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  1. Bankie

    Hades II

    The placeholder art during the Hades 1 EA was still better than it is here, IMO.
  2. Bankie

    Hades II

    I've put 2.5 hours into it so far. It's pretty good but it's not gripping my like Hades 1 did. Might be because I've played so many rogue-lites since then or maybe it's because I've been playing Tiny Rogues recently and it has all of the rogue-lite aspects that I love (diverse builds, lots of...
  3. Bankie

    Curve Optimizer and 5800x3d

    My Gigabyte X570 board has PBO/CO exposed for the x3d.
  4. Bankie

    Ubisoft's The Crew is shutting down 31st March 2024 and will be unplayable after that because it is online only.

    Ubi is apparently removing licenses in order to totally kill the game even after the servers were shutdown. There appears to be a workaround at least but who knows if Ubi will try to stop that as well...
  5. Bankie

    Remembering the Nvidia GeForce 256 – the first PC gaming GPU

    Not great at the time? I had the SDR and it slayed Quake 3 when it released; IIRC it was a huge upgrade over the TNT.
  6. Bankie

    7900xtx or 4080 super?

    Not caring about RT is a legitimate stance for anyone to have. BUT I enjoy being able to use it when it's there and RDNA3 not really allowing me to legitimately use it any more than my 2 gen old Turing card did is just a bit disappointing. It was more of a sidegrade than a straight upgrade since...
  7. Bankie

    7900xtx or 4080 super?

    As someone who's had a 7900XT for a little over a month now I wish I would have returned it and gone with a 4070TiS or splurged for a 4080S. The AMD GPU is fine until you decide to max a game's settings only to find it has RT and you're reduced to unplayable framerates unless you enable FSR...
  8. Bankie

    Ubisoft's The Crew is shutting down 31st March 2024 and will be unplayable after that because it is online only.

    Just wait a few years and you'll be able to buy the fully functional Division Remastered for only $90.
  9. Bankie

    Linux market share passes 4% for first time

    Ehh, Steamdesk runs a custom version of Wayland. And the distro I use is based on Arch and uses the Arch repositories for such things; it's just customized with 'gaming focused' kernel settings, installed apps, and such.
  10. Bankie

    Linux market share passes 4% for first time

    Probably more odd that it's running for you; or they updated it. I had to go ProtonDB to find the info on how to fix it in the first place.
  11. Bankie

    Dragon's Dogma 2
  12. Bankie

    Linux market share passes 4% for first time

    Unfortunately, every Linux-native game I've tried has run worse than the Windows version of the game running through Proton.
  13. Bankie

    Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

    I picked this one up for ~$30 and played it for an hour or so. I really enjoyed the first one but this one didn't grab me so I refunded it. Way too much Tomb Raider in that first bit.
  14. Bankie

    Linux market share passes 4% for first time

    It's different than Windows so there is a bit of self-education involved. But once you have a general idea of how your distro works and get your interface setup how you like then you're pretty much all set. You also don't have: updates causing blue screens, a multi-billion dollar company...
  15. Bankie

    Linux market share passes 4% for first time

    I'm on AMD and for me Wayland sucks ass. It's ok until I want to run a game. For example, in order to run Lost Epoch I have to input a launch option to run it in an X11 window and then it hard locks the system if I alt-tab. Now I just login under X11 since it always works and it has me...
  16. Bankie

    Any Linux gaming experts willing to answer a n00b question?

    Steam is in charge of updating Proton. If you use Proton-GE your Linux package manager will probably care of it but there's always the ProtonUp-QT utility if not. Most games run 100% fine on normal Proton but protondb will help you determine if a different version/fork is necessary.
  17. Bankie

    Any Linux gaming experts willing to answer a n00b question?

    99% of the time they're just bug fixes. Noticeable performance increases are more likely to come from Proton updates than anything else IMHO.
  18. Bankie

    Any Linux gaming experts willing to answer a n00b question?

    I run Garuda which is an Arch-based distro and it gets DXVK, Mesa, kernel, etc. updates almost daily. I'm not saying that they're required for a good Linux gaming experience; just that bleeding edge distros will get gaming related updates fairly often.
  19. Bankie

    All Adult Swim games being delisted by May

    Super House of Dead Ninjas is pretty great is you like old-school action platformers.
  20. Bankie

    Last Epoch

    Yeah it's pretty decent but there is so much padding. The campaign feels like it's never ending and upgrades take way too long. I remember the 'desert' area in D2 felt slow AF yet Last Epoch's feels twice as long. My main is level 59 and still using a chest piece and ring from level 5. It's a...
  21. Bankie

    Nvidia would like to do a premium gaming handheld

    Nvidia would have to put more support behind the open source Linux driver (nouveau) to court Valve in such a way. Maybe Valve would be ok with the standard closed source driver package if the deal was saucy enough but that would necessitate a lot of coordination and testing whenever there were...
  22. Bankie

    7900xtx or 4080 super?

    I didn't see anyone claim that Nvidia was way faster in Avatar; though it does appear to be about 15% faster there regardless. Stating that they're the same performance because upscaling/frame gen can put them at super high framerates is an odd argument; 'hey, just put them both on a 60hz...
  23. Bankie

    7900xtx or 4080 super?

    I wasn't saying that I didn't believe that you were getting the performance that you were saying. Just that it's not really impressive to get 200fps in a game with upscaling AND frame gen on a top-end GPU; in that scenario even a 4070 is going to be like 170fps. And the 'AMD RT method' is just...
  24. Bankie

    7900xtx or 4080 super?

    I didn't say anything about that. I was just postulating why you would call BS on TPU's results and say you're getting 200fps when no other Avatar benchmarks are near that high even with a 4090.
  25. Bankie

    7900xtx or 4080 super?

    Yeah, with FSR and likely Frame-gen.
  26. Bankie

    7900xtx or 4080 super?

    The fact that the consoles run Avatar with RT should tell you all you need to know about how RT is implemented in that game. 7900XTX is the same price as the 4080S but only NV is greedy? As someone running a full AMD system I'd easily recommend someone go for the 4080S over the 7900XTX. RDNA3 is...
  27. Bankie

    Last Epoch

    The talent tree / skill tree respec cost is bs and purely focused on padding your playtime. Skills de-level when you respec so you have to re-level that skill again per point you want to move; there is a minimum skill level which kind of helps but there's no reason for it to de-level at all as...
  28. Bankie

    Thinking about getting a 7900xt or xtx, but worried about my psu and coil whine problems people are reporting

    I recently picked up a Powercolor Hellhound 7900XT and it's had quite a number of complaints about coil whine. For me it does exhibit some excessive coil whine but only in a handful of game menus where my old 2080ti would also whine. During desktop usage or actually in-game it's silent. This is...
  29. Bankie

    Marvel's Midnight Suns

    Just started playing this. The card combat is kind of entertaining so far but I hate everything else. Whenever I finish a mission and am taken back to the base I just alt-tab out and do something else; I can say with some certainty that it's quite stable as a minimized application. Kissing the...
  30. Bankie

    7900XT in a Meshlicious

    I was at MC the other day and took a look at the open box GPUs. Most them were not great deals (open box 4090s for $1700 e.g.). While standing there I checked their website and saw a Powercolor Hellhound 7900xt listed. I asked the sales person about it and he ran to the back to look for it. Long...
  31. Bankie

    ZLUDA Allows CUDA Binaries to Run on AMD GPUs

    If you're really making use of CUDA then you'll still be better off biting the bullet and going with Nvidia. This whole announcement is about ZLUDA no longer being developed at full-speed by the original dev; Nvidia could easily make changes that render it completely unusable if they want. The...
  32. Bankie

    WTF MS?

    I assume that WMR will still work through SteamVR and that this is just them removing that stupid 'walk around your virtual house to start VR apps in the most annoying way possible' app.
  33. Bankie

    Two years after launch Windows 11 adoption is still waaaay behind Windows 10

    I don't want icons just haphazardly being thrown on the desktop; so at least in this case I'd say they are listening to their customers :smuggrin: . I agree that the Search is sometimes a shitshow though.
  34. Bankie

    Elden Ring (From Software RPG)

    There's a mod that adds DLSS to Elden Ring on Nexusmods:
  35. Bankie

    Just joined Team AMD , Ordered a RX7800 XTX ASUS. Any tips from you guys?

    Yeah, TPU shows 25% better raster and 15% better at RT so things that the 2080ti struggles with aren't going to be much better. $500+ seems pretty steep for that kind of performance when the 7900XT is available for below $700 and is about 50% faster than the 2080ti. OP - Nice card though. Enjoy.
  36. Bankie

    RTX Remix Runtime Open Source Available Now

    Ha. I am not a programmer so it's a bridge a bit too far.
  37. Bankie

    RTX Remix Runtime Open Source Available Now

    I want to see Dark Souls with this.
  38. Bankie

    4080 Super reviews

    Performance is pretty much the same between the 4080 and 4080s. The only notable change is the $200 reduction in MSRP.
  39. Bankie

    4080 Super reviews
  40. Bankie


    To enable DLSS in Linux you just need to enter PROTON_HIDE_NVIDIA_GPU=0 PROTON_ENABLE_NVAPI=1 %command% in the Launch options in Steam: