    Does anyone know what would be a better option for storing backups that are rarely accessed, HDD or SSD? I thought that SSD were supposed to be more reliable but some guy told me that if they are not fired up on occasion the data risks getting lost, does anyone know if that is true? Also...
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    Is it worth getting ESET NOD32 anti-virus over regular windows anti-virus?

    Do you guys think it's worth dishing out the cash for NOD32, or is regular windows built in anti-virus do the same thing?
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    Should I roll the dice on this 'Open Box' laptop from did a testing of all the different laptops and said the LG Gram was the best one. My girlfriend bought one 2 years ago and I was really impressed by the build quality. It seems like a very high quality build to me, I think consumer reports is right.
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    Should I roll the dice on this 'Open Box' laptop from

    Alright thanks I just ordered it, hopefully it works out!
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    Should I roll the dice on this 'Open Box' laptop from

    What do you think about, do you think they would be worth taking a chance on? Here's a link
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    Should I roll the dice on this 'Open Box' laptop from

    Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase an LG Gram 15Z90Q-P and have been looking around for a deal. It's selling for $1600 at Costco right now, but it look like it's almost 50% off on Do you guys know if is a reputable seller? They have a D on better business bureau. Do you...
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    Best UPS for 850 watt power supply?

    Don't plan to run on power for too long, just long enough to save files and shut down the computer. How do I check my system draw under load?
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    Best UPS for 850 watt power supply?

    I don't know much about UPS or how they work, so if I have a 850 watt power supply than does that mean a UPS like this one would be sufficient? What if I were to have a 1000 watt power supply? Also does anyone know if there is a specific brand/model of UPS that would be considered the best?
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    Is this guys method of applying thermal paste a good idea? Wrap cling wrap over your finger and then use it to spread the paste?

    I saw some guy do it on a youtube video Do you guys think this would be a bad idea or that you risk damaging hardware?
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    Need Fan recommendations for IceGiant ProSiphon Elite CPU Cooler

    I don't know the exact temp while I'm running Valheim but I'll check next time I play. The computer blue screened and forced a restart, then on the post screen it had a message about CPU overheating.
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    Will air cooling be enough for 7950X?

    An IceGiant ProSiphon Elite with Noctua fans added on would probably be the best air cooling you could get.
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    Need Fan recommendations for IceGiant ProSiphon Elite CPU Cooler

    I'm cooling a Threadripper 3970x with a stock IceGiant and my CPU is overheating while I play Valheim. Looks like the stock fans aren't powerful enough for how much heat a 3970x generates. When I boot into bios my CPU temp is at 55 c, and I live in a cold place too. Does anyone have any...
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    Why am I getting bad FPS in Valheim with this build? RTX 3090 + threadripper 3970x

    I am only getting about 25fps on average in Valheim with a RTX 3090 and AMD Threadripper 3970x and 128gb of ram. Is this normal? Shouldn't I be getting way more FPS with my hardware? I attached screen shots of my graphic settings + EVGA precision
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    Asus PRIME TRX40-PRO USB 3.2 Gen 2 2x2 Type C Support?

    Hey guys I am a bit confused, does anyone know if the Asus Prime TRX40-Pro mobo supports USB 3.2 Gen 2 2x2 Type C or just regular USB 3.2 Gen 2 type C?? In the motherboard manual it just says "Type C" without the "2x2" behind it, so I am assuming it does not support the 2x2 double speed...
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    ps2 converter for mechanical keyboard for nkey rollover?

    The input lag was actually my main concern over NKEY roll over, people say it's not supposed to be a big deal but my OCD thinks otherwise.
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    USB extension cable for keyboard + mouse input lag?

    I need to use a USB extension cable for my mouse and keyboard to get them to fit onto my standing desk, do you guys know if doing so would cause input lag and degrade performance for competitive shooters like counter-strike?
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    Mouse input lag usb vs PS/2

    Does anyone know if using a ps/2 converter on a usb gaming mouse would reduce input lag? I heard that it's supposed to reduce input lag on a keyboard so was wondering if it would do the same thing for a mouse.
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    ps2 converter for mechanical keyboard for nkey rollover?

    Hey I have an old Filco Ninja Majetictouch 2 that I bought in 2012. Was wondering do you guys know if I can just plug it into the USB and the nkey rollover will work, or do I need to put on a ps2 converter onto the end of the USB and plug it into my mobo's ps2 slot for nkey to work??
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    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    Holy shit people still remember this game other than me?
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    Is my motherboard defective?

    I just put together a new system with a Asus Prime trx40-pro motherboard and a ThreadRipper 3970x. The system seems to be working fine but the chipset fan does not spin. Some times it appears to slightly sway back and forth as if its attempting to start but cant. Does the chipset fan only turn...
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    SonicWall TZ570

    What do you mean the ISP business office? Like contact the ISP and just ask them for recommendations?
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    SonicWall TZ570

    Thank you! He doesn't know very much about computers so I'm assuming he's not maintaining anything. I'll ask him next time I see him. I will definitely tell him about MSSP's, do you know how I could go about finding a good one to recommend for him? His office is in the Seattle area.
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    SonicWall TZ570

    A friend owns a small physical therapy office, his network has 1 server, 4 computers and 6 users. His vendor wants to charge him $5000 for a SonicWall TZ570 with 3 year subscription and $1500 for the install so $6500 total for 3 years of fire wall. Do you guys think this is worth it or is he...
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    Question about Threadripper Pro processors

    I'm confused about the Threadripper pro processors. I thought you were only supposed to be able to buy them directly from pre-built computer companies. How come at Microcenter they have the Pro versions for sale? Does this mean that you would be able to buy the Threadripper 5000 series for a...
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    Worst possible microphone

    Hey does anyone know where I can get the shittiest sounding possible microphone for my PC? I wan't it to sound like either Daffy Duck or I'm talking through a can.
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    Zen 3 Threadripper canceled according to latest leaks

    Their saying that only the Threadripper pro models will be available.
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    New Threadripper 5000 CPUs same RAM as 3000 series?

    Hey does anyone know if the new Threadripper 5000 CPUs will use the same ram as the Threadripper 3000 CPUs?
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    Deals on cyber monday / black friday?

    Hey I am building a new system and was wondering if you guys think it would be worth waiting for black friday / cyber monday to get parts on a discount? Do retailers like newegg even offer any deals worth waiting for? Mainly looking to grab a bunch of Ram and Sarbent nVME and maybe a computer case.
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    Will a RTX 3090 work with this old PCI Express x16 2.0 mother board?

    I have an old Asus P6X58D and just managed to get an RTX 3090, does anyone know if it will work in a PCI Express 2.0 even though it takes 4.0? Do I risk damaging the video card by plugging it in? I'm waiting for the new Threadrippers to come out before building a new system so I thought I'd...
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    Zen 3 Threadripper in August according to leaker Yuko

    I hope this guys leak is correct been waiting nearly a year for this chip
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    Use ddWRT or OpenWRT for increased security?

    So you think getting a burner phone for WeChat won't be enough? Their paying an extra 100k per year over my previous gig.
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    Use ddWRT or OpenWRT for increased security?

    Will be starting a new job, remote work with a Chinese company that requires the use of WeChat and in the contract it literally says they spy on you. I'm using an Asus router and looking to increase security. Do you guys think flashing to either ddWRT or OpenWRT would be a good move to...