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    FS: Asus Transformer 32GB w/ dock

    I'm also interested. So seconds I suppose!
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    HTC Titan now available at AT&T

    Sexy. Too bad I'm stuck with an Infuse for another year.
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    Sharp 42" LCD $200 Best Buy BF special purchase

    They're with the OccupyBB group.
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    Ps3 (2 for $30) games - Walmart

    Steam on PS3 sounds interesting. Show me the hack! But yeah, most on that list are pretty sad. Though I did enjoy Split Second for a while.
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    4MM iPhones Sold. 4S On Track to Becoming the Fastest Selling Consumer Device Ever

    The great thing about web predictions is that you can come back and delete your post when you're wrong. I predict that Pamela Anderson will write a novella on horse trading in Persia.
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    4MM iPhones Sold. 4S On Track to Becoming the Fastest Selling Consumer Device Ever

    So your other post, and this one here, speaking as though you own two phones that have not yet been released... Well that'd be you talking completely out of your ass then wouldn't it? Cram the attitude bud, you look bad enough pretending that you have first hand information and ranting like a...
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    Ice Cream Sandwich and Samsung event live

    Pfft, I have an Infuse and we still haven't even gotten Gingerbread when much shittier phones have.
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    Best place to unload phone

    In my postings I always warn that "If you don't specifically mention the item I won't respond". Of course I still get 'Do you have the item?' responses.
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    Any way to speed up AT&T upgrade eligability?

    Let me know if you find out :D They used to allow early upgrades but now they don't. I think that all of the carriers stopped doing it.
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    So i downloaded my AT&T call records into Excel...

    I've been on AT&T for quite some time and My call issues were usually related to crappy phones. (cough 2g).
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    iPhone 4S, a new... ehm... a "new" iFlop.

    I'm 6'2" and have absolutely no problem using my Infuse with one hand. A Dell Streak 7 might be too big, but complaints of larger than 3.5 being too big is just ridiculous (unless you have miniature hands).
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    Another Woot-off, and the world yawned

    And just like that, it went full on stupid:
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    Another Woot-off, and the world yawned

    Check it out now for another Vizio tv!
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    iPhone 4S, a new... ehm... a "new" iFlop.

    When you're trying to brand your phone as a super media device it's nice to have a larger screen. It's ok to admit that Apple made a mistake in not making the screen larger. We won't hold it against you.
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    Woot-Off (If anyone actually cares anymore, LOL)

    The mythical 'tv' always comes up when the woot off discussions pop up. Reality? They send you backpacks made from recycled tampons and chicken wing cozies. They may as well write 'SUCKER' on each and every box they send out by smartpost.
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    Is there such a thing as a Cell Signal Booster ?

    Don't send it to this guy! Send it to me. I have a magic paper clip and duct tape. It will hook you up amigo!
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    Philips Norelco Speed 8240 Men's Shaving System $40

    They can. I use one of the Braun shavers. But I also use a pre-shave so that I get a nice smooth shave. Also (I know this is a pain in the ass, but razerbumps hurt like hell) use a Nivea face cleaner/wash. Keeps the pores clear.
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    Guitar Hero games on clearance @ TRU B&M YMMV

    Just got back from the Horsham, PA ToysRUs. They still have several bundles for Guitar Hero Warriors, Band Hero, and World Tour. I picked up Warriors and Band Hero bundles, but since I don't need both full sets if any of you are local to Philly you can snatch up the Band Hero drums, mic and...
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    Remember the woot-off excitement?

    Servers bogging down. I hit the button for the bag o crap a few minutes ago and it's still trying.
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    Nexus S free today W/2 year contract

    Lol, Just keep running the scams bud. And Lethal, sorry about that, I meant to remove the quoted scam earlier.
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    Nexus S free today W/2 year contract

    <quote deleted> There is nothing about this that sounds remotely legit. It's called a pyramid scheme and you should have your account banned for trying to run it here. Seriously? And don't PM me again if you're looking for a mark to scam.
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    What do you think about the merge for AT&T and T-Mobile?

    I'm pretty happy either way. Either way there will be plenty of people crying about reception issues because they can't stream movies while in underground bunkers. The unhappy folks will hopefully leave ATT and free up resources for me :D Greedy bastard ain't I?
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    Nexus S free today W/2 year contract

    There is a government subsidized plan that gives low income people a free KYOCERA JAX (caps for emphasis) with 250 minutes per month. Last I read, that plan isn't free unlimited anything at all. And the phone sucks. No BT, no MP3, no camera.
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    Motorola Atrix or HTC Inspire?

    I was referring to how easy it is to add a rom ;) Not how many there are, lol!
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    Motorola Atrix or HTC Inspire?

    I love my Infuse. Very fast, beautiful screen, and easy to root and rom.
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    ATT Phone Upgrade/First Smartphone

    Roobie, I have an infuse as well. Awesome phone really. You can get Galaxy Tuner from the market and use that to boost your volume for music and games. Also look on the XDA forums for the apk for netflix. Oh and download qqplayer as well for movies. It covers more formats than the stock player...
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    YMMV: Band Hero Bundle $59 Wal-Mart

    None at the South Philly Walmart.
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    Advance Auto Parts - Several Very Useful Codes for Ordering Online

    Stereo just up and died. Good timing on this thread!
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    Time for a WOOT-OFF!

    Cheap Bissel that nobody wants now :) Knives must be next!
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    Amazon 20GB cloud service 69 cents for the year PRICE ERROR?

    That's why America is such a litigious place. It's easier to sue someone when their pockets are very deep. There would be no shortage of lawyers waiting to dive on that case.
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    Amazon 20GB cloud service 69 cents for the year PRICE ERROR?

    Lol, I bet that Intel, Rim, Apple, Microsoft, and ATT might disagree with you sir!
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    Amazon 20GB cloud service 69 cents for the year PRICE ERROR?

    I agree. For example, if you put some proprietary device information, program, etc., in your cloud and they decided to "use" it for their own purposes, consider yourself a very wealthy person. Cause you can sue the hell out of them. A note on upload speed: my speeds were all over the place...
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    Which carrier to move the family to 4g data?

    On ATT you can get unlimited mobile to mobile + text for like $20, allowing you to opt for a smaller minutes package.
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    AT&T buys T-Mobile for $39 Billion!!

    The Aussie model is less common here than the plain Jane T-mobile version (which I have). Since they've announced that they're phasing out Edge that means that at some point, I'll just be buying another used phone ;)
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    AT&T buys T-Mobile for $39 Billion!!

    First hand experience? From the last time AT&T bought T-Mobile I assume? I'm one of the people still using the rates from my old Cingular plan.
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    AWESOME company for unique and practical cable management stuff

    Reasonable prices too. Interesting!
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    Playstation Phone? More like phone with Playstation controls

    It was a multi-million dollar failure. Distributing that non-selling turd across the globe cost them lots, whereas a small beta test would have given them research results at a fraction of the cost. Someone must have gotten fired over the PSP Go.
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    ATT: 4G for everybody!!!!

    I wonder if my bill will go up now that I'm suddenly on a 4G network???