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  1. DthInd

    General mayhem and PayPal

    PayPal added some terms to their service that I personally find offensive, so I won’t use them. Maybe it’s just being old and corrupt on my part. But I drew the line when they tried to artificially charge people for an opinion that PayPal doesn’t like.
  2. DthInd

    General mayhem and PayPal

    How does one get into general mayhem and the other fun pages without having a PayPal account? is there another way to pay the gods their just dues to get in ? /hugs
  3. DthInd

    Cyberpower 1500 - doa? - Dont know the beep codes

    So I bought a And I think its dead. Purchased from Amazon. It arrived, I mostly read the instructions and plugged it in for the...
  4. DthInd

    Rosewell Blackhawk - Ideal water cooling for CPU

    Anyone know of a quiet high quality water cooling system for a Rosewell Blackhawk that fits without case modding. Thanks cpu Motherboard
  5. DthInd

    CPU test - 8 core

    First off, thanks for letting me post teh stOopid question. I just finished a new system and want to do some stress testing. I just don't know how to get all cores running in an efficient manner without frying it. If someone can hook a brother up, that would be cool. F@H is a good start...
  6. DthInd

    ST20G5 - Shuttle - Win7-32

    So I am trying to bring back from the dead (again) my old shuttle st20g5. I was hoping to make it into an HTPC or just a computer for surfing the net when guests are over. I did the full install and it went well. I tried to do the windows patches and it crashes or they fail. I have an ide...
  7. DthInd

    Before I do something stoopid - can I water cool a Asus Sabertooth Z77 in a HAF 922

    Forgive me lack of knowing jack about the subject. Time to build a new system. Looking for fast, gaming, photoshop stuff, audio conversion, video conversion and playing wow. Case Cooler Master HAF 922 RC 922M KKN3 G Motherboard Asus Sabertooth Z77 LGA 1155 Z77 Intel Core I5 3570...
  8. DthInd

    Enermax 620w 2 6 pin pcie power cables for a gt580 that wants 2 8 pin pcie

    Good news and bad news. The good news is this thread is dead. The bad news I just bricked my motherboard. There was a loose capacitor that got bumped one two many times and smoked out. Other than that, the plan was flawless
  9. DthInd

    Enermax 620w 2 6 pin pcie power cables for a gt580 that wants 2 8 pin pcie

    Sadly I dont have the molex twin to eight pin pcie Trying not to keep spending money on older computers. I am pretty sure it will boot, I just dont want it to burn up, explode or cause a fire. edit - four or five twin molex to six pin pcie, not much help there.
  10. DthInd

    Enermax 620w 2 6 pin pcie power cables for a gt580 that wants 2 8 pin pcie

    Short version. I am trying to re purpose an older computer. Power supply an enermax 620w. It has two 6 pin pcie power ports. The graphics card, an evga gt580 wants two 8 pin pcie power lines. Can I use (safely) the two 6 pin pcie power cables to run the video card. No...
  11. DthInd

    SFF - Home Theater Question - System Spec (*dual post)

    I posted this on the HTPC forum, so sorry for the dual / duel post, but I am really looking to not spend more money if possible. Thanks !
  12. DthInd

    Can I make this work ? - old shuttle, need hdmi card

    Dear gawds of the HTPC, please bestow upon me the great knowledge of your kind, I have an old Shuttle ST20 G5 Running Win7-32, two gig of ram, currently a 500g hd and want to make this a home theater machine. The PSU is 240w (please hold your laughter until later) All I want is a place...
  13. DthInd

    Blizzcon 2005 Realm Table Placard ($500 / $999)

    Been in gen may for 12 years. I have still have a disk labeled aspi drivers from the original babe thread so my wife didnt ever suspect I had loads of hot chicks sitting around.
  14. DthInd

    Blizzcon 2005 Realm Table Placard ($500 / $999)

    Blizzcon Table Placard from 2005 This is so stupid, I almost want to buy it because I was actually there. (PS, I hope this thread doesnt break the rules, if it does just delete it) - One of a kind and very unique item from the very first Blizzcon in 2005 - this is a hard plastic...
  15. DthInd

    Shuttle ST20 G5 - Front panel lights dont work

    I am rebuilding an old shuttle for a friend. I did a fresh install of Win7-32 with a Gf7950. After all is said and done, none of the front lights are coming on. Hard Drive and Power lights used to. What am I missing? Thanks
  16. DthInd

    Bongs - water cooler pics

    Not sure if that is the correct name, but can a few people post pictures of the water cooling device that looks like a bong with the shower head thingy. I have a bet with a friend, he says they dont exist, so I feel like giving him some holiday biatch slap. Thanks. Happy [H]olidays
  17. DthInd

    Is this enough power for two SLI cards ?

    Thanks, I actually got the system and the cards, installed everything and at this point one of the cards appears to be bad. In short the system doesnt boot with both cards, or I get DOS trash characters pre-bios. It survived a few times in the OS, then hard locked or rebooted.
  18. DthInd

    Is this enough power for two SLI cards ?

    Power supply = CORSAIR CMPSU-850TX 850W Graphics Cards (Two) = EVGA 896-P3-1255-AR GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 896MB 448-bit GDDR3 With an I7 920, two 7200 rpm sata drives (raid 0), generic dvd burner, and Antec case with lots of fans Any help you can provide would be appreciated, thanks.
  19. DthInd

    Windows xp wants a raid driver on a floppy disk for install, I don't have that

    lol, yea, I just went with Vista because I dont have the W7 files/iso/disk to install.
  20. DthInd

    Windows xp wants a raid driver on a floppy disk for install, I don't have that

    looks like I lose the raid 0 and wait for W7 to come out then rebake the system. I really look forward to reloading WOW twice...
  21. DthInd

    Windows xp wants a raid driver on a floppy disk for install, I don't have that

    Building new super computer, details later. I set up a raid 0 drive on the motherboard raid controller, but when I attempt to install windows, it wants that raid driver. No problem, I have it on a CD. Windows wants a floppy disk to get the driver. Not only did the manufacturer not provide a...
  22. DthInd

    Where do I get replacement fans: Shuttle sn25p

    The cpu fan set up seems to have lost one or both of the fans. I am guessing they are 25x5mm and 40x10mm (again guessing). Any idea how I get two new fans for the system ? They both spin, but I cant really tell if they are spinning enough. If I open the case and point a fan in the...
  23. DthInd

    Did I fry my motherboard or my cpu?

    I would need to buy the two plastic clamps that fit into the motherboard to replace them. Since this happened last night I havent ordered them. I am trying to figure out if its worth it since the parts are old. If its the motherboard, it would make any difference, if its the chip, it will.
  24. DthInd

    Did I fry my motherboard or my cpu?

    I think I did. p4p800 se Enermax 550 P4 3.0e Kingston hyperx @1gig rosewill rcx-z200 hsf I was swapping cases to consolidate parts for some older systems (read: kid computer). The old hsf on the p4 was pretty dirty and the fan didnt seem to spin right so i decided to put in a...
  25. DthInd

    Secure ftp question - enterprise level

    The client has access to their folder. Within their folder is an Inbox and an Outbox. When they send files, they go to their specific Inbox, and when we place files for them to pick up, assuming they dont want them sent, they are placed in the outbox. If they want us to return them, and not...
  26. DthInd

    Secure ftp question - enterprise level

    So the guy from a large company that we are about to do business with comes in today to talk about "stuff" one of the things he asked was how secure is our ftp process 1) Secure ftp site, ssl, password changes are never sent over email, voice verify with users, lots of new hardware, server...
  27. DthInd

    Jack Thompson Threatens Microsoft

    I am allowed to call this guy a Dick ?
  28. DthInd

    Project: Gr1zz

    Awesome Mod !!!!
  29. DthInd

    The dead computer and the sub woofer

    Sounds like it may have been dropped or bumped is what I am hearing or the HD may just have died.
  30. DthInd

    The dead computer and the sub woofer

    I build computers for friends on occassion as a side job. A year ago I built a Shuttle SFF for a friend. Shuttle SN25P AMD Socket 939 AMD Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64 / Sempron NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra Barebone BFG Tech BFGR68256OCX GeForce 6800 256MB DDR PCI Express x16 Video Card CORSAIR XMS 1GB...
  31. DthInd

    DVD RW Recomendations

  32. DthInd

    Where do I get the latest bios for ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570 S

    It appears there is a 7xx or 8xx (beta ?) bios for this mobo out there, but all the asus site has is the cursed 307 rev. Any idea where I get the latest version. Thanks
  33. DthInd

    Memory Compatible - asus m2n am2 and corsair xms2

    Thanks for your help !!!
  34. DthInd

    Memory Compatible - asus m2n am2 and corsair xms2

    /sigh Well on my new super computer something died last night. In theory it could have been dead before, but it really hit the fan last night on random lock ups and reboots. Motherboard Asus m2n sli Memory Corsaid xms2 I was getting random re-starts, reboots, it locked up and i...
  35. DthInd

    Where do I get a replacement NB fan - abit ic7g

    Any ideas ? thanks edit - duh - I should have mentioned that the abit store is out of stock .
  36. DthInd

    Buy the first x-box 360 now on ebay

    If you dont like this, look up how much the Murloc pets from WOW sold on e-bay. People were buying a cartoon for their cartoon with real cash.