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    Do I have enough power?

    I'm considering a switch to a Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti G1 Gaming. Will my power supply be sufficient? I'm finally going to overclock my CPU as well, aiming for 4.5. System in sig. Thanks!
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    So.. when did you start your Steam account?

    Unlocked: Sep 12, 2013 @ 3:05pm Member since September 12, 2003
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order

    Anybody have suggestions on how to get this game to start? I'm just getting a black screen every time. Windows 8.1 64-bit, Catalyst 14.4 (although the game keeps telling me that my drivers may be out of date) I have the Steam version, so I'm assuming it's fully patched.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    i'm getting tired of the random crashes
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    Corsair 250D + H100i

    Anyone else have this setup? If so... What are you seeing in terms of temperatures? Are you pulling or pushing with the rad fans? Did you remove the TIM included with the H100i? I have everything running stock for now, and I just used the included TIM. The fans are pushing out. I'm...
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 250D Mini-ITX Case Review @ [H]

    if anyone is curious, the XFX R9 290x DD fits perfectly. loving this case so far.
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 250D Mini-ITX Case Review @ [H]

    amazon has them. mine shipped yesterday.
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    best mITX/cpu combo for overclocking?

    I'm currently looking at an ASUS Impact and 4670K. I'll be using a Corsair H100i. Is there a better mobo/cpu combo out there? Money is not a factor. Thanks.
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 250D Mini-ITX Case Review @ [H]

    any word on non-reference GPUs having a problem with space?
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    HL2: EP1

    this is still available!
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    HL2: EP1

    Will need email and/or steam name.
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    Steam 2013 Winter sale is here! runs from December 19th to January 2nd.

    XCOM worth $10? what about Sleeping Dogs for $5?
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    Lian Li V358: Refresh

    The PC-V358 can fit a GPU up to 330mm in length, which is almost 13 inches. The R9 290x is not even 11 inches. Not sure where you got your information.
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    BF4 $20 or deluxe edition $25

    is this deal still on? i'm seeing it for $39.99. the $10 code still works.
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    Lian Li PC-V358

    any word on when this will be available in the US?
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    ~$1500 gaming build help

    After doing a bit of research, looks like you're right. The H100i will most likely not work in my current case w/o some serious mods. So, I'm looking at the Lian Li PC-V358. It's not generally available yet, but looks like it would be perfect!
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    ~$1500 gaming build help

    Cool. I've updated the build with that PSU, and I also upgraded the RAM to DDR3-2400. Here's a pic of the modded case. Should be able to fit the H100i in there. May have to adjust the opening a bit.
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    ~$1500 gaming build help

    The A05NB supports a full ATX board, as can be seen here: I modded my case and put a 2x120mm hole in the top of it, so it should fit the H100i. As for the GPU, I think I'm going to wait for the next revisions of the R9 with better cooling...
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    ~$1500 gaming build help

    Ok, I've updated the build with the Seasonic 660W Platinum PSU. Thanks for the tip!
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    4770k for $199.99 AT MC, 3 days only

    Fry's will pricematch if there's a Microcenter nearby, at least that's what the guy said to me last night. I do not have a MC nearby.
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    ~$1500 gaming build help

    hmmm, couldnt say. 650W just seems so low to me. certainly dont want to have a lack of power. i dunno. also, my buddy is gonna snag a 4770k at MC for me. as for the budget, its a work in progress. i may go with a lesser mATX board. still looking around. i dont think i'll have enough room...
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    ~$1500 gaming build help

    I'm pretty sure that I'm going with the Corsair H100i water cooler, so I'll have to see how much room I have in the case if I decide to go full ATX. I modded the case previously so that 2x120mm fans were mounted on top, so rad + fans should fit fine. I think I'm gonna stick with the 850W PSU in...
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    ~$1500 gaming build help

    Interesting. I thought it was an mATX only. I remember my last build being such a tight fit. I'll have to look into that. What's the advantage of going with an ATX Z87 mobo? More features?
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    ~$1500 gaming build help

    Lian Li A05NB. lots of rooms for full HSF and ram. i was def. wondering about the PSU. thanks!
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    ~$1500 gaming build help

    I'm not into the hardware scene as much as I used to be, so a few extra opinions would be very helpful. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming, mostly BF4 to start. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? ~$1500. Hopefully. I have...
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    FS: MacBook Pro 2011 w/ AppleCare + SSD + Extras

    $1000 + shipping AppleCare on this machine is still active until March 20, 2014. This laptop is in excellent condition and has been greatly cared for since its purchase. It has no visible scuffs and everything works flawlessly. The 500GB hard drive was replaced about a year ago with a Crucial...
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    FS: MIXAMP, Logitech G500, Razer Lycosa

    These items were used for about a month, then stored. Everything is in excellent condition, and comes in original packaging. Razer Lycosa - $60 Logitech G500 - $20 MIXAMP - $80 I live in the San Jose, CA area. Would love to exchange items in person for cash. If you...
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    FS: XIM3, MIXAMP, Logitech G500, Razer Lycosa

    I'm selling my XBOX 360 XIM3 setup. It was only used a handful of times, then stored. Everything is in excellent condition, and comes in original packaging. Razer Lycosa - $75 Logitech G500 - $40 XIM3 (still has plastic cover on LCD) - $80 MIXAMP - $120 Buy all...
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    Razer Mouse Requires Always-On Internet Connection?

    After some additional testing, offline mode DOES NOT WORK. If I don't have an internet connection, my mouse is just a standard plug and play mouse. I just updated Synapse, and logged in. I just see a loading graphic where my profiles would be, and I'm stuck at default settings. Attempting to...
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    Razer Mouse Requires Always-On Internet Connection?

    I've been using Synapse for a while on my Mac because the standard driver never fully disabled mouse acceleration, or at least I could not figure it out. The Synapse software works great, but it doesn't work as advertised. When my system starts up, the Synapse software indicates that my profile...
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    iOS 6 released

    and you guys don't think google will release a free Maps app?
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    Black Mesa Releasing Sept. 14th

    awww, no mac support. whomp whomp!
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    MBP issue, crashing.

    My MBP was recently giving me tons of problems. Programs were crashing randomly, the fans were always on high RPM, and kernel panics were pretty regular. It seemed like this came out of nowhere as I had upgraded my HDD to a SSD, and upped the RAM to 8GB over 2 months ago. After 2 SSD RMAs, and a...
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    2012 MacPro

    It seems to me that Apple is focusing on the Macbook Pro for their main workstation computer, and I think it's the right move for the audience they are targeting. You get desktop power on a mobile computer, and you can set it up as a desktop workstation with external monitors when you're at...
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    Diablo III is getting killed on Metacritic

    I'm not really sure what the fuss is all about. The only thing bad that happened was that millions of people tried to access servers at the same time. If you think there weren't going to be problems with this scenario, you were kidding yourself. If you purchased the game, you have no right to...
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    Crucial M4 $199.99 FS, NR

    i bit. been waiting to upgrade my MBP drive.
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    [H]ot Samsung 830 256GB $269.99 at Newegg

    The promo code does not work for me. "The promo code EMCNENJ48 is for a product not in your shopping cart. Please check your promo code and try again."
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    AMD Radeon Announces HD 7000M Series Graphics

    i hope this thing makes its way onto the next macbook pro, and that multiple monitors is supported. been waiting for this.