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  1. Ramspeed

    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master won't power on - (temporary) solution

    I had a similar problem with the msi meg x399 creation. IOMMU is standard enabled and was causing boot failures after almost every startup. Disable it if you don´t use it. VCore on Auto also caused boot failures. Auto Vcore was to high, between 1.43 and 1.45V. I lowered it to 3.7 and the...
  2. Ramspeed

    CPU situation for 3d artist

    The more you spend, ..the hardware should be faster, in theory. Perfectly paired lesser hardware, can also be extremely fast. For renders choose More and faster cores + more Vram + Dram. (min. 32 Gb) For games, ....the fastest cores speed and graph-card. (min. 8 Gb) Don't forget the right ram...
  3. Ramspeed

    Revving / click sound after installing new PSU + fan rpms

    Check for loose cables ticking to the PSU. Turn eco power off, Windows and mobo handles it well already.
  4. Ramspeed

    Strange USB power behaviour

    Shut the power off or unplug that thing.
  5. Ramspeed

    Is it just me or AMD bugs?

    Is it just me or.. are Threadripper mobo´s / CPU´s somehow buggy? Somehow i´ve got the feeling that Threadripper systems, don´t run as smooth as they should. Even with all QVL compatible hardware, something doesn't feel smooth. Or the Mobo can´t handle the CPU on it´s bios Auto settings OR.. the...
  6. Ramspeed

    How concerned should I be with CRC Error Count increasing with Samsung EVO?

    If you didn´t...update the chipset drivers first. ....Try the Standard AHCI controllers of windows and check the drive with the samsung app. I don´t no why but AMD sata controllers don´t work well. I had a similar issue with the amd controllers on my x399 mobo. My drives performed at half speed...
  7. Ramspeed

    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    What if it's just a strategy to compensate their losses of the previous generations cards? Selling them relatively cheap and now artificially raising the ridiculous overpriced rtx 30xx, by producing lesser amounts? This is not just a covid´s fault.
  8. Ramspeed

    Dead EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra Gaming?

    Did you try to flash the cards bios? I did it once and the result...a dead card :censored:
  9. Ramspeed

    PSU 1050W or 750W ?

    Hi there, my meg x399 creation has 2 CPU connectors (2X -8pins on mobo) , for overclocking enhacements. Which power supply should I buy? Nfortec Sagitta RGB 1050W 80 Plus Gold Full Modular - has it 2 CPU connectors? I see on the foto 2x CPU connectors 8pins..right? But the vendor said to buy...
  10. Ramspeed

    Your upgrade advice please...what´s your choice?

    Thanks for your advice guys! 👍👍👍
  11. Ramspeed

    Your upgrade advice please...what´s your choice?

    Your upgrade opinion guys...what is a better improvement? Which one would you prefer? 1 - 2 - 3 - 1 - upgrade to: TridentZ neo 4x 8Gb 3200 cL16 ---- current hardware: Corsair LPX 3000 - 4x 8gb - cL15 - running at: 3600mhz, cL18, 1.4v, - upgrade to: RTX 3070 ------- current hardware: GTX...
  12. Ramspeed

    For Those Who Don't Know What SPD memory speed is for

    Hi to all, HAL...I think we have the same ddr4 modules. LPX 3000 cL15. XMP profile disabled. I´m running them stable at 3600 Mhz cL18. These modules are awesome for their price. Have the Hynix Afr running at this speed on 1T - 1.4V - quad channel. All over the web they said that these modules...
  13. Ramspeed

    Sata drivers Standard AHCI controller?

    Thanks for your explanation primetime. It makes now a lot more sense to me. 👍👍 BTW: I installed again the newest AMD chipset drivers, and it worked. Thank you all guys!!!!!!
  14. Ramspeed

    Sata drivers Standard AHCI controller?

    Is my Western Digital black SN750 500Gb using a sata controller instead of NVME drivers? Is this ok for the maximum drive speed? Thanks for your help gotnorice
  15. Ramspeed

    Sata drivers Standard AHCI controller?

    Thanks for the help ncjoe. But why do I have 3 controllers if I only have 2 hard disks?
  16. Ramspeed

    Sata drivers Standard AHCI controller?

    On the MSI site I found only SATA raid controllers but not the normal SATA controllers. Why do I have 3 SATA controllers if I only have 2 hard disks?
  17. Ramspeed

    Sata drivers Standard AHCI controller?

    Hi guys, what is wrong with this picture? IDE controller all set to standard SATA AHCI after installing latest AMD TR4 x399 chipset drivers? Is this ok? Which SATA drivers do I need, and where can I download the correct version? Who can help me out and post a screenshot of their SATA...
  18. Ramspeed

    Memory Upgrade For Threadripper 3970X Build?

    Don´t use the xmp profile in the BIOS, leave it off. Export in Taiphoon burner the XMP profile of the 3200 sticks. Try the Ryzen Ram calculator, load the exported html file of xmp first and hit ¨calculate safe¨ to see what timings you need for 3600.
  19. Ramspeed

    Memory Upgrade For Threadripper 3970X Build?

    Overclock those 3200 to 3600, they work wonderful.