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    Cat 6

    most cat 6 is 23 gauge, cat 5 is 24 gauge...the plug will be too small for the wires.
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    temporary network cable like a extension cord?

    Something like this?
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    568A and 568B wiring question

    I always use B unless matching existing. I will say that A makes it easier to use 2 phone lines or a 2 pair digital phone with 4 pair cable since the blue and orange pairs are in the same positions as USOC.
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    Ethernet cable short by about 2', best way to extend? (outdoors)

    do not use beanies for data!! Just use a jack and plug in the enclosure.
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    Question on Patch Panel setup?

    That is exactly when I do when terminating - flip the panel over and screw it to the bracket.
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    Question about network wiring

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    Insulation for ethernet cables

    Why can't you just cut it back and reterminate?
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    shared folder/file permissions issue

    We have a shared folder setup with a bunch of subfolders and html files (internal website) User has full permissions to the folder and subfolders, can create new documents in the folder, but can't save changes in the html files when edited with wordpad. It gives an error 'Access to (file) was...
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    Experience with or opinions of 'Platinum Tools' products??

    Their stuff is ok for light use. Would not recommend for a professional installer but you should be fine with it.
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    Recommend me a punch down tool

    Agreed. I think I have 5 or 6 different punchdown tools but the D914S is tops.
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    Networking and wiring question

    The issue is not the plate, the issue is that it's using couplers, IE the wires coming out of the wall would have plugs crimped on, then plugged into the coupler. Get a 6 port plate and 6 punchdown jacks if you go that route.
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    Acrobat Reader DC crashes when trying to print

    This turned out to be an issue with the Xerox network print driver. I uninstalled, installed as an IP printer using drivers from Xerox's site and everything works. Just an FYI in case someone else runs into this.
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    Acrobat Reader DC crashes when trying to print

    HP 8470p w/ Windows 7 pro - whenever the user (or myself) tries to print a PDF the program just closes. I've tried removing DC, installing Acrobat XI, reinstalling DC, same issue. I get some errors in event viewer - Log Name: Application Source: Application Error Date...
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    Recommend me a punch down tool

    The 568-C standard does not have anything to do with the color code, I found some more information here:
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    Networking and wiring question

    posted in wrong thrread. oops!
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    Exchange contacts and GAL updates

    Hey guys - trying to figure this one out. We use Exchange on premise. The owner of the company has his contacts shared out so his assistant can make changes to them. Each employee exists as both a contact in his Outlook, and an entry in the GAL. She periodically makes changes like extension...
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    Your Favorite Sys/Network Admin Tools?

    Dameware Putty RSAT Lockout Status WinCDemu Treesize Free Angry IP scanner vSphere
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    Network pics thread

    Here is an install I am finishing up. Buddy moved his company to a newer and larger building so I handled cabling and some of the CCTV work. From top to bottom - Netgear dual WAN router - Time Warner cable for internet, Windstream metro ethernet for voice traffic (hosted VoIP) Windstream...
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    Vertical & Horizontal Cable wire management for mutli-RU modular chassis switches

    I would check out Panduit for sure. Somewhere I remember seeing a picture with a really nice setup of their management along with a chassis switch. Of course I can't find the link but there's also a company that makes a type of harness you can lace all the ports of an ethernet card into for...
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    Ubiquity questions

    A buddy of mine is totally sold on Ubiquiti - he has 2 security gateway routers, a couple 48 port switches, APs and cameras for 2 buildings. I have not messed with them much, I just do the cabling.
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    Anyone familiar with older Avaya/Lucent digital phone systems?

    Glad the guys at Sundance were able to help!
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    Anyone familiar with older Avaya/Lucent digital phone systems?

    I recommend posting here:
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    Network pics thread

    Couple pictures of an install I've been working on - this cabling is for Ubiquiti APs and cameras, customer bought a 48 port Ubiquiti switch, will be installing another switch and more cabling for the shop/warehouse.
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    Monitor resource usage on 5-10 servers

    PRTG is an amazing tool!
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    Network pics thread

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    Best cable clips for cat6 cabling?

    I like these for coax, should work fine for Cat 5/Cat 6 also:
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    What all do you run for software / servers at home?

    I hear you there! At home, I just want to be able to surf the web or whatever, all the good equipment is at work!
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    What all do you run for software / servers at home?

    TWC EMTA for internet and phone Apple Airport Extreme router and wifi for first and second floor Dell 2824 switch in the basement Meraki AP in the basement Windows Server 2003 (yeah, I know) DC, file share, testing couple laptops and desktops Several analog/digital phone systems, Inter-Tel IP...
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    Centrally Managed Remote Assistance

    Using Dameware here at my new job, some machines I still RDP into, but I like the program.
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    How do you label small cables?

    Panduit makes all kinds of labels, both write-on and sheets you can put in the printer.
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    backup exec 2012 error

    At my new job, we are using Backup Exec 2012, backing up to a Snap Server and then a duplicate job to a Dell tape loader. I've noticed a particular issue on our Exchange backups (this job goes to the Snap Server). Job ended: Thursday, January 08, 2015 at 6:23:11 AM Completed status: Failed...
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    Network pics thread

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    Home VOIP setup

    I'm pretty sure those Avaya phones will only work with an Avaya system, but I could be wrong.
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    Building a new house - how would you wire it up?

    I actually saw an install like that in person, I was probably 14 and just got started in the IT field...surprised it did not scare me away, haha! I still can't figure out why someone would do that.
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    Building a new house - how would you wire it up?

    Make sure whoever does the terminations does not strip 2 feet of jacket off the cables...
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    Network pics thread

    Right, BIX is still very popular in Canada, I never see it here in the states.
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    cage nut sizes

    Learn something every day! We have APC cabinets here and a bin full of fasteners so I guess I never paid much attention to the different sizes.
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    Network pics thread

    Yes, we have about 4 different types all in use...66 blocks are the oldest but still the most common; 110 blocks; BIX which is mostly used in Canada, and Krone. I believe Verizon uses Krone in their network interface boxes.
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    Network pics thread

    Nice setup. Don't see a lot of Krone blocks in use here. I assume the frame has some kind of cover that goes over the terminations?
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    Patch panel termination on home network

    Adam, long time no see! That is how a rack is supposed to look! ^^