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    FS: Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, Fortnite V-Bucks, Strange Brigade, Star Control

    Put me down for the Division 2 as well, thanks
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    The 2016 Post Pics of your Rig Thread!

    Nothing super fancy, just built this after owning an AMD 1090t rig for 5+ years. It was a father and son opportunity to show him how to build a pc. I7 4790k MSI z87-gd65 32gb Vengeance EVGA 1080 FTW Asus Xonar DGX EVGA 750P2 H100i v2 All crammed into a Corsair 450D pushing a Dell S2716DG My...
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    Dell S2716DG LCD 1440p TN with G-sync $449.99 at Best Buy

    After reading this thread I had to check mine to see what revision I have. A01.. They must have done a revision to this revision because I have absolutely no complaints about this monitor. (y) I got it when Amazon had it for $487 shipped a few months back.
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    Strix GTX 1080 vs gigabyte GTX 1080 xtreme (performance differential/stutter in 2 rigs), help

    The studdering is most likely from RAM and the difference in fps is the CPU. When I changed CPU to a 4790k my fps was higher and consistent with less drastic dips.
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    WTB: I/O shield for MSI board

    I recently picked up a MSI Z87-gd65 board at Fry's for $29 but the workers could find any accessories for it. I really don't care for the sata cables and badge but I'm kinda OCD about the I/O shield. If anyone has one laying around (long shot, I know) please let me know your asking price...
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    Sennheiser Momentum Headphones - $122.99

    ^ what he said. I misread the title and thought they were the "over the ears" and got excited. If they were the over the ear then I would have got another one for my son's Christmas gift. Oh well, guess I'll wait a bit longer. Thanks anyway OP
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    Mouse similar to g9x?

    I had my G9 that I bought here a few years back that started having double click issues so I picked up a G400 and used it for about a year but missed the shape of the G9. My buddy picked up a Roccat Pure and it felt great in the hand but was a tad bigger than i liked. When I researched the...
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    WTB: Corsair K65 compact KB

    Updated another item to my shopping list bump
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    WTB: Corsair K65 compact KB

    Good Morning, I'm currently on the hunt for a Corsair Vengeance K65 keyboard in good condition. Original box a plus but not necessary. Let me know what your asking price shipped to 72023. No full sized keyboard please, I'm already coming from a Steel Series 7G. I'm also adding a Roccat...
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    Good desktop microphone that's decently priced?

    Samson GoMic I was in the same boat as well and didn't want to spend too much to upgrade my 6yr old Logitech USB mic and found this. This has all the functions and features of the more expensive condenser microphones like the Snowball and Yeti but it also folds up and fits in your coin pocket...
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    FS: 2600k $170 shipped.

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    Hitman Absolution PC $7.50

    I picked hitman absolution and sleeping dogs last week for the same price and haven't even load up hitman yet. Sleeping dogs got me hooked and even missed out on a few scrims on BF3 because i was so wrapped up in the game. Best 7.50 spent by far. Lets hope hitman can do the same
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    Good, cheap microphones?

    If you do voiceovers and YouTube vids please stay away from the Zalman clip mix. They are pure garbage. Do yourself a favor and get a Snowball, Yeti or at least a Samson Go Mic. Your buddies on Teamspeak and YouTube viewers would definitely appreciate it. I'm using the Samson go mic and...
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    New cans? or just get an amp?

    I have the DX and it does not have a headphone amp. The DG however, does and its cheaper.
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    Swan M10 alternatives?

    Answered my question before I even asked, thanks for the heads up.
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    Hang Your Headphones Anywhere with Two Binder Clips

    I also use a banana holder as well for the last 4-5yrs.
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    Cat ate Mic.. time for a new one!!!

    I too lost my Logitech USB mic to old age and looked around for another worthy replacement. I looked at the Yeti but my wife would lose her shit if I spent $90 for a mic to just game and Skype. I ended up picking the Samson Go Mic for $30 shipped and holy hell, the quality and sound is so...
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    FS: Asus gtx580 DCII

    payment sent...thanks
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    FS: Asus gtx580 DCII

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    Windows 8 Phone Live Event Started

    Per WPCentral's homepage it might also come with a wireless charging pad. Just a rumor but we can hope right?
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    Windows 8 Phone Live Event Started

    If I do pick up the Ativ it will most likely be in 16gb and buy a 32gb microsd to go with it depending on the price difference between the 16gb and 32gb phone models. I know I'll burn through 16gb of onboard quick if if I transfer my contents from my current phone now. If I do pick up the 32gb...
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    Windows 8 Phone Live Event Started

    I guess delay was the wrong choice of word to use, more like beatin around the bush. What I meant to say was Nokia announced the 2nd gen Lumias and did not announce a date a month or 2 back. Then this week Microsoft announced the windows phone 8 and still no concrete date. The hype was there...
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    Windows 8 Phone Live Event Started

    I was dead set on getting a Lumia 920 and nobody could have talked me out of it. But after this delay bullshit the Ativ S and the 8X is looking really good. The Ativ S had my interest when I first caught glimpse of it and the expandable memory made it a very close 2nd to the L920. Love the...
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    Windows 8 Phone Live Event Started

    Better phones with much better specs? Dual cores, more storage, better camera with OIS (L920), twice the ram, higher resolution, NFC, , wireless charging (L920, maybe 8X), expandable memory without wiping your system (Ativ S), Pandora, decent games that probably won't run or run well on 7.5...
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    AMD CPU's and aftermarket HSF

    up again
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    AMD CPU's and aftermarket HSF

    Up you go
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    AMD CPU's and aftermarket HSF

    Had some nibbles, recasting it back out with a lower price
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    AMD CPU's and aftermarket HSF

    Bump for the late nighters
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    AMD CPU's and aftermarket HSF

    I can look around to see if I have one. It might not be the one with the heatpipes. Not sure if the 940's came with a regular HSF or the one with the 4 heatpipes. To the members that bought the stuff on this thread...the items shipped today. I'm currently on the road to work out of town...
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    AMD CPU's and aftermarket HSF

    Everything but the X4 940 is left...bump
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    My crap for sale

    Pymt sent for 1090T. Thanks