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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    Playing my huge steam catalog :)
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    AT&T Is Still Throttling Your Unlimited Data

    I have unlimited data from at&t... I use 6 gigs a month and I never notice the throttling.
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    Why Destiny's Loot System Isn't As Broken As You Think

    It is not that bad.... it's a fun game! I played it for 12 hours straight yesterday. I don't remember the last time I played a game that much.
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    Samsung Has Announced Plans to Scrap Plasma TVs

    I just think its sad that the f8500 the last flagship plasma was so close to fixing all the issues with plasma and now they are giving up.
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    Samsung Has Announced Plans to Scrap Plasma TVs

    I think slight image retention is always a problem with plasma. BURN IN is what isn't really an issue anymore (at least after the break in period). I've had my plasma for a 3 months now and the IR is almost non existent. It was definitely worse during the break in period, but it is still there.
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    Samsung Has Announced Plans to Scrap Plasma TVs

    This makes me sad. I just got the Samsung pn64f8500 64 inches of plasma goodness. The thing is just as bright as some LCDs! I can barely watch LCD TVs now I am so spoiled by the motion resolution, black detail and color accuracy. The only reason plasma is dying is because of 4k and most people...
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    Possibly picking up 2x290x reference

    The reference coolers may have this issue. I upgraded mine to the artic cooling accelero hybrid and have had great results.
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    LOCAL network remote desktop

    Use the built in remote desktop (RDP) client in windows. You need pro or server version of windows to enable the ability to remote into the system (Or a hack).
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    weird brown spot on vrm card still works perfectly

    I was able to swap out. Microcenter had 9 r9 290x in stock by me. They were all Diamond Reference units. When I bought mine they were $599, now they have 2 left going at $699!:o
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    weird brown spot on vrm card still works perfectly

    Haha to be fair it lasted 3 days :P Got a new one from Microcenter at lunch time. Hopefully, this one will last a bit longer.
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    weird brown spot on vrm card still works perfectly

    It died last night haha. Looks like I'll be exchanging it.
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    weird brown spot on vrm card still works perfectly

    I'll see if I have time to take a picture tonight, but I'm pretty sure its some time of epoxy they used on a component nearby it. I noticed a bit on the pcb as well. It doesn't come off and seems like it bumps up a little.
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    weird brown spot on vrm card still works perfectly

    So I was taking my stock cooler off my r9 290x to install a watercooler and noticed one of the vrms in the back has a brown spot on it. It looks almost like a burn mark. I have just had the card for 24 hours and it was running perfectly, even over clocked with the stock cooler just LOUD. The...
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    Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

    I've heard tons of good things about their PSUs! I really want to try one so I can recommend them to my friends!
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    WTB stock r9 290(x) cooler

    I want to modify it and keep my original for warranty purposes. I bough an Icy vision cooler and i'm not happy with the VRM temps. I don't know $20 shipped to 63368?
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    WTB stock r9 290(x) cooler

    Anybody willing to sell their stock cooler for their r9 290 or r9 290x card? I can paypal today. Thanks! Jason
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    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 ROG Motherboard Giveaway! Week 2

    Secure SSD erase! Nice to be able to sell a used drive without having to load windows!
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    Microsoft: Restricting Used Games Will Drive Prices Down

    I feel like a broken record.... Steam had the same backlash against it.... now look at how awesome it is.
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    Power button issue on Asus G53SW-XN1

    Sorry I didn't get back sooner. I ordered the parts from here: this is what I ordered 1 x Touchpad Membrane R1.1 G53JW Printech 5.4*5.1 1L 1 0.3mm (08G21000011C) = 18.63€ Excl. VAT 1 x TOUCHPAD FOR G53JQ (04G110009400) = 24.13€ Excl. VAT I did not mess...
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    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 Motherboard Giveaway! Week 1

    I would use the extra time to play MOAR games!
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    Apple WWDC 2013 Liveblog

    It can double as a desk trash can!
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    Apple WWDC 2013 Liveblog

    The new mac pro
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    Analyst: Publishers Won't Block Used Games, Much

    They do have sales on the sony and xbox stores now. I imagine they will follow suit once it gains traction. Also there are plenty $60 PC games new. I have a ps3 and I NEVER buy the games at $60 they are usually on clearance or sale 4-6 months after they come out. PC is def the best platform and...
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    Analyst: Publishers Won't Block Used Games, Much

    I don't see the big deal. Steam doesn't allow you to sell used games. You don't see PC gamers bitching. Honestly I think digital delivery is an upgrade. Who cares if it kills the used game market. The games will probably be cheaper, again see Steam.
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    Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Joins AMD's Never Settle Reloaded Promotion

    I actually had just bought my 7950 when this came out. I was within the return policy so I returned to amazon and bought one from newegg :P
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    Make Windows 8 Look and Feel Like Windows 7

    I don't know about anyone else, but I see a nice performance boost with windows 8. Def worth the upgrade. The start screen takes a week to get used to, but after that I'm just as productive with it as any other windows. The search feature is def awesome. Windows Key + Q search apps, Windows key...
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    Customer Has Positive Experience At Best Buy

    I was buying a video card on clearance at a best buy the other day and I had a $50 gift card. I changed my mind and decided to get another card and in process I accidentally dropped my card on the floor. Well turns out a customer found the card and told the cashier they found it. The cashier ran...
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    1997 Half-Life Alpha Tech Demo

    Barney ☉_☉!
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    1997 Half-Life Alpha Tech Demo

    I can see the next steam sale: $5 - Bird Sim 2013!
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    1997 Half-Life Alpha Tech Demo

    I love how big Barney's eyes are! He looks likes like a zombie with no head crab!
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    NVIDIA Announces Project Shield

    I think they said 660M or above...
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    NVIDIA Announces Project Shield

    I realize most console games do not run at 1080p, some games do actually support 1080p on consoles though.
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    NVIDIA Announces Project Shield

    Yeah the screen on the tablet is 854 x 480.. Its a low powered console and it is able to drive 2 off those tablets while rendering 1080P on the tv and there is no lag. If the wii can do this surely a pc can. Wireless N should have more than enough bandwith for 720P+....
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    NVIDIA Announces Project Shield

    I wouldn't worry about the lag guys. If you have played the Wii U you don't notice the lag at all on a game that required precise controls, like Mario. The wii u controller is streamed via a dedicated wireless-n connection to the console.
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    Far Cry 3: E3 Demonstration vs. Retail PC

    Far Cry 3 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than 2
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

    Galaxy is awesome!
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    G4 TV is Going Esquire Metrosexual

    Windows went "Metro"sexual so they thought they would join in on the fun!