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  1. tlkimball

    Mad Max $5

    Purchased. Do more partner deals like this!
  2. tlkimball

    US House Pushes for Creation of Military “Space Corps”

    Congress probably knows something we don't about the pending alien invasion. I, for one, welcome our alien overlords. I hope they bring cookies.
  3. tlkimball

    Wall Street Cheers Replacement of Cashiers with Digital Kiosks

    Amazon will be delivering fast-food within the next two years. Mark my words.
  4. tlkimball

    7700k for $309, free shipping (eBay via Monoprice)

    I picked one of these up the last time they had this offer. I'm happy so far. Clocked easily to 5GHz. Just putting it through its paces this weekend.
  5. tlkimball

    Too many options. What should I use to cool my 7700k

    Read their review on the Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 120. I've got one on my 2600K and another on my 7700K. Inexpensive and exceptional. They have a 240 (dual) if you need that much extra cooling.
  6. tlkimball

    40" Samsung UN40KU6290 4K $290 at Best Buy (or $265 with $25/$200 Amex offer)

    How do you not kick the shit out of your sub?
  7. tlkimball

    Seasonic Flagship PRIME 850W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    There are a handful of Amazon reviews for this PSU that report "ticking" when powered, even when not under heavy load. Has anyone experienced this or any issue with this PSU?
  8. tlkimball

    Banner Saga 1 and 2 Free for Twitch Prime Members

    Banner Saga 2 is now available.
  9. tlkimball

    FCC to Halt Rule That Protects Your Private Data from Security Breaches

    Are you really blaming this big steaming pile of bullshit on Obama? Really???
  10. tlkimball

    Banner Saga 1 and 2 Free for Twitch Prime Members

    If you have Twitch Prime (free with Amazon Prime), Twitch will give you Banner Saga free from now until February 28th. Banner Saga 2 will be free from March 2nd through March 6th. If you don't have Amazon Prime (and why the hell not?) you can get these with the 30-day free trial of Twitch...
  11. tlkimball

    AMD Ryzen Prices Revealed: Massive Blow to Intel

    For me, AMD is losing a lot of goodwill for not addressing the hype train. They need to be a lot more transparent if the want regain trust. They have a long history of this sort of behavior. I'm perfectly happy with my $300 7700K from Monoprice.
  12. tlkimball

    Humble Monthly Bundle, XCOM 2 $12

    THANK YOU! I didn't even see the special offer on the Reinforcement Pack.
  13. tlkimball

    Doing whatever my wife tells me to do.

    Doing whatever my wife tells me to do.
  14. tlkimball

    AOC Announces Frameless Monitor with Swarovski Crystals

    That woman doesn't look natural. She looks like a female version of slenderman...
  15. tlkimball

    Intel Core i7 7700K $309.99 - Monoprice on eBay

    Bought one. eBay gave me a $10 coupon. Nice deal and I'm not waiting for AMD to break my heart again. Looks like the wife is getting her C2D upgraded to a 2600K.
  16. tlkimball

    Man Tests Real Hoverboard

    How much does she cost?
  17. tlkimball

    Ashes of Singularity 1/2 off till 2/29/2016.

    Well, that's a "No Sale" for me...
  18. tlkimball

    Ashes of Singularity 1/2 off till 2/29/2016.

    Can anyone tell me if there is an actual single-player campaign with this game or is the SP experience simply an AI skirmish?
  19. tlkimball

    Solar Energy Farm Would ‘Suck Up All The Energy From The Sun’

    Well, I'm thinking the mathematicians side with the 6 out of 10...
  20. tlkimball

    GTX TITAN -$399 (EVGA B-Stock)

    They probably only had one.
  21. tlkimball

    Star Citizen: The Beginning of the End

    All of the tantrums and all of the Derek Smart hate isn't going to change anything. Star Citizen is a train wreck and Chris Roberts was sleeping in the locomotive. I've got money in this thing. Quite a few of us do. At some point, we all have to accept that our money is gone: Down the...
  22. tlkimball

    evga b stock 970 gtx 259 , 980 369

    Pretty much have to camp on the damn site to get anything you want.
  23. tlkimball

    Star Citizen Selling A $900 Ship

    Never thought I would say "Thank God for Derek Smart!"
  24. tlkimball

    evga b stock 970 gtx 259 , 980 369

    I'll have to watch for it. Thanks!
  25. tlkimball

    evga b stock 970 gtx 259 , 980 369

    Looks like they have a GTX 680 Mac Edition (out of stock but I'm hopeful) that would be a match for my current 680. Less than $100 if it goes back in stock...
  26. tlkimball

    Microsoft Ditches Bing For Baidu In China

    Microsoft locked my Bing account a few months back, claiming that I had violated one of their rules for collecting reward points. They told me, for reasons of security, that they couldn't tell me what rule I broke. I never redeemed points on more than one account. I used Bing every day. Fuck...
  27. tlkimball

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel $12.29 or lower... HURRY!

    Found it at Best Buy for 14.99 today.
  28. tlkimball

    Humans “May Accidentally Send Aliens A Computer Virus”

    An article written by people who understand neither real viruses nor computer viruses.
  29. tlkimball

    Researcher Hacks Self-Driving Car Sensors

    I think there is another active thread about driverless cars and the blind faith that people are putting into this technology and its developers. Something about your kids never having to learn how to drive? :)
  30. tlkimball

    Should You Hope Your Child Never Has To Drive A Car?

    There are a lot of people that live where there has never been broadband nor cell coverage. Should they all move to the city? The original post was "Should you hope your child never has to drive a car." Well, I don't think that would qualify as the "far-off future."
  31. tlkimball

    Should You Hope Your Child Never Has To Drive A Car?

    Sorry. Calling total bullshit on that. This is not an an accurate analogy. Where do you live again? Ever been stuck behind a plow or had to avoid deer? Do you have friends that can't even get broadband where they live or a cell signal worth a damn?
  32. tlkimball

    ASUS Announces G11

    So 'casual' gamers now need a an i7 and a GTX 980?
  33. tlkimball

    Should You Hope Your Child Never Has To Drive A Car?

    Everything you have said is total conjecture and doesn't actually address my concerns. I'm not afraid of technology at all. I just don't trust the people who program our technology to get things right. How often does your phone or an app crash or need to be rebooted? These people DO NOT...
  34. tlkimball

    Should You Hope Your Child Never Has To Drive A Car?

    An even further step: Are we willing to let the software controlling our cars make life and death decisions for us? Do we want an algorithm determining the best course of action in a potential accident situation? What if it makes a decision that sacrifices us for someone else? Will it drive...
  35. tlkimball

    Humble Bundle Telltale build your own pack, amazing deal.

    Given an opportunity, I would move everything I have in Steam to GOG. :)
  36. tlkimball

    $78 16 GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical CAS 8 DDR3 1600 1.35v

    Amount of GB != Penis Size
  37. tlkimball

    Drone + Handgun = Flying Gun

    I believe it has been done and it's probably illegal.
  38. tlkimball

    Seagate 3TB Desktop HDD SATA 6Gb/s 64MB $88 @Amazon.

    Friends don't let friends buy Seagate.